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How Many Wins?

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on March 14, 2006

Home is where the wins are in '06

You tell me.

How many victories are the M’s in store for in 2006?


15 Responses to “How Many Wins?”

  1. JH said

    I’m going with 78

  2. An eaaaaaaarly morning prediction from JH…

  3. Goose said

    I’m still sticking with 83.

  4. With Roberto Petagine – 84
    Without Roberto Petagine -81

  5. Swerv said

    My optimistic prediction will be 87

    My more realistically I say 74

  6. Jerry said


    And they will be lucky to get there. That assumes a good year from Beltre and Johjima, plus some decent luck with the pitching staff.

    I hate to be a pessimist, but the M’s have a serious depth problem. The only place where they will be able to get through injuries is in the pen. If one of the important pitchers (Washburn, Felix, Moyer) goes down, they could be below 75 games. If one of the key guys in the offense (Beltre, Sexson, Ichiro) goes down, they could also lose 75 games.

    They just don’t have the depth necessary to deal with the loss of any of their important players. If a few things go wrong (and they ususally do) this team could lose 90 games again.

    But I want to be optimistic. I forsee a great year for Beltre and Felix, impressive play from the middle infielders, and the emergence of one young starter as a good middle of the rotation guy. If those things happen, the M’s could win 80 games. They will probably still come in last, but it will be 4th place in the best division in baseball.

  7. 80-83

    If I had to give an exact number, then, 81.

    They’ll continue to be losers.

    Okay, so I hope THEY have a better attitude than I do.

  8. JH said

    WOW. That’s a lot of faith to have in a couple hundred at-bats by Petagine.

    I think if Petagine gets semi-regular at-bats (350-400 for the season)as a DH if Everett falters you could be right, but I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that the difference between Petagine and Morse over ~200-250 ABs will be quite that huge.

  9. I was kidding. No benchie is worth three or more wins.

  10. JH said

    Glad to hear it. Not picking up on the sarcasm, I was trying to be as tactful as possible in my disagreement 🙂

  11. marinerswinws said


  12. 94

    In 2007.

  13. 94

    When Howard Lincoln steps aside as CEO

  14. bedir than average said


    Don’t argue with math.

    Well, that and you all know that I am a hopeless optimist.

  15. Sporty said

    124, Beltre wins MVP 54 HR’s and Felix with the CY with a mere 2.12 ERA.lol

    OK maybe not, 88. Pretty optimistic. Just produce guys PRODUCE ON THE FIELD.

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