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Game 3: M’s vs. Angels – Borchard gets start

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 5, 2006

The M's and Angels get set for game three and the lineups are in…

Los Angeles Seattle
C. Figgins – 2B Ichiro – RF
O. Cabrera – SS J. Lopez – 2B
G. Anderson – DH R. Ibanez – LF
V. Guerrero – RF R. Sexson – 1B
T. Salmon – DH A. Beltre – 3B
D. Erstad – CF C. Everett – DH
C. Kotchman – 1B K. Johjima – C
E. Alfonzo – 3B J. Bochard – CF
J. Mathis – C Y. Betancourt – SS
RHP – J. Weaver (14-11, 4.22 ERA, 224 IP ) LHP – J. Washburn (8-8, 3.20 ERA, 177.1 IP)

Ever wonder if the Mariners players hate the Angels players as much as the fans of the M's hate the fans of the Halos?

Me neither.


3 Responses to “Game 3: M’s vs. Angels – Borchard gets start”

  1. marinerswinws said

    Mariners lead 3 to 0

    go mariners

  2. I doubt it. I bet, too, that many M’s fans don’t hate the Angels players (and vice-versa). You hear slams against Erstad and Anderson, but Vlad is pretty much respected. It’s nowhere near M’s fans disdain towards Yankees players.

    Or maybe I’m just naïve…

  3. Goose said

    I just hate the Angels in general.

    Though I must admit, most of it is because of dealings I’ve had with Angels fans.Out of all Ive personally met, and of all Ive met around the net, theres only been a few that I could stand.

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