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Opening Day Thread: M’s vs. Angels

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 3, 2006

Los Angeles Seattle
C. Figgins – 3B Ichiro – RF
O. Cabrera – SS J. Lopez – 2B
G. Anderson – DH R. Ibanez – LF
V. Guerrero – RF R. Sexson – 1B
J. Rivera – LF A. Beltre – 3B
D. Erstad – CF C. Everett – DH
C. Kotchman – 1B K. Johjima – C
J. Molina – C J. Reed – CF
A. Kennedy – 2B Y. Betancourt – SS
RHP – B. Colon (21-8, 3.48 ERA, 222.2 IP ) LHP – J. Moyer (13-7, 4.28 ERA, 200 IP)

Let the games begin!


16 Responses to “Opening Day Thread: M’s vs. Angels”

  1. Notice Felix got the loudest ovation – by far?

    I mean it wasn’t even close. More than Ichiro, Sexson, Moyer, Johjima…

  2. Goose said

    I’m pumped.

    GO M’S!!!

  3. Jamie throwing strikes to Figgins… man, how does an 82 mph fastball set up any change?

    When the change is 12 mph, i guess.

  4. slica said

    erm…2-0 Angels…i actually called that while i was eating…

  5. Goose said before the pitch that a Vlad 2-run shot would be the only two runs the Angels score.

  6. slica said

    and down goes the side…all to strikeouts

    so far, same Mariners…still not optimistic of the season, though im not basing that on one inning…just the last two years : )…will be fun to watch either way

  7. Ya know, when yer down 3-0 and dont have a hit, ya get a little pissed off.

    Then the kids pull ya thru… it’s fun.

    Look who did the damage in that inning.

  8. Goose said

    Fuck you J.J Putz

    if you didnt suck, the Mariners win it in the 9th

  9. eh, he gave up a ground ball…

    If it was hit right at someone, nobody would be pissed.

    The walks hurt. And the offense still sucks.

  10. Willmore said

    I was at the ballpark and it seemed like Putz and the M’s were screwed out of a 3rd out on a few strike 3 non-calls.

    What did you guys see from TV feed ?

    Also, Why the Hell is Lopez batting second ?!?!?!?!

    Now, Reed didn’t prove that he was much better by striking out 3 times, but still, since when is Lopez a lefty with on-base skills who can run the bases at an above-average level ?

  11. slica said

    i thought Reed’s K hurt the most, followed by Ichiro’s pressure out, both with the bases loaded…

    …not saying Reed is great or something, but hes a freaking contact hitter…at least put the ball into play…

    ah well…good game, i called both Vlad’s and Kenji’s homers…and predicted a double when Lopez singled…close enough : )

    we put up a fight, but our bullpen has a couple weak spots, the staff obviously remains to be seen, and I rather have Petagine over Everett to begin with, before the game and even moreso after it…

    but hey…the worst we can go is 1-4 to start the year, right? Cant wait til the King takes his throne

  12. marinerswinws said

    This was a good game, i think the offense is better than what most people think. I still see 94 wins.

  13. Willmore said

    TGIF (April 7th)

  14. slica, you are not calling it, if you only say you called it after the HR.

  15. Willmore said

    Guerrero hits a home run in 6% of his at bats, If, before every at bat, I said that he will hit a home run, I will have a 6% chance of being right. Since he gets abotu 5 at bats per game, I will be right in about 30% of all the games he plays.

    It’s luck, not “calling it”.

  16. Goose called it about 10-15 minutes before game time.

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