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Southpaw Night in the Minors

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 12, 2006

All four Seattle Mariners affiliates are in action tonight and all four will send left-handed starters to the hill.

Wisconsin will send '05 fourth rounder Justin Thomas to the mound, looking to hang on to his perfect ERA after giving up just one unearned run in six innings last Friday.

Inland Empire sends Julio Santiago out for his second start of the year. On opening night, Santiago allowed four runs on seven hits in just 3 1/3 innings.

Down in San Antonio, Mr. Travis Blackley (1-0, 1.80) gets his second start of the year, and is on a more reasonable pitch count this time. He tossed 81 pitches in six frames last Thursday, but is slated to go as many as 100 in Texas tonight.

By the way, it's HOT in Texas right now. Game time temps of 85-90. Good for Blackley's shoulder. The M's made the right move there.

In Tacoma, Bobby Livingston (5ip, 5 H, 2ER, 2K) gets his second start. Last September, Livingston fanned 14 River Cats in the final start of the regular season against Sacramento, and then five days later beat them in the postseason.

They don't like him very much, partly because he told them after the reg. season game that he was going to do that again the following week. Partly because he struck out 20 in 13 innings against them in less than 100 hours.

More from the park when I get there.

– J


17 Responses to “Southpaw Night in the Minors”

  1. They don’t like him very much, partly because he told them after the reg. season game that he was going to do that again the following week. Partly because he struck out 20 in 13 innings against them in less than 100 hours.

    I love that. Talk it, back it up.

  2. dnc said

    I B Liv in B Liv.

  3. But the real question, dawg, is do you believe in life after baseball?

    I sure as hell don’t.

    Edgar is dead to me.

  4. dnc said

    I’m a Levebvre Believer.

  5. dnc said

    I mean “Lefebvre”

    Or however you spell it

  6. Are you dodging the question, dawg?

    BTW, for those in the area, July 9 is Edgar night at Cheney.

    That’s gonna be cool.

    [dead man walking]

  7. dixarone said

    Except that if you’re french, or maybe even if you’re not, “Lefebvre” is pronounced, “le-FEHV”.

    Sorry – what a completely random, useless musing for my first post ever here.

    Great work on this site, JAC. It’s new required reading for me daily.

  8. Willmore said

    Who’s Edgar ? Is he related to the guy whose name is on that street sign outside of Safeco Field ?

  9. J said

    Edgar Guaramato?

  10. Edgar-doh! Alfonzo?

  11. BTW, where else on the net can you get this kind of quality content?


    I sure can't think of anyone else that has the access and the outlet to gather this kind of data on the top prospects in the system.

    Reading netters analyze what they got from a boxscore, a gamelog or from listening to the game on the radio or online isn't what I'd call reliable nor accurate, and therefore not entertaining, either.

    There are some good brains on the net, such as Yencich (JFromSeattle/J @marinerminors) and sportspots G_moneyball.

    But without seeing these players on a regular basis, talking with them, discussing them with scouts, coaches, managers, opposing clubs and other trained observers, how can anyone be taken as seriously as those that have that kind of access?

    Yes, I'm tooting my own horn, and I'm turning up the volume pretty freaking loud.

    Fact is, this is the only place you will get the kind of information that is reliable, accurate, rounded, tested and thorough. There are no assumptions made in the opinions and observations shared, and there are zero kneejerk reactions to a prospects overall abilities.

    Before a scouting report or analysis is even written, let alone published here at Prospect Insider, the information is gathered from several sources, bounced off the brains of the professionally qualified personnel and filtered, balanced and written in such fashion.

    My personal opinion is only part of the equation, whether it's the same of the pros or not.

    I challenge anyone to find a source that can provide this kind of daily information, analysis and valued opinion on the Seattle Mariners and their farm system.

    I dare you to bother searching… 

    I double dog dare ya.

  12. Sheesh, Church, I thought I was being vain a few days ago…

    But if anyone has the right to toot his own horn, it’s most certainly you. I love what you give back to the local baseball-addicted community. You’re like the minor-league equivalent of “Pocket Lint” — except you’re actually relevant.

    Okay. Bad example.

    I still would rather hack your cell phone than Paris Hilton’s.

  13. Haha… oh man, that’s hilarious!

    I just felt like being arrogant this morning, so I let it out. I can’t stand seeing all the armchair analysis going on via the boxscore and the game log.

    Nothing beats full access.

  14. dnc said

    I’d rather hack Matt Leinart’s cell phone. Or Taradise Reid’s. But Churchy’s would be somewhere in the top 10.

  15. I hear Leinart dropped his cellie in the fountain in Vegas and as a result is now contemplating suicide over the NFL.

  16. J said

    re: armchair box score analysis

    You mean Andy Hargrove isn’t the M’s future all-star firstbaseman? 😛

  17. haha… The Bellingham M’s, maybe.

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