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Tacoma Rainiers Roster Set

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 1, 2006

The Tacoma Rainiers roster is about set, with the probable exception of the catcher's position, which is likely to mean Rene Rivera is the starter in Triple-A, but the move has yet to be made official.

There are a few surprises in the lineup… Pleasant ones, however.
Starting Rotation

1. RHP Clint Nageotte

2. LHP Bobby Livingston

3. RHP Jesse Foppert

4. RHP Francisco Cruceta

5. RHP Cha Seung Baek

LHP Travis Blackley will start the year in Double-A San Antonio.


1. RHP Emiliano Fruto – which means Jeff Harris on the 25-man big-league roster

2. RHP Sean Green

3. RHP Renee Cortez

4. LHP Thomas Oldham

5. RHP Scott Atchison

6. RHP Rich Dorman


1. LF Shin-soo Choo

2. CF Adam Jones

3. RF TJ Bohn

4. 1B/OF Mike Morse

5. 1B/DH Todd Sears

6. 3B Hunter Brown/Greg Dobbs
7. SS Asdrubal Cabrera

8. C Rene Rivera

9. 2B Platoon – Jose Morban/Scott Youngbauer/Hunter Brown
The backup catcher is likely to be Corky Miller, but there is a chance that something may happen there. Tom Gregorio is the back-up backup, and will otherwise report to San Antonio.

[The last spot on the roster is undecided as of the end of the M's-Rainiers game.]

This all means that Cesar Jimenez, Yorman Bazardo and Marcos Carvajal, all prospective Tacoma roster members, will begin the year in Double-A.

Other Notes:
Jeremy Reed is fine and should play on opening day, as long as he has no setbacks from playing in Saturday's game versus Tacoma… RHP Felix Hernandez threw a bullpen session today and will make his scheduled start next week… Adam Jones is expected to play all three outfield spots in Tacoma, while getting the majority of the time in center. The club believes he's an outfielder, but aren't going to limit his potential to center field, believing in his bat in any spot.


15 Responses to “Tacoma Rainiers Roster Set”

  1. Goose said

    Good to know that Jeremy will be ready for Monday.

    I wonder if Hargrove is actually gonna go through with putting Betancourt in the #2 hole on opening day….

  2. Jerry said

    Carvajal got DFA'd:

    Carvajal DFA'd

    Perhaps there is something that I am missing, or maybe there is a deal in the works.

    But this strikes me as an insanely stupid move.

  3. Apparently, they aren’t all that willing to slide Snelling to the 60-day… I guess.

  4. Perhaps ’cause Snelling is actually progressing more rapidly than the M’s initially thought he might?

    It does seem like a curious move, to leave him off the 60-day DL. Too bad he didn’t meet his goal of making ANY opening day roster…

  5. Nighthawk180 said

    If snelling comes in at some point this season, what would be his role. We at the moment have a outfield backlog. With Lawton, Everett, Brochard, Ibanez, Reed, Ichiro all primarily outfielders/DH what would he do? Even if we make a move like send Brochard away we still have a big backlog. Any thoughts?

  6. Perhaps ’cause Snelling is actually progressing more rapidly than the M’s initially thought he might?


    Snelling’s role depends greatly on the status of the team at the time he becomes ready for the big leagues.

    If they are in it, he plays when it makes sense for him to play, whether that’s everyday because he’s grossly outhitting Everett, or sparingly because he’s not.

    If they aren’t anywhere near the race, the M’s may make a move somewhere that opens space for Snelling to play a bit more.

    He will become the regular starter at any position until he goes through more than a half season of staying in the lineup.

    Which may be never.

    But in the meantime, Snelling will be in Tacoma. He won’t be in Seattle anytime soon after he his rehab starts.

  7. Willmore said

    I hope so much that Ibanez can’t handle LF anymore, so they have to trade Everett to make Ibanez the DH, paving the way for Snelling to play LF.

    Ah, dreams.

    By the way, Jason, could you try and find out what Snelling’s progress is, can he hit, does he have full range of motion, is there pain, does he have the arm-strength, leg-strength, etc. etc.

  8. yes, no, some, yes, some.

  9. slim said

    Jones and Cabrera will make Rainiers game watchable this year. Without those two, it could be miserable down there

  10. I don’t know slim, I think that Choo has a very watchable AAA game, as do Morse and Brown. I think that all three are currently looking like guys that at peak are role-players on a 90+ win club, but all with valuabe roles. Choo as a 4th OF and Pinch Runner, Morse as the power hitting corner guy IF/OF/PH, and Brown as a Willie Bloomquist that can hit with better power and average while only losing a bit of speed (though his D at SS is a bit worse).

    Seriously on the 2007/2008 squads there are six or seven field players that could crack the 25Man.

  11. Brown can’t play SS AT ALL, so Willie has something on him there, for sure.

    Choo is more than watchable.

    As is Nageotte, Bobby, Foppert.

  12. Willmore said

    Off-topic, but Rene Rivera said this in the Times yesterday about Felix’s two-seamer:

    “That goes about 90 (miles per hour) to 92. It has good movement, more than the four-seam fastball. It really moves down and in with righties and away from lefties. It’s a great pitch for him.”

    I could have sworn I saw Felix go up to 95 with his two-seamer. Also, he didn’t mention his slider in the article either.

  13. J said

    They seem to have a preliminary roster up for the Timber Rattlers at their official site.

    Some interesting surprises there… Jose Escalona may have skipped both Everett and Peoria, and that’s the biggest one. They also have Eddy Hernandez in the outfield, Ronald Garth and Jeff Dominguez on the infield, Nick Prosise behind the plate, and Marwin Vega on the pitching staff, all vaulting over Everett. Not to mention Saunders listed as an infielder.

    Sixers have a roster up as well, which promotes most of the guys from Wisconsin (except Snyder) and has many of the college veterans from Everett skipping the MWL. Neither Clement nor Johnson are listed as being behind the plate.

    All quite interesting if true…

  14. Willmore said

    I’ll wait for opening day rosters. Saunders in the infield ? As what, a 1st baseman ?

  15. J said

    He was originally a 3B back in high school, in addition to being a RHP.

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