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Minor League Rosters Set; Clement to AA

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 4, 2006

The M's set their rosters over the weekend [we broke the Rainiers roster on Saturday] and broke the news to the players on Sunday and Monday. Contrary to what seemed to be somewhat inevitable, last year's first round pick Jeff Clement will begin the year in Double-A San Antonio, which apparently means Rob Johnson returns to Inland Empire where he played more than a third of his 2005 season. I have a sneaking suspicion he may end up elsewhere, however, since RJ is NOT listed on the 66ers roster and Brundage expected something could happen at the catcher position even after he revealed his roster on Saturday.

Stay tuned.

Here are the rosters —

Wisconsin Timber Rattlers – Low-A – (Midwest League)

Inland Empire 66ers – High-A – (California League)

San Antonio Missions- AA – (Texas League)

Tacoma Rainiers – AAA – (Pacific Coast League)


21 Responses to “Minor League Rosters Set; Clement to AA”

  1. Willmore said

    I like Locke … as a basketball guy.

    He said some pretty silly things on his show today. First of all, he said that we should have brought a lefty Guardado against righties, as opposed to Putz (true, Putz should not have been out there, but Mateo would have been a better option, IMO). Johjima will have zero problems, because Japanese players don’t get worse after coming to the Majors, sometimes, they even get better (his words, not mine). That is one of the most moronic things ever, why isn’t Ichiro a perennial .420+ OBP guy, why isn’t Matsui hitting 50 homers, why aren’t the dozen other Japanese players all-star ?

    That said, good show Jason. By the way, do you really think that bavasi might be leaning toward putting Meche in the ‘pen if he struggles ? When will Bill’s patience liable to break, two ? five ? 7 starts ?

  2. If Locke paid attention to baseball full time, he’d be great.

    But, he doesn’t.

    Nice guy, though and he’s really good talking hoops.

  3. Willmore said

    True, hence, he should stick the basketball.

    Just like Mitch should stick to Golf.

    Clayton should stick to football.

    And Softy should stick to Bellevue High School football (And Husky football if he can’t help himself).

  4. slica said

    Agreed…Locke has stopped by our Seahawk site and congratulated us on our one year anniversary…pretty spiffy

  5. slim said

    There are a few conspicuous-by-their-absences on this list:

    Ismael Castro – had him pegged for AA

    Carlos Arroyo – surely better than Harris/Nelson in AA. Even Bubela would be better than those two, and he’s missing as well.

    Rob Johnson – as mentioned

    Jared Thomas, Ryan Rowland-Smith, Brandon Moorehead – I don’t really miss these guys

    Dan Wright – he’s close to healthy, right?

  6. J said

    RRS is around, just injured…

    Arroyo couldn’t hit his way out of a wet paper sack even if he had an aluminum bat. He does have a nice average a lot of the time, but it’s mostly empty and he didn’t improve on his return trip.

  7. Moorhead is actually in AA, i was still gathering info as i posted originally.

    RRS is hurt, will remain in Peoria for the time being.

    Castro, Carlos Arroyo and Thomas are two guys I have calls in about. I think Arroyo was hurt in February, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

    Wright is expected to pitch in May… haven’t heard lately if that can be sooner.

    Ya gotta love how they are challenging Navarro in AA, Cabrera in AAA, Jones in AAA, Escalona in Low A and Oldham in AAA.

    Bubela was released on Saturday, BTW.

  8. ShipHimToDetroit said

    I hope the Tigers sign Bubela. They could use him in Detroit.

  9. Haha! I knew that was coming!

  10. Dave Cairns said


    Any reason why Travis Blackley went to AA not Tacoma ?

    Is it the weather as you mentioned in ST ?

    Also any injury report on RRS (come on let us in on it, it was reported as elbow before the WBC)


  11. Re: RRS

    I can’t… yet.

    Re: Travis

    The weather, and that the Tacoma rotation had five worthy candidates that they didn’t want to take away the spot from.

    And Travis really does need to start in SA, for more than just the weather. They don’t need him putting max effort against AAA comp, if they can avoid it.

  12. Dave Cairns said

    Thanks Jason

    Any word on when and where Snelling starts ?


  13. “Johjima will have zero problems, because Japanese players don’t get worse after coming to the Majors, sometimes, they even get better (his words, not mine). ”

    Willmore, the players did not get worse. Their competition got better. If the base skills are there, they are there. In Kenji’s case they are there.

    Also, if Guardado is your best reliever, he should be in during the highest leverage situations, not just save situations. That’s just the smart way to use a reliever. If you don’t use your best in a tie game, you are trying to lose.

  14. Willmore said

    Right – the competition is better, Locke was implying that the Japanese leagues are equal to the Majors in quality, hence Japan won the WBC. It was silly of him to say, and he probably knows it, but still.

    As for Guardado, he might be the closer, but I wanted him gone last year at the deadline … unfortunately, there were no takers for him. Too bad, he’s proving today that closers break down much sooner than people realize. Guardado is not our best in the bullpen, I would put Soriano ahead of him, and in certain situations, Sherrill and Mateo as well. Putz doesn’t yet have the mental makeup of Guardado, when he does, and gets a splitter, he too will be better.

    Guardado’s time has come and gone, there is no way he has as lucky a year as past years.

  15. Snelling is in Peoria and will hit in extended spring training games this week, but won’t run the bases. Next week, he’ll start a 7-10 day stint where he does run the bases. After that, he’ll be re-evaluated and then assigned to an affiliate.

    If he doesn’t start in Tacoma, his stay elsewhere won’t be long.

    He’ll be in Tacoma by the first week of May, if not before.

    Probably DH’ing some at first.

  16. Willmore, your opinion that Guardado doesn’t have anything left runs counter to the Mariners and thereby has no effect on what Locke said. Locke clearly meant that if the team feels that Eddie is their best reliever (evidenced by him getting the closer tag) that he should pitch in the highest leverage situation. He’s been saying this for almost ten years. MLB is misusing its top relievers almost entirely due to a statistic, rather than trying to win games.

  17. Jerry said

    Wow, those minor league rosters are a little suprising.

    The M’s are being very aggressive with several guys: Clement, Jones, Cabrera, Escalona, Johnson?… I am suprised that they are pushing a lot of these guys so hard. Hopefully, this works out well, as it did with Jones last year. But I have to admit that I am a bit concerned that some of these guys will be in over their heads. There is a fine line between challenging players and putting them in a situation where they are totally overmatched.

    As a side note, the Rainiers have a pretty awesome club. Every single pitcher on the roster is interesing, and the lineup should feature several good players.

  18. The M’s know and don’t care if they are in over their heads.

    Like Bavasi said Sunday, they want these guys to battle adversity as minor leaguers, rather than failing for the first time in their lives in the show, where they don’t have time to learn how to deal with it.

  19. J said

    Via BA, who have added the Minor League Transactions to their new page…

    Seattle Mariners
    Released Cs Jose Yepez, Anthony Sanguinetti, Jason Radwan and Andy Dominique, OFs Carlos Arroyo, Sam Bradford, William Hogan, Michael Nesbit and Jaime Bubela, 2B Fernando Vina, RHPs Brian Stitt, James Mault, Nibaldo Acosta, Dave Burba, Don Clement, Michael Bumstead, Eric Carter and Stephen Grasley and LHPs Chris Key, Donny Langdon and Jared Thomas. Placed RHP Greg Wear on voluntarily retired list. Returned Rule 5 selection LHP Luis Gonzalez to Dodgers. Traded LHP Luke Lockwood to Phillies.

    Castro seems to still be around. Same for Moorhead.

  20. Brian said

    I thought that the Mariners reduced the pressure and bought an extra year or more to groom Jeff Clement with the arrival of Johjima. Instead of rushing Clement in 1-2 years, they could take say 3+ years. I was a little surprised to see them move him directly from low A Wisconsin to AA San Antonio, since only has a partial season under his belt. I really thought that perhaps a year at high A Inland Empire would have been better.

  21. Clement will spend 06 and 07 in the minors, almost regardless of what else happens.

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