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Game Thread: Mariners versus Dodgers

Posted by Goose on March 30, 2006

Baek to start off this evenings contest, to be followed by Cruceta,Green, and Jeff Harris.First pitch at 1905 hours(7:05) on FSN.Check it out.

Opening day:4 Days and Counting…..

Go M's!


18 Responses to “Game Thread: Mariners versus Dodgers”

  1. Goose said

    Pass ball and Ichiro scores!

    Mariners on the board first.

  2. Goose said

    Richie with an RBI basehit!

    Almost a homer.

    M’s add another.

  3. Ray Oyler Fan Club said


    well, Piniero got stomped against the Padres this afternoon. I’m hoping that at least some of the AAA guys [Baek, Livingston, Foppert, [B]SOMEBODY[/B]] puts some pressure on the farmers in the M’s starting rotation.

  4. Goose said

    Baek looking good so far.

  5. Goose said

    Why Dave Henderson is annoying to listen to.

    Example 1.They way he says Joe-Joe san.

    2.It’s matter of fact Dave, not matter of frankly.

    Oh well, at least he isn’t saying HE GONE!

  6. dnc said

    “You can put it on the booooooard…YEAH!”

    Announcers are such morons sometimes.

  7. Ray Oyler Fan Club said

    wow…nice catch by “Swish”…

  8. Goose said


    First inning was pretty good

    Second inning…not so much.

  9. Ray Oyler Fan Club said

    but the boys are flashin’ some leather so far!

    nice play by Betancourt

  10. Goose said

    I could of swore Joe did a bat flip after that homer.

  11. Ray Oyler Fan Club said

    lol…a little attitude isn’t a bad thing.

    nice job by Betancourt again…goes with the pitch!

  12. Willmore said

    Dave is one bad announcer, I can’t understand why he’s still on the team.

  13. Goose said

    Ah! Aaron Sele!

  14. Ray Oyler Fan Club said

    aaahhh…5th inning.

    it’s scrubini time!

    ugh…I think the Blues Bros movie is on VH1 tonight…

  15. 2quarters said

    LOL Ray

    Anyways, Joe hit a homer?

  16. Goose said

    Now that was a weird play, nice pick by Petagine.

  17. Goose said

    And the Mariners hang on to beat the Dodgers 4-3.

  18. Wow — is Baek back?
    He’s actually looked pretty solid the last two games I’ve seen him pitch this spring. Completely and totally different than what he looked like last year. He actually looked comfortable out there, and was somewhat effective. If he can pitch like this, then I’ll have to unpeel the Mr. Yuk stickers I plastered his baseball cards with.

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