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Appier Injured, Bohn sent to Tacoma

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on March 17, 2006

RHP Kevin Appier suffered a right calf muscle injury in the fifth inning today as he jumped off the mound to cover first base on a ball hit to first baseman Richie Sexson.

He was removed immediately and replaced by RHP Clint Nageotte, who was returning from his own leg injury (hamstring).

Appier relieved Gil Meche after three innings. Meche did not allow a run versus the Padres in three hitless frames. He walked one and fanned three. Meche is looking good.

Nageotte went 1.2 innings of no-hit ball. Two strikeouts without a walk for Nags. He touched 90-91 on the gun for the most part.

OF T.J. Bohn was sent to Triple-A Tacoma before the game today. Bohn will be the Rainiers’ starting center fielder on opening day – April 6.


6 Responses to “Appier Injured, Bohn sent to Tacoma”

  1. Goose said

    So in other words, it was pretty much a good day all around then?

  2. I dont see how it was a good day other than Meche doing well.

    Green sucked. Sherrill sucked. And Nageotte let inherited runners score so his line is a little deceiving.

  3. Goose said

    …I was referring to Appier doing bad, Nags and Meche doing good…obviously I didn’t pay that much attention the game today.

    George is starting to bother me a little.Not in that I think he will be this way during the regular season, but in that he may not be in the regular season come April.

  4. J said

    That’s kind of the problem. He has this weird sort of spring training inertia where it’s kind of hard to get him going… but once he starts rolling he’s near impossible to stop.

    It’s happened the past couple of seasons, with much the same effect. I’m hoping Grover just realizes that March doesn’t mean jack in the greater scheme of things and Sherrill’s probably not going to be the guy who impresses in the Cactus League.

  5. That’s exactly it, J. Sherrill posted a 5.40 and 8.10 ERA the past two spring’s and was nasty during the season both times.

    I expect nothing different in 2006.

    But he will need to show some decent outings in the next two weeks or he’ll start the year in Tacoma as he works stuff out.

    If that happens, the bullpen will include both Thornton AND Gonzalez.

  6. bedir than average said

    Trade any club out there CE and MT on June 1st than to make way for the continuing youth movement, GS and CS. Heck, I may even take a bloated arbie contract back as long as it has an option left (Okha?)

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