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Game Thread: Meche vs. KC Royals

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on March 22, 2006

Meche takes on the Royals tonight. Ch. 11 at 6:05PM.

Catch it.


119 Responses to “Game Thread: Meche vs. KC Royals”

  1. Couple notes to start off…

    Fernando Vina leading tonight and Joe Borchard playing the outfield — center.

  2. 1st Inning

    Immediately, Meche gets ahead 0-2 on David Dejesus and tosses a solid curve that missed just inside. Had good depth, though and Meche came back with a four-seamer thatr Vina smothered to get the out.

    Four pitches, none down the middle, one ground out.

    Meche starts off Grudzielanek with a four-seamer on the black for strike one. And strike two. Both on the outside corner.

    0-2 on the first TWO.

    Then Meche goes to the well one too many times and Grudz smacks a liner to right for a single, again on a four-seamer.

    A four-seamer gets by Johjima. Grudz to second. Looks like he was expecting another pitch or location.

    Meche gets under a curve ball that sails high for ball two. 2-0 on Reggie Sanders with Grudz on second.

    Sanders fouls off a two-seamer. 2-1.

    Again the curve is high. 3-1 on Sanders.

    Meche goes two-seam on 3-1 and Sanders is tied up and fists a grounder foul down the 3rd base line.

    Full count.

    On 3-2, Meche goes to four-seamer and misses badly away.

    Sanders walks. Two on, one down for Matt Stairs. Stairs was on the Canadian National Team.

    Meche starts Stairs off with a great changeup that dies like a choked tuna. 0-1.

    After missing with a four-seamer, Meche goes change again and Stairs doinks one off the end of his bat foul – wide of third.

    1-2 on Stairs and another change – a good one – misses down. 2-2.

    Another change low for ball three. His next pitch will be No. 19 in the inning.

    Meche goes two-seamer and it’s fouled off behind the plate.

    Payoff pitch coming, No. 20 in the inning.

    Stairs hits a curve ball back to the mound, Meche bobbles and gets the throw off to second and the UMP hands Meche a gift in calling Sanders out.

    1st and third, two down.

    Emil Brown at the plate.

    2-2 on Brown after a curve in the dirt and three fastballs, one fouled off, one outside and one called for a strike.

    The 2-2 is curve hit to Beltre who goes to second for out number three.

    25 pitches in the inning for Meche. Sixteen for strikes.  One walk, one hit, two left.

    Look familiar?

  3. 2nd Inning

    Seems Meche is back to his predictable ways. Starting off lefties with a change, as he does with Doug Mietkiewicz to lead off the second.

    after falling behind 3-0, Meche paints the inside corner for two called strikes and then the men in blue make up for the bad call at second base in the bottom of the first by blowing ball four – when DM swung and missed on a check swing and the third base umpire said he didn’t go.

    1-0 on Berroa and he tags a four-seamer off the wall for an RBI triple.

    Too many four-seamers early on.

    Man on 3rd, no outs.

    Meche goes 1-1 on lefty-hitting Mark Teahen with a change and a four-seamer.

    Falls behind on a curve that misses high and evens the count on a good change.

    Teahen fights off a 91 mph fastball for a bloop RBI single.

    Pretty good pitch but Meche is throwing far too many four-seamers.

    (Now I am being told that many of these four-seamer looking heaters are his two-seamer… it’s just not working – at all.)

    Meche goes 1-1 on John Buck with a curve high and a fouled off fastball at 90 mph.

    Two seamer low and inside for ball two.  2-1 on Buck.  He’s a total mess.

    Four-seamer (93mph) fouled back.  2-2 on Buck.

    Curve ball foul tipped (best curve since the first batter of the game for Meche), still 2-2.

    Two-seamer pounded up the middle, Bloomquist backhand flips to Vina for the force out.

    Shane Costa takes a two-seamer for strike one.  The 0-1 pitch is a four-seamer (90mph) and is popped up to shallow right.

    Two down, man on first.

    2-1 on Grudzielanek after two heaters and a curve.

    Curve for a called strike two.

    Note: His fastballs, both versions, are up in the zone.

    Curve got Grudz swinging for strike three.

    Mechanically, Meche has been so-so.  He was strong to start but as soon as runners got on, he started to labor and his mechanics went a little bit out of whack.

    He is fading on his fastball and he is giving away his curve with a hitch in his arm motion.

    He’s at 44 pitches already.  There’s no way he gets past 65, which probably means he’ll go three innings unles she has a quick third.

  4. Willmore said

    Great game thread, Jason, I can’t see the game so this is the next best thing.

    Something else that worries me, is that I remember that Meche had a problem after 80-90 pitches. Even if he has solved his early-game jitters and can avoid the early blow-out, I don’t see us having a lot of success with a pitcher who is at 100 pitches 4-5 innings into the game.

  5. Willmore said

    Also, can you summarize what our hitters are doing. No need to do it pitch by pitch, just the general sense.

  6. Goose said

    Bah, thought this game was on at 7pm.

    Boo and we’re down 2-0.

  7. 7 PM is the LOCAL game time, Goose. My fault.

    As far as the hitters… i’ll start now, but they haven’t done anything to miss thus far.

  8. Petagine leading off the third.

    This is about the 10th AB i have ever seen of RP’s and he hasn’t changed a bit. very active in the box with his feet and swings very hard.

    Showing a good eye in this AB.

    Full count after a few good cuts that fouled off good fastballs. He’s really hanging in versus big hard-throwing lefty.

    Then he’s plunked by a 90 mph fastball – right in the kidney area. OW.

    Morse at the dish.

    Morse drives a fastball to right center, but he got under it. Easy catch for Sanders. One down. Good swing on that, trying to go with the pitch. He just missed it.

    Borchard for his first AB.

    You can already see his swing is devent but he drops his top hand too early, which is probably one of the reasons why he whiffs a lot.

    1-2 on Borchard.  He stands in from the right side against Affeldt, his weaker side.

    Fouls off a slider in.  1-2 still.

    Borchard bangs a grounder to third, teahen gets Petagine at second but the relay is not in time.  Borchard hustles it out showing his BTA speed.

    On the first pitch to Vina, Borchard steals second.  A good throw would have nailed him, but he’s in there.

  9. Goose said

    Orchard is quick.

  10. Goose said

    and on that note he steals 2nd.

  11. Vina’s AB… 0-1.

    Vina looking good, even though he is hitless this spring. He really works a pitcher well. Five years too late amigo.

    1-2 on Vina. Takes a slider low and away, 2-2.

    Vina strokes a fastball over the head of Sanders to score Borchard easily, and Vina cruises into third for a triple.

    Vina can still run. Can he stay healthy?

  12. Goose said

    Vina TRIPLE!

    Mariners score!

    He just missed tying the game.

    Jason, are these threads gonna be a happening with every game?

  13. Bloomquist looking Willie-esque this spring.

    Vina is given a double and Sanders is charged with an error.

    Bloomer grounds to short to end the inning.

    2-1 KC.

    Meche back out to the hill.

    GOOSE: As much as possible.  In the regular season anyways.

    I wont be able to do PBP, but…

  14. Goose said

    Wasn’t expecting PBP anyways.

    Just great, now I have two game threads I have to post in almost every day.Here and LL.


    Meche hasn’t been effecient at all. 52 pitches already? Isn’t he done after 60?

  15. yeah, I have him at 66.

    37 strikes.

    90-92 on the heater. Not good. Everything is up.

    His change is easily his best pitch. He got Dougie on it and Stairs was clueless with it.

    His delivery seems the same to me, with the exception of a longer step toward the plate and lower leg kick.

  16. 2quarters said

    Thanks for the updates JAC – Can’t watch the games out here in CT.

  17. Berroa hits a four-seamer off the wall in right (stop using that pitch Gil) for his second three-bagger of the night.

    Had him 0-2 and wasted two pitches.

    Johjima appears to be having trouble gobbling up the curve ball.

    Again he starts off a LHB with a change.

    1-0 to Teahen. Curve ball is fouled off. 1-1.

    Curve ball swing and a miss. Johjima’s snap throw to third is wide… a save by Beltre.

    2-2 after Meche bounces a two-seamer in the dirt.

    Gil hangs a change that’s grounded to second. Berroa scores as Vina throws out Teahen at first.

    3-1 KC.

    Meche is done.

  18. Goose said

    You guys do know that there is gameday right?

    Beltre just saved a run there, Joe about threw that into LF.

    But the run scores anyway.

    Quit sucking Gil.

  19. Talk about good emchanics… Cha Seung Baek typically has perfect mechanics, especially considering he’s 6-4 and 220 poounds.

    When he was at his best in 2003 and 2004, Baek sat 90-94 with the fastball, had BTA control, a pretty good curve ball and a potentially plus changeup.

    He missed quite a few bats the past two seasons with his offspeed stuff, but he can’t rely on his command or his fastball anymore.

    He sat 88 last year.

  20. 2quarters said

    JAC – having read your update on Clement likely heading to Inland, how long do you think it will take until he’s in San Antonio?

  21. And Baek gets the second out with pretty nasty pitch down and off the dirt.

    Baek’s delivery is a little stiff tonight it seems.

    He does get Costa to ground out sharply to end the inning.

  22. Clement: Half season or so.

    Nothing is set in stone, but he is probably going to start in Inland.

    If he does, he won’t be there much longer than half the year.

  23. Drew said

    Whats Baeks velocity like?

    Also, FYI the game is on upn 11

  24. Johjima grounds out to second, fairly meekly. Petagine swings at the first offering and grounds to first.

    Morse at the plate.

    I’m gonna guess flyout to center.

  25. Baek hit 87 with that first fastball, and hit 89 with another.

    Which is pretty typical of his velo the past two seasons.

    He’s fresh, though, and could crack 90-91 if he cranks it up.

  26. Morse grounds to short in a 3-2 fastball. The M’s have one hit through 5 innings.


  27. Drew said

    hah… true…

    Morse’s swing is such a dissapointment. A 6’5″ 230 pounder with an inside-out stroke??

    Also, what’s the deal with Joe? He looked silly the other day facing Harden. He seems to be taking TOO many pitches…

  28. That inside-out stroke is what’s keeping Tui from smacking 30 a year. He has time to break out of it, however.

  29. Johjima is going to struggle this year some.

    He’s overmatched.

  30. Drew said

    I agree. He seems to be a guess hitter up there.

  31. Baek is looking decent, keeping the ball down for the most part.

    His stuff is ok but he has to keep the ball down to stay effective.

    His sinker can flatten out and it gets tatered when it does.

    Four up, four down for Baek.

    Nice looking curve ball right there from Baek.

    And then a great changeup.

    0-2 to Stairs.

    Cha Seung IS Paul Abbott.

    And he just got robbed on a fastball that painted the outside corner.

    Then comes back to the inside corner for a called strike three.

    Go Baek, it’s your birthday!

    89 on that heater.

  32. Drew said

    Haha I like the commentary

    Baeks changeup is pretty sweet too…

  33. Borchard bunting? Puhlease.

    Then he shows his great strike zone judgment… yikes.

    Swing and a miss for strike three.

    Three pitches, three strikes.

    Vina grounds to short… two down.

  34. So great to see Dan Rohn in the bigs.

    Bloomquist bounces out, big surprise, three up, three down, another big surprise.

    3-1 KC. Bottom six.

  35. LHP Jake Woods takes over.

  36. 2quarters said

    Hey JAC – Sorry this is off topic again –

    Just wondering – are you going to put up a forum on the new site?

  37. Brown bounces out to second… one down.

    Woods throwing strikes. Fastballs at 86, 88, 87.

    DM up, lefty v lefty.

    He pops him up, Petagine gets to it easily. Two down.

  38. A message forum?

    In time, yes.

  39. Goose said

    Come on offense, lets see some runs!

    Something I just found out:

    Pumpkin Pie Milkshake from local burger joint=Delicious
    Pumpkin Pie Milkshake made at home=Nasty

  40. Woods continues to throw strikes and gets ahead 0-2.

    Not a bad slider, but a little shallow.

    Induces a grounder to Beltre for the third out.

  41. Drew said

    Wood’s arm angle makes me think that he could be an effective loogy, but damn he has average stuff.

  42. Here is something I just found out:

    Goose is a goon = the truth
    Goose is a goon = we wouldn’t have it any other way

  43. Raul to lead off.

  44. Goose said

    Goon? lol thats a new one.

    Raul lead off actually.

    HERE comes Beltre.

  45. Goose said

    Ah, you can edit posts.

    Thats cheating.

    Why does Beltre have a huge smile on his face? that was a bad pitch he swung at.

  46. Raul sucks. He grounds out. One out.

    Beltre up.

    Beltre sucks. He fans. Two outs.

    Lawton up. He sucks. Popped out. Three outs.

  47. They announced Beltre at the ballpark… threw me off.

  48. Goose said

    sucks? What you can’t say that! Thats a bad word!

    oh wait….I’m not at Detecto’s site….heh

  49. Yeah, Woods is basically George Sherrill without the slider, the command and the nastiness.

  50. You can’t say sucks on Doc’s site?

  51. Drew said

    Reading Detecto is a lot like hitting the bottle…

  52. Speaking of Sherrill, he’s throwing… might be closing this game out. Also could be Fruto who is scheduled to go an inning, too.

  53. Goose said

    Can’t say sucks or “oh my god”

    He says he wants to keep it “G” rated.

    also can’t say god with a lowercase g, because he seems to think us non religious folk do it on purpose to tick of the religious.

    Kinda off considering he posted at least two political posts about censorship….

  54. Haha… the baby bottle?

  55. Drew said

    Haha that’s a good way to think about it

  56. I like Doc, but that’s a little much.

    But he can do what he wants over there.

    There’s more than one reason why I dont go there much.

  57. 2quarters said

    Don’t piss off the overly religious! Let them piss you off!!

  58. Drew said

    By the way, if any of you are Sonic fans, Wilcox is putting on a show tonight…

    It’s like seeing the second coming of the Reignman… well minus the crack babies

  59. I loved that deal, BTW. Wilcox can play.

    Back to the M’s…

    Woods is throwing a lot of strikes, even though he just walked his first guy.

    Lots of sliders over the plate.

    He’ll help Tacoma quite a bit.

  60. Woods tosses a 2-0 curve ball and gets a called strike. Thats gutsy and impressive.

    Gets Guile to tap back to the mound.

  61. 2quarters said

    One reason I don’t respect “Detecto”

    “Coulter in today’s column does two things: (1) she says something absolutely impermissible — that a religion other than Christianity is not good, and (2) tells the truth. Islam is NOT good. All religions are not created equal; that’s a conceit of multiculturalism. Are all political movements equally good?!

    Somebody better tell the truth. World War III is against terrorists, and Muslims are the terrorists.”

    Yeah… I’d consider myself a Christian but calling other religions “NOT good,” is assinine.

    Also, anyone defending Yuniesky Betancourt as an “A level” prospect offensively or all-around, isn’t worth my rebuttal.

  62. Msfann said

    Hey all 🙂 i thought i would give this a shot again.

  63. Now THAT was a great swing.

    Nice solid stroke Joh!

  64. Hey Msfann, good to see ya!

  65. Drew said

    I agree JAC, but on TV that fastball looked belt high outside.

    In other news, Wilcox has 20/6 with 1:30 left in the 1st half

  66. Msfann said

    Grr i need another cable splitter so i can watch one game on tv and one on my computer like i used to do.

  67. Goose said

    66 posts and counting.

    That’s pretty damn good for a ST game.

  68. Drew said

    Nice pitch by Dessens. 3-2 change.


  69. Goose said

    Wasted double by Joe.

  70. I’m not a religious fella, but I would agree that it’s not a good idea to be saying that other religions aren’t good.

    It’s like saying that someone’s mother is a bad person. You just don’t go there.

    Re: Doc’s prospect stuff

    It’s garbage, to be honest.

    It’s one thing to contend that Ryan Shealy is “going to hit 30 home runs in the majors” but it’s another to say Betancourt is a Grade A hitting prospect and then have nothing but your own thoughts and ways of analyzation to back it up.

    Shealy has Coors to aid in his efforts. Betancourt’s ceiling is still shy of anything close to what a Grade A’s would be.

    Not one soul on this earth that is even remotely qualified to evaluate talent would put a hitter in their Grade A group unless he hits for plus power or has plus-plus on-base skills with average power.

    Funny, but Betancour has none of the above.

    He’ll be a league-average offensive shortstop, at best. But that’s not a nad hitter these days.

  71. I missed the 7th, after having to reboot my old d@mn computer in the music/video studio. Took the entire inning to boot. GRR!

    George was slated to pitch the 7th – how’d he do?

  72. No, Msfann, you need Tivo.

  73. Msfann said

    That doesnt sound too positive Paul 😛

  74. He didn’t go. Woods went the 7th, too. Looked solid.

    Sherrill won’t pitch tonight. He sat down in the top half of 7th. He’s the extra guy tonight.

  75. Goose said

    The Royals feed on mlb.tv isn’t any better than Rizz and Valle

    And thats sad.

  76. LOL! Good thing I have the DVD Recorder running. I’ll just have to go through the extra burden of DVD-to-AVI-ing the DVD in order to get it onto my computer…

  77. Maybe he’ll pitch the ninth, then…

  78. Now, tell me fellas, now that ya get a look at Fruto… doesn’t his delivery remind you some of Jose Mesa?

    And how in the heck is the 8th best spect in the org?

    That last fastball up and in was 93, BTW.

  79. Msfann said

    Using the computer to watch some games has made for some excellent copies of seahawks games that i can edit/copy/burn to dvd easy but i still wouldnt mind a Tivo to stick in that loop somewhere. i cant wait to get some M’s games in .mpg format this year.mmm no commercials

  80. If Sherrill is gonna pitch the ninth, he better get up and start throwing again.

    He only tossed about eight throws in the bottom of the sixth.

    The M’s bats will probably go super quick, as they have all night.

  81. Drew said

    His mechanics are TERRIBLY inconsistant… He’s throwing a different way each time

  82. Goose said

    Fruto is black?

    Ok that kinda threw me off guard.For some reason I pictured him being a white guy.

    but but but…Jose Mesa has 300+ saves!!111!elventyone!!11!

    msfann, I downloaded Felix’s first home game off of mlb.com thinking the same thing.It was in mpg alright, but there were still commercials.

  83. Drew said

    Who’s catching?

  84. You’ll have to show me how to do that DVD-to-AVI thing one day Paul.

  85. Goose said

    I think Corky Miller, he pinch ran for Joe.

  86. Corky Miller is catching.

  87. Funny that a catcher with BTA speed – for a catcher – was pinch-ran for by the slowest base runner in the organization since Bucky Jacobsen and Dan Wilson last season.

    If Miller makes the big club, and I’d put a 50-50 shot on the battle between he and Rivera, I bet he doesn’t see PH next to his name in the boxscore too often.

    How much beer do ya think Cork has popped in his day?

  88. Drew said

    Hey JAC, what do you think about Nageotte this spring? Everytime I’ve seen him he’s been extremely effective. How’s his control and velocity?

  89. You’ll have to show me how to do that DVD-to-AVI thing one day Paul.

    “Ancient Chinese secret…”


    Well, wait. I believe you’re at least a few years younger than me, so you may not actually remember that commercial.

  90. That fastball for strike three was 94 mph.

  91. Drew said

    Haha Corky looks way fratty

  92. Fatty, too.

  93. Goose said

    What I love about empty stadiums is that you can hear that one heckler thats screaming clear as a bell.

    I’ll never forget the Tampa Bay heckler that was calling Bret Boone a dirty son of a bitch and Valle was trying hard not to laugh.

    that was funny

  94. Goose said

    Corky your a porky.

    And you suck too.

  95. jankballs said

    go m’s

    c’mon fruto…

  96. jankballs said

    FRUTO riffic

  97. jankballs said

    that’s opening day starter stuff right there

  98. 2quarters said

    Or the fat, beer filled, nacho eating, brainless Red Sox fan I heard couple years ago “JJ PUTZ!??!?! WHAT A PUTZ!”

  99. Fruto gets out of it. Sat 92-94 with the fastball in the final half of the inning. Terrible command, however.

    His change was decent, too, though inconsistent.

  100. Aren’t all Sox fans exactly like that, 2Q?

  101. Goose said

    Come on Jones!

  102. jankballs said

    2quarters… you have to admit that red sox fan had some mighty wit

  103. jankballs said

    adam jones at the plate… would like to see him do something

  104. Goose said

    Not to mention, lots of originality

  105. jankballs said

    is a pop up something?

  106. Goose said

    And here comes Cody Ransom.

    Somehow, I’m not inspired of our chances of a comeback.

  107. jankballs said

    i wonder if poots had ever been called a puts before that instance???

  108. C’mon! Extra Innings! I wanna see George pitch! Well, he would have to warm up first. And, Ransom’d have to hit a 3-run home run on two strikes. With one one.


  109. 2quarters said

    Jason – Absolutely. LOL.

    God, I hate Red Sox fans.

    They’re the reason I hate the Sox more then the Yanks.

    Through my experiences, at least some – not all, not most, not “a good majority,” but SOME – Yankee fans have HALF a brain.

  110. Msfann said

    Ill ask this here since ive never really got a reply to this at the main site..
    If we have trouble getting good hitters to come to seattle (maybe not as much of a problem as it used to be) and we have so much trouble scoring runs.. why not move in the walls a bit? yeah we would give up more homeruns but we would also get more too. plus they could put more seats in that space and make more $$$.

    i dont mean move them in too much but just a bit could help things IMO.

  111. Heh. I always call ‘im “puhtz” — that’s indeed how you pronounce it in German, my 2nd language…

  112. Goose said

    Aaaaaand the Mariners suck.


  113. Uninspired?

    Sounds like Gil Meche.

  114. Msfann said

    I get tired of watching our players pop to the outfield over and over.

  115. Er, um. Not.

    You really DO pronounce it “poots” in German.

  116. 2quarters said

    True quote from a Red Sox fan I know:

    “Bill Mueller is still better then A-Rod” (few years ago when the Yanks first traded for Pay-Rod)


    I could write a book on stupid quotes from Red Sox fans who claim to know baseball.

    Almost got 4 or 5 of them to bet 20 dollars with me that Felix would have a better ERA then Schilling this year.

  117. MsFann…

    That has been talked about and they may do it a bit, but the best way to get hitters to come here is surround them with a good team, other good hitters and pay them a lot of money.

  118. Msfann said

    Good point Jason.

  119. Well, poots.

    That was a waste of a blank $.25 DVD+R. Good thing I have several 50-packs…

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