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Game Thread: Felix versus Bob Melvin

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on March 23, 2006

On FSN at 6:05PM, Felix Hernandez will take the hill against the Arizona Diamondbacks for his fourth start of the spring and is slated for five innings or 75 pitches.

Also scheduled for work tonight are RHP’s Sean Green, Rafael Soriano and Jeff Harris.

Hernandez is probably due for a stellar outing. Watch for his velocity to be up from his last outing where he sat 92-94.

This is the first start of the spring where Felix is looking for results as much as mechanics and getting his work in.


33 Responses to “Game Thread: Felix versus Bob Melvin”

  1. Felix hitting 93, 95, 94 on the gun versus Hudson. Hit 84 on that curve.

  2. That two-seamer to Hudson that he singled on up the middle was 92.

    Two-seamer to Tracy at 95.

    That curve was nasty. Tracy takes a full swing and bat comes flying out of his hands.

    Weirder, even, Johjima’s throw to second went into center field… hmmm…

  3. That heater to Tracy was 96… he’s loose.

  4. Willmore said

    Did you see that curve !!!

  5. Yeah, nasty. Already one of the best in baseball.

    Might see a slider or two tonight, so keep a look out for it.

    It’s flatter than that curve ball and bites down – late. Usually about 87-89 mph.

  6. LSU is breaking brackets, BTW. Up three with 0:25 seconds to go and they have the rock.

  7. Willmore said

    I’ll keep that in mind.

    did that curve get better over the off-season, because I do not remember it being that good last season. I did see Felix live most of the time, so I might have missed that TV perspective, but that thing is sicker than I remember it.

  8. Felix is as ill as RunDMC ever dreamed of being.

    WOW. That was nasty and against a legit middle of the order bat.

  9. Willmore said

    That curve just defies the laws of physics. Adn with that pin-point command, how can you not be amazed by him ?

    And that was not what I wanted to see – some behemoth running full speed into Felix’s throwing arm.

  10. It was this good a year ago… but he’s got to be consistent with it. In Tacoma he was on and off with it. His 12 starts in Seattle were terrific and his curve was nasty.

    He just burned Stephen Drew with a two-seamer (95mph) on the black.

  11. Good thing Felix is a behemoth, too.

    He’s on his game today. Ground balls or strikeouts.


  12. Willmore said

    With felix done, I’m switching to the bracketbuster.

  13. Willmore said

    Speaking of sick and nasty behemoths …. Glen Davis.

  14. Felix isn’t done.

  15. Willmore said

    I meant that his half was over – I can survive not seeing our guys strike out three times.

  16. Willmore said

    Felix is listed as 6’3″ 230 on the official web-site, so we can assume that he’s actually 235. Does that exta poundage give him more endurance and durability, or is it just a hindrance with no positive to it whatsoever.

  17. Drew said

    How’d we score?

  18. ebbnflow said

    Everett and Johjima singles, a Reed double to plate both.

    Then Reed gets picked off, but Lopez then singles, and later takes second on a wild pitch.

    Ichiro then promptly drives him in with a single – and the man is 2-2 on the day(!)

  19. 2quarters said

    How many K’s Felix have so far?

  20. ebbnflow said

    3 Ks through 3 innings. No walks and one single. Looking good! đŸ™‚

  21. ebbnflow said

    Another inning in the books, one BB, one single given up (Chad Tracy), and another K (Gonzalez).

  22. ebbnflow said

    Excuse me – another -2- Ks. victim #5? Tony Clark.

  23. Willmore said

    Those guys just look silly !

    No matter how much I see of him, I can never get tired of Felix.

    Felix-mania is coming to Seattle this summer. Because, honestly, I don’t think many casual fans noticed him last season, this season, it will change.

  24. thr33niL said

    Felix is dealing.. Wow!

  25. jankballz said

    dis feelix fella is all right. I dun herd he is are number 5 guy. We must have a killer staff if he is da 5th best pitcha!!

  26. thr33niL said

    8K’s in 5 innings.. Not too shabby.

    Its going to fun watching this guy play a full season.

  27. jankballz said

    yes sir

  28. slica said

    8 Ks in 5 innings? Thats more than half of the outs he got…

    What happened with the other 7? I imagine at least 5 of them grounded out…

  29. Goose said

    Argh, completely forgt the game was on.

    Still getting used to baseball on tv again.

    Damn I missed Felix….oh well, thats what the mlb.tv archive is for.

    And hey we’re winning!

  30. 2quarters said

    What was Felix’ final line?

  31. thr33niL said

    Whats Raffy’s fastball look like (MPH)?

  32. Goose said


    4 Hits
    1 run
    1 walk
    8 k’s

    and I could of swore I saw Soriano sporting a goatee.

  33. Felix: 5ip, 4 H, 1 ER, 8 K

    Soriano was 91-95.

    94 on the last two.

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