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More Moves, Sherrill Injury Update – 3.23.06

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on March 23, 2006

OF Shin-soo Choo was optioned to Triple-A Tacoma before the day game on Thursday. The “option” part being the important term in the action. Choo is now in option year TWO of three available.

All players on the 40-man that are sent to the minors during spring training have to be optioned, rather than re-assigned.

Choo will play left field for the Rainiers on opening day. He may be Tacoma’s leadoff man.

The final group of cuts may happen in two waves as the M’s pare down to the opening day 25-man roster.

LHP George Sherrill, who was slated to go an inning in Wednesday night’s game versus Kansas City was scratched due to shoulder stiffness. He’s day-to-day but is hoping to pitch over the weekend.

RHP Kevin Appier, who left his start on March 17 with a calf injury, threw a 60-pitch bullpen session on Wednesday.


4 Responses to “More Moves, Sherrill Injury Update – 3.23.06”

  1. Wow. Just as he starts to get a better feel for his pitches, the shoulder goes haywire. I hope it isn’t serious (knocks on wood, strokes rabbits foot, avoids black cats and ladders…)!

    I’m not going to jinx him. Nope. I won’t. Grr…

  2. He’s on the slate for the weekend but I’m not sure if that is simply the previous schedule or that he’s back on it already.

    We’ll see.

  3. It’s Bursitis in his shoulder. I confirmed it this evening with Sid. He should start playing catch again tomorrow, and hopefully resume pitching on Monday.

    I’m sure it’s painful, but at least a)it doesn’t appear to be serious and b)George took the high road in not pitching through it (and reporting it to the doctors).

  4. He ended up skipping catch Sunday, at least full catch, and threw today instead.

    Griffin and company aren’t worried.

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