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Nageotte, Blackley Open Minor League Season

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 6, 2006

Righthander Clint Nageotte and lefthander Travis Blackley will open the minor league season for the Seattle Mariners, beginning with this afternoon's contest between Double-A San Antonio and the Corpus Christi Hooks (Houston Astros) at Whataburger Field in Corpus Christi, Texas.  Game is at 12:05 pm Seattle time.

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Nageotte will take the mound for Triple-A Tacoma at Cheney Stadium, taking on the Colorado Springs Skysox (Colorado Rockies) at 6:05 pm.

Click Here to check out Mike Curto, or tune into KHHO 850 AM.

Blackley, 23, had labrum surgery in February of 2005 and missed all of last season, instead spending the entire calendar year in Peoria, Arizona on a rehab schedule.

"I got so tired of being down there," said Blackley.  "I didn't care where they sent me as long as I wasn't in Arizona anymore.  I just want to pitch."

Blackley is no longer feeling any abnormal, unexpected soreness after pitching, and hasn't since long before spring training began.  He tossed 4.2 innings versus Seattle last Saturday and picked up the win, throwing 77 pitches, 46 for strikes.

He was a bit erratic with his command, but nothing out of the ordinary for a labrum surgery recipient making his fifth live appearance since rolling off the slab in Beverly Hill 14 months ago.

The Australian native is ready to go, and had his favorite pitch working last weekend.

"My cutter," Blackley said with a smile. "That's what was working best today, so today that's my favorite pitch."

Of course that's his favorite pitch.  He got outs with it and that's all he's out to do these days.  Well, that and stay healthy.

"I'll see you soon," said Blackley, predicting a quick promotion from Double-A San Antonio.  

Nageotte started the game Saturday, throwing four solid innings, with the exception of one hiccup frame where he couldn't find the plate.

"I think I did all right," Nageotte said.  "That one inning I just couldn't find it."

To be the opening day starter among a bunch of talented starting pitchers, including lefthander Bobby Livingston and righthander Jesse Foppert, is a sign of what the Mariners think of Nageotte, and their plans for the 2006 season.

"Yeah, it does feel good," said the 25-year-old Nageotte who found out about the assignment from the media just seconds prior. 

Nageotte's bread and butter is still the slider, which he admits wasn;t the same a year ago, as he pitched from the bullpen.

"Oh yeah, it was down," he said.  "It didn't feel right, probably all year.  Though I felt strong in the Fall League."

Nageotte worked through the M's lineup nearly unscathed on Saturday, and racked up a couple of strikeouts.  Getting Richie Sexson on strikes was nice, especially since it didn't come on the slider.

"It was a fastball," said Nageotte.  "I came inside and it looked like he was expecting something away and I got him."

Nageotte will face a Skysox lineup tonight that does not include Rockies' top prospects Chris Ianetta and Ian Stewart but does feature Bo Hart, Omar Quintanilla and Jayson Nix, as well as JD Closser.

Blackley will face a Hooks lineup that features former big-leaguer Jared Sandberg, catcher J.R. House and outfielder Hunter Pence.

Notes: Congrats to Nageotte for winning the NCAA tourney pool last weekend.  When UCLA defeated LSU, Nageotte wrapped up the win.  Blackley claims that his draw of Wichita State had nothing to do with the fact that his wife is from Kansas, claiming it was a draw out of a hat.

Sure, Travis.  Whatever.

Just goes to show, Aussie baseballers know jack about hoops. 


19 Responses to “Nageotte, Blackley Open Minor League Season”

  1. Willmore said

    By the way, Jason, You have Adam Jones’ DOB wrong in the Tacoma rosters.

  2. there are quite a few I havent updated yet… the template had the 40-man DOBs.

  3. And just for you, Willmore, I fixed the Rainiers roster already.

    How’s that for service?

  4. Willmore said

    First class 🙂

  5. From what I understand, Church, you have somewhat of a special affinity for Blackley. Sounds like he’s pitched pretty OK today, although he’s getting into a jam in the 5th (thanks to G-parra’s error).

    You going to Cheney tonight?

  6. I’m already there, PP.

  7. Figured such. Tickets still available? I want to go, but the wife’s discouraging me. She says I’ve got “Baseball Brain” — can’t say I disagree.

  8. Lemme check and see if tickets are still available…

  9. Not sold out… not really close.

    Kevin Kalal, the team’s assistant GM replied… “Oh, no. Maybe over the entire homestand combined.”

    Come on up!

  10. And yeah, I do like Travis quite a bit. His talent aside, he’s just a cool dude and a pretty intense competitor.

    He’s rubbed some guys the wrong way over the past few years, but even his biggest detractors say he’s grown up a lot.

    It’s easy to forget he’s only 23 years of age.

    As for his abilities, before surgery I saw him as a potential No. 3 starter with some attitude.

    After? To me, it’s amazing he is where he is right now. He was just pulled after six strong innings in the 85-degree weather.

    6ip, 3h, 1er, 3bb, 3k, wp, hbp, E (po), 7-8 G/F.

    The wind was blowing 27 mph out to left today, too.

    If he is going to remain somewhat healthy, he’s still got a shot to be a No. 4 starter, No. 3 if all goes perfectly.

    He’s too hard on himself, however. He was ticked at himself for not making the big club in 2004 and told me that “I’m already 21.”


  11. Takin’ the kid and comin’ on up. I’ve got a major project that I’ve got to complete at work, that just doesn’t seem to be getting done, for whatever reason. It’s the start of baseball season, and, yes, I’ve got baseball overwhelming my brain…

  12. if ya see my wandering around, PP, give me a hollar. I’m the one with the dirty cream-colored hat and no care in the world.

  13. I’m the guy on the left (duh.)

  14. Which left? Mine or George’s?

  15. Heh. Sorry to hijack this thread. Feel free to delete these comments and e-mail me (hugemsfan at acuitydesign dot com). I can check my e-mail on my cell phone.

    Not sure where I’m sitting yet. I see there are tix available in the lower box along the 3rd baseline. Not sure if I want to expose my 4-yr-old to baseballs hit in that general vicinity. I usually sit in Section H, but since I have my new camera and all, I’d prefer to take pix without a net in the way…

  16. Rob Johnson starting at catcher tonight and is batting eighth, and Adam Jones is in center batting sixth.

    Johnson is going to be the regular catcher in Tacoma, making Rene Rivera and Corky Miller backups.

    Nageotte is scheduled for 75 pitches tonight.


    Choo – LF
    Bohn – RF
    Dobbs – 3B
    Morse – 1B
    Sears – DH
    Jones – CF
    Cabrera – SS
    Johnson – C
    Morban – 2B

  17. Dave Cairns said

    Great to see Travis throwing well, congratulate him for me, Jason from an Aussie fan of his.

    Thanks for keeping me in ‘the know’ from afar.


  18. 2quarters said

    Might have mentioned this here and there, not sure…

    But Jason is the man. Flat out.

  19. Willmore said

    By the way, the guys on the Mariners broadcast who do the trivia question are idiots. They used “Who’s” instead of “Whose” in their question.

    I thought that a college degree was a prerequisite to getting a good job in TV.

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