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Major Pitching in the Minors

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 7, 2006

The M's have gotten three more stellar pitching performances from their farm system tonight, adding to last night's shiny start to the new season.

Last June's fourth-round pick Justin Thomas, 22, went six strong for Wisconsin, allowing six hits while walking one and striking out four. The lefty induced nine ground ball outs versus five through the air, but thanks to an error by center fielder Eddy Hernandez, Thomas is on the hook for the loss as the game goes into the ninth inning with Peoria leading 1-0.

In the Texas League, righthander Yorman Bazardo, 21, had a no-hitter through three innings and went six shutout frames allowing just one hit. He walked a batter and struck out three and hit 93 on the gun about a dozen times.

Bobby Livingston allowed two earned runs on five hits over five innings at Cheney Stadium on Friday night, picking up the win in a 10-2 Tacoma victory.  He wasn't at his best, but he's a winner, so he fought through it.  At one point, Livingston threw 24 of 28 pitches for strikes.  Ridiculous.
Offensively, the Rainiers provided some crooked numbers led by Adam Jones' double, triple and four RBI and Asdrubal Cabrera's three hits and a walk. Shin-soo Choo had two hits and a walk also.

For San Antonio, 1B Bryan LaHair went 2-for-4 with a double, homer and three RBI and Wladimir Balentien went 3-for-4, walked once and fanned once. Sebastien Boucher went 2-for-5 for the second straight day and C Jeff Clement went 1-for-5, the hit was a double in the ninth inning.

There was no offense for Wisconsin as the Rattlers tallied only five hits in a 3-0 loss to Peoria. RF Michael Saunders did go 2-for-4 but the T-Rats has zero extra-base hits.

Inland Empire was rained out.

What did we learn today? Not much, as it's too early to tell anything, but Bazardo and Thomas followed Snyder, Blackley and Nageotte with great starts to their 2006 campaigns.

Oh, and Rainiers righthander Renee Cortez hit 95 on the radar gun twice. When the weather heats up and he's 30 innings into the season, we might see him in the 94-97 range consistently.

Adam Jones did look awfully good at the plate tonight, even in the two outs he made. One of the two outs was a screamer right at the shortstop. His double in the fourth inning was a laser beam that reached the wall in left-center and his triple was an asbolute rocket hit over the head of SkySox center fielder Tony Miller and bounced off the big wall on one hop.

Both of Jones' hits drove in a pair of runs, and both were with two outs, as were two of Cabrera's base hits.


28 Responses to “Major Pitching in the Minors”

  1. slim said

    I wonder if Choo is becoming the poster boy for the Bavasi player development model. The rush-them-through-the-system-until-they-learn-how-to-fail aproach? Choo wasn’t really rushed, but he looks like he could be ready to break out after disappointing 2005 in AAA. Its kinda what we should expect from Jones, Cabrera, and R. Johnson: sub-par (but encouraging) 2006 numbers and breakout 2007 campaigns.

  2. Choo wasn’t rushed at all, not in the least. He went step by step by step.

    I think Choo is only disappointing because the team kept telling people he was a run producer with speed when really he’s a table setter with some power.

    Remove the power stats from last year’s line and he did fine. Hitting in the 280s with a near .400 OBP in the PCL is really good.

    His steals were down due to a sore heel and a lack in confidence ont he base paths, but he’s fine. He’ll swipe 25 this year and post similar numbers elsewhere.

  3. Javi Flowers said

    What´s The velocity or Fastball of Deolis Guerra (Mets), Douglas Salinas and Kevin Montbrum(Seattle), Pedro Rodriguez(Red Sox)


  4. Wow, Flowers, yer gonna make me extend my resources 3000 miles, eh?

    Okay. Gimme a day or two.

    I can tell you that Montbrum was scouted with a 87-91 fastball with decent movement.

    Salina, Guerra and Rodriguez I will check on.

    – J

  5. Deolis Guerra sits 86-89, occasionally touching 90-91, but the Mets fully expect him to add velocity as he matures physically. He’s 6-5 with a solid delivery, so nature should help his velo out.

    Pedro Rodriguez’s fastball has been clocked at 91-92 mph but last summer in the Venezuelan Summer League he was sitting 87-88 for the most part.

    Salinas I’m still awaiting a return call/e-mail, as I have never seen him myself. Shouldn’t be long.

  6. Salinas was scouted with a fastball as high as 88 mph but the M’s really like him as a power guy down the road, possibly getting into the mid-90s by the time he’s fully developed.

    He was down in AZ for Fall Instructionals and was hitting 86-90 at that time, but he’s 6-3 and 205 pounds at just 17 years of age.

    He may get some innings in Peoria this summer.

  7. Javi Flowers said

    Thaks very match for you Jason

  8. Javi Flowers said

    Hello Jason I´m Javi Flowers, one question,What´s the velocty of Jose Sanchez (Mets) and Jesus Reina (giants)

  9. Hey Javi…

    I haven’t seen either guy throw, but give me a few days to gather that info.

    Monday at the latest.

    – J

  10. Javi Flowers said

    What´s the Veloicity and the furure of Miguel Marquez (Seattle)

  11. J said

    Sorry to jump in, but you know how much I like this sort of thing, Jason 🙂

    I know that at the time Marquez was signed at the age of sixteen, he was averaging about 94 mph with his fastball and was viewed by the M’s scouts as being the best pitcher in his age group in the country. They pushed him by sending him to Peoria right away instead of using him in the VSL, but I guess that speaks to how they regard him. He should add some more velocity, considering his age.

    Jason can speak better to how the organization actually views him.

  12. He hasn’t hit 94 since being signed, however.

    89-92 mostly.

  13. dnc said

    How old is Martinez now?

  14. Martinez? Are you thinking of former M’s farmhand Miguel Martinez?

    Javi and J were speaking of Miguel Marquez.

  15. dnc said

    Yeah, Marquez. My bad.

    How old is Miguel?

  16. Marquez is 18.

    He’s interesting. Last two starts of ’05 for Peoria he went 13 innings and fanned 14 batters. He gave up just 10 hits and four walks and allowed just three runs.

    His ERA was terrible, well over seven i think it was, but he’s a very intriguing arm.

    He’ll return to short season, maybe Everett this time around.

  17. Javi Flowers said

    Thahks Very Match my friends.

  18. Javi Flowers said

    Thanks Very Match my friends.

  19. Javi Flowers said

    Hello Jason, ¿where is Douglas Salinas and what´s the velicity of Gerardo Esparza?

  20. Salinas is in extended Spring Training and Esparza is…

    88-91, but the M’s think he may ultimately get into the mid-90s. He’s 18ish.

  21. Javi Flowers said

    Thanks very match Jason friend

  22. Willmore said

    Just for your reference, it’s “very much”, not “very match”.

    And the proper structure of that sentence would be: “Thank you very much, Jason.” Alternatively, if you want to establish your friendship with Jason, you can say “Thank you very much, my friend Jason.”

  23. dnc said

    Or you can say “My friend Willmore is very match a nerd”


  24. Javi Flowers said

    ¿What´s the future of Asdrubal Cabrera in 2007?

  25. That really depends on what happens for the rest of 2006.

  26. Javi Flowers said

    Thanks, Jason
    One question
    ¿where to play Douglas Salinas in the short season or Rooky league in Junio 2006?

  27. ali said

    aja jefe..puedes averiguar por cuato firmo douglas salinas?? que se rumora que va hacer unos d elos mejores lanzadores en a historia sera cierto eso??

  28. Javi Flowers said

    Hola Ali, mira a Salinas no le dieron mucho pero tiene buenas condiciones dejo una buena imprecion el año pasado en la rooky de Seattle pero de hay a ser catalogado como un prospecto para convertirse en uno de los mejores lanzadores de la historia, esta muy lejos. Los que si tienen las herramientas para serlo son Felix Hernandez, Franklin Morales,Francisco Liriano, Larry Suarez, y lanzador que tiene Texas que acaba de cumplir 17 años cuya recta alcanza las 95 millas llamado Wilmer Font en la pagina de los diez mejores prospectos de baseball american lo mencionan al final.

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