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25-man Roster is Set – Almost

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on March 29, 2006

The M's sent UT Mike Morse, IF/OF Greg Dobbs and RHP Clint Nageotte to Triple-A Tacoma today, along with RHP's Scott Atchison, Francisco Cruceta and Kevin Appier, IF's Jose Morban and Cody Ransom, RHP Sean Green, CF Adam Jones and C Corky Miller.

1B/DH Roberto Petagine, 34, is on the 25-man roster and Rene Rivera is the backup catcher.

Luis Gonzalez and Jake Woods are still fighting it out for the second lefty spot in the bullpen, but the M's have apparently decided on RHP Jeff Harris or RHP Emiliano Fruto as the 6th man.

Harris and Fruto each have one more opportunity to impress, as do Woods and Gonzalez. If Gonzalez does not make the 25-man roster he must be offered back to the Los Angeles Dodgers for 25 grand.

The two clubs could work out a trade for Gonzalez, but considering the fact that he isn't any good right now, I don't see the M's giving up too much to keep him.

The Bench:





When Lawton returns from suspension, Petagine is likely the odd-man out.

The Bullpen:









28 Responses to “25-man Roster is Set – Almost”

  1. You really think that Harris will make it over Cruceta? I personally think that Cruceta will have the better career, but that Harris may suit better as the long inning guy in Felix/Meche starts.

    Woods v LeG comes down to RuleV upside v performance RIGHT NOW.

  2. Cruceta was sent down, so yeah. It’s going to be Harris or Fruto… or I guess both could make it if they decide against both Woods and Gonzalez.

  3. Willmore said

    Personally, the bullpen battle is like either getting a F on your paper or an F+, either way, it’s a failure.

  4. Unless, Willmore, they take both Harris and Fruto instead of either lefty.

    At least in that case they’d be taking the best seven relievers they possibly could.

  5. ShipHimToDetroit said

    So Jones is starting the year in Tacoma?

  6. I don’t think the minor league rosters are anywhere near set. Hunter said Friday that it’s a big fat mess right now, but that was normal.

    Choo, Bohn and Jones?


    I still think he starts out in SA. It’s where he belongs while learning a new position.

  7. ShipHimToDetroit said

    I agree. He either belongs in San Antonio or Detroit. But not Tacoma.

  8. Willmore said

    Harris might be OK in the pen, but I think that Fruto needs a full season at AAA to show what he has.

  9. Willmore said

    Detroit ? You want us to trade Jones to Detroit ?!

  10. ShipHimToDetroit said

    Just an inside joke, willmore. I agree about Harris vs. Fruto. Fruto has the bigger upside, but I’d like to see the M’s go with Harris to give Fruto at least some time in AAA.

  11. Update: Chris Snelling is going to be placed on the 60-day DL, which makes room for Petagine on the 40-man roster, and therefore the 25-man, too.

  12. OBF said

    I say they keep both lefties in the pen, send Fruto and Harris to AAA and then when Lawton comes back decide which Lefty to get rid of (either woods to AAA, or Luis back to the dodgers) and then we get to keep a VERY nice looking five man bench, of course this is the M’s we are talking about so the chances are slim that that happens!

  13. Church — does Woods have an option left? I wasn’t sure, and figured you’d know. Thanks!

  14. drm said

    Does Snelling going to the 60 day dl mean that Petagine will stay with the M’s? Or is it still likely Petagine will be released after Lawton gets back?

  15. Goose said

    I would think they would just try to pass him through waivers.

  16. slim said

    Woods has at least one option left. He can be sent to Tacoma, no worries. However, if Harris makes the team over Fruto then Woods could be DFA’d to make room for him on the 40 man.

    Borchard and Petagine are both out of options. To remove either from the 25 Man roster when Lawton comes back will mean DFAing them and removing them from the 40 Man. If Borchard clears waivers, he can be outright assigned to Tacoma (he would have a choice). If Petagine clears waivers, he can opt to become a free agent by refusing his outright assignment.

  17. Willmore said

    Jason, is Snelling not going to be ready in 60 days in any case, or was this done just to make room ? I thought he was already able to take BP.

  18. slim said

    Snelling can play in the minors for 3 weeks while on the 60 DL as his rehab assignment. They can also post-date the 60 days, but I’m not sure how far back they can go.

    I’m betting Fruto makes the team out of camp because he’s already on the 40 man. After 10 days, they can swap him out for another pitcher if they want, because Borchard or Petagine will have to be DFA’d opening a 40 man slot. That’s what they’ll do if they’re smart.

  19. http://espn.go.com/mlb/s/transanctionsprimer.html

    “Players can be disabled retroactively, up to a maximum of 10 days, beginning with the day after the last day on which they played.

    A player on the 15-day Disabled List may be shifted to the 60-day DL at any time.

    According to the Rules, players on a Disabled List “may be assigned to a Minor League Club for the purpose of injury rehabilitation for a maximum of 20 days in the case of non-pitchers and 30 days in the case of pitchers.” ”

    So he can play in the minors on April 29th and be called up May 18th at the earliest, by my reading. That being if they retroactivate the 60 day. If it is only today than add ten days to each.


  20. Yeah, like slim said, Woods has an option left.

    The move on Snelling was inevitable because there is now way he returns to the majors before June.

    It clears a 40-man spot for Petagine.

    When Snelling is healthy enough to come off the DL, that will be the time he's ready for the bigs. We're talking July…

    He'll be in Tacoma playing at least four days a week by late May or before.

  21. Just got word of the following:

    LHP Thomas Oldham is probably going to start the season in Triple-A Tacoma – in the bullpen.

    LHP Cesar Jimenez will begin the year in Double-A San Antonio – as a starter. As will LHP Travis Blackley and RHP Yorman Bazardo.

    RHP Marcos Carvajal is also likely to start in San Antonio.

  22. Assuming the M’s keep one lefthander and one righthander to fill out the bullpen, the opening day roster breakdown looks like this…

    LHP – 5
    RHP – 7
    LHB – 4
    Switch – 2
    RHB – 7

    I’m going to assume that Woods is the lefty and Harris is the righty, for the following demographics.

    Average Age of Entire Roster – 27.44
    Rotation – 29.6
    Bullpen – 29.0
    Starting Lineup – 28.44
    Bench – 27.75

    An update, plus even more demographic categories will be completed once the official roster is set and announced on Sunday.

  23. J said

    Not sure about Oldham as a reliever, but I like Cesar as a starter and it certainly seems like another year where I’ll be listening to a lot of Missions game on their online feed. I’ll just have to get used to Brown’s managing style I guess.

  24. Yeah, I don’t like Oldham relieving at all. Like Jimenez, his stuff screams starting pitcher. But it’s going to be a shuttle to and from Tacoma and Seattle this year – again – with the pitching.

    Nageotte, Livingston, Foppert, Woods, Harris, Baek, Atchison, Green… all call-up candidates.

    If the M’s pull the Pineiro-Craig Wilson deal, Bobby Livingston or Nageotte is the fifth starter.

  25. J said

    Where do you see them playing Wilson even if they got him? We have more than our fair share of decent OF/DH/1B candidates and not enough places to play them. Something has to give.

  26. Personally, i dont see that deal happening.

    They started those talks before the Borchard deal and the M’s would be a viable starter short if they dealt Joel.

  27. Corky Miller note:

    He has a clause in his contract that stipulates that if he is not on the 40-man roster by June 1, that he can opt to become a free agent.

  28. Willmore said

    No big loss.

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