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Opening Day Eases Pain, Brings Hope, Dreams

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 5, 2006

Every spring since 1977, grown men have suited up in white and blue uniforms and represented the city of Seattle in the Major Leagues of Baseball. Twenty-five players each season have put on a uniform and felt the proverbial “Thrill of the Grass.” Running out onto the field on opening day to the roar of the hometown crowd.

Seattlites suffered through 14 long years before the club finished any season having won more games than they had lost. The faithful few that stuck with these “Mariners” through thick and, well, thicker, waited five more summers before they could claim something to be proud of with their baseball team.

The run of 1995 was a fun, electrifying, memory for Seattle Mariners baseball fans across the Puget Sound, as well as all over the country. It provided the handful of diehards with something to hang their hat on after 18 years of losing. “Refuse to Lose” will live on in all of our memories.

But that is all it will ever be – a memory.

It’s 2006 and time to move on – 1995 is history. It is time to grow up as fans and start knowing this game played between the white lines. It’s time to become a group of millions that won’t settle for anything less than winning. The days of “Ya gotta loves these guys” are over with and long gone. Nobody should love a loser, at least this side of Wrigley Field, anyways.

You may have been born in 1995, but you’re grown-ups now. You are baseball fans. Seattle Mariners baseball fans. You are better than that.

Showing up in droves to watch a 90+ loss baseball team is no longer an acceptable act for the true blue baseball fan. Not in the manner in which it took place the past two summers.

But a new season is here and the grass at Safeco Field is as green as ever. You can smell the leather from miles away. You can almost taste the hot dogs and hear the crack of the bat in the middle of the night before opening day. You can feel it coming like an “army of steamrollers.”

The Mariners face the Los Angeles Angels this afternoon, continuing the beginning of the new era of Mariners baseball and donning the 2006 baseball season. Whether the roof is closed due to inclement rains, or the sky is blue of summer’s dawn, the sun will shine down on the game today.

It happens every year. Hope sits deep within all of us. Everyone is in first place. The “Thrill of the Grass” is here again.

Say goodbye to the hot-stove league. Farewell to all of the winter meetings. Throw away the standings from 2004… and 2005.
Baseball is back. And your 2006 Seattle Mariners open their season at your “Field of Dreams.”

It’s been built. Go the distance. Ease the pain of the last TWO seasons.


4 Responses to “Opening Day Eases Pain, Brings Hope, Dreams”

  1. Iron Tech said

    Well said. The hope is what keeps me going every year.

  2. Any time you can quote the book “Shoeless Joe” I’m in.

  3. It’s the best.

  4. I still think they should dump the current slogans for

    “This is not a game, this is our life – our passion.”

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