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Theo Epstein (Nov. 2005)

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on November 7, 2005

Epstein did a solid job of putting together the Red Sox pre-2004, and is a master at putting together the best reports of the saber and scouting worlds in order to come to the best decision on player acquisitions.

He was the architecht of the first World Series title in Boston in 86 years.

But that’s baseball stuff. It’s clear he has a clue or two in that respect.

What I mean by “wise” is… Is he of the wisdom that a Red Auerbach or John Wooden displayed in the 60s and 70s as far as decision-making, daily choices and communication? Is he of the same ilke as Walt Jocketty and John Schuerholz?

He just might be, and at the ripe old age of 31.

In Peter Gammons’ most recent column at ESPN.com, he writes that Epstein “has told friends that he has begun what he hopes will be a period of growth that will make him stronger and better prepared for the rest of his baseball career.”

Isn’t that what a 50-year-old, 25-year baseball veteran would do and say?

He left the Red Sox and has admitted to all parties involved, including to the media, that it was the toughest thing he has ever had to do and has since strongly suggested to friends still inside the organization to give Larry Lucchino as much support as possible.

Is that not the words and actions of an mature and advanced human being who truly values his place in the world as much he does the game of baseball?


Epstein continues to decline the notion to return to the team, citing the same reason that forced his tough decision in the first place.

Despite the money being there, a huge raise from his previous contract, he has not taken the cash.

At 31, Epstein is showing the qualities that many citizens in any facet of life yearn to develop. I know I do.

Despite the emotion that he has for the Red Sox and the city of Boston, he stands by his principals, and still holds an honest feeling for the organization he loves.

As I write this, I’m searching for the right words to describe what I think of Theo Epstein, both the human and the General Manager.

More on that later.

First, a little bit on Epstein’s non-baseball life.

He’s going to spend his time away from the game working with his brother Paul and his “Foundation”, yet to be titled.

He will also do social work in Boston as he “prepares for his return to baseball.”

Ok, let me get this straight…

Epstein, 31, walks away from his self-proclaimed “dream job” because of unresolved internal issues that he deemed detrimental, even though the club was offering a quite substantial raise;

He refuses to bad mouth the team or anyone involved; Strongly suggests that his friends still with the Red Sox give the owners their best efforts; In a day and age where media and fans know everything, he will not talk about the issues publicly, and; He’s going to spend his time away from baseball doing social work and supporting a charity foundation?

What an amazing member of the Major League Baseball fraternity.

Now, I think the words are coming to me.

Which words best describe Theo Epstein?

Integrity, passion, committment.

And that goes for the human being as much as the baseball executive.


One Response to “Theo Epstein (Nov. 2005)”

  1. rachel said

    hi, great post. i agree 100%!

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