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Blogging The Night In Baseball

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 24, 2006

As things occur, I'll note them here.

The M's called up LHP Bobby Livingston, as Prospect Insider reported a day ahead of everyone else.  He's expected to get some relief work and then find his way into the rotation.

Jeff Clement hit his first home run of the season for San Antonio, a 2-run shot off Midland lefty Ray Aguilar in the fifth inning.

Clement is 2-for-4 on the night and is hitting .281 for the year.

Cesar Jimenez made the start for Tacoma tonight after being called up yesterday to replace Livingston on the roster.  As of 7pm, Jimenez has gone three shutout innings against Fresno with two strikeouts. 

Wisconsin shortstop Jeffrey Dominguez continues to swing a hot bat in the Midwest League.  The 19-year-old had three more hits today, drew a walk and is now hitting .364 on the year.

7:13 PM

Jimenez loses the shutout, walking two batters and surrendering two earned runs before recording the second out of the fourth.  He also made a key throwing error on a pikc-off move.

Jimenez was given a 4-0 lead in the bottom of the third when Mike Morse hit his third home run of the year, Choo doubled, Bohn Sac-fly'd home Scott Youngbauer and Greg Dobbs singled home Choo.

Jimenez has still given up just the one hit.

Clement threw out Midland's Jason Perry trying to steal second base in fifth down in Texas.

Michael Garciaparra has a hit and three RBI in the game and is hitting .278 on the year.

7:18 PM 

Ichiro swings at the first pitch again.  Moron.

Then Jose Lopez shows Ichiro how ya do it.  He works the count, gets into a fastball situation and hits it 400 feet to dead center.

Way to go Celestino!

7:22 PM

Jimenez serves it up in Tacoma and it's now 6-4 Fresno after Tomas de la Rosa hit a bases loaded big fly, better known as a four-run shot, better known as a GRAAAAAAAND SLAAAAAM!

Tacoma will come back and win this game, though.  That's what they do.

7:26 PM

The Missions are wrapping up their win over Midland, leading 7-4.  One other note in that game is how well Oswaldo Navarro is handling himself offensively.

Nothing mind-numbing but the kid is hitting .283 as a 21-year-old in the Texas League.  He drew his 11th walk of the year tonight against 11 strikeouts and he's starting to hit the ball with some authority after starting the year without an extra-base hit for 15 straight games.

7:40 PM 

Apparently Kenji Johjima's thumb is sore enough that Mike Hargrove wanted to get him a second day of rest.  It's already hurt the M's with Rivera's miscues in the second costing them a run.

7:51 PM

San Antonio hangs on and ends their losing streak at nine… between the Missions and the Mariners, it's getting ugly.

7:57 PM

Rainiers 3B Hunter Brown hits his second home run of the year to bring Tacoma within a run of Fresno…

8:08 PM

In relief of Jimenez, Julio Zapata serves up another run… 7-5 Fresno in the 7th and the Grizzlies are threatening.

8:42 PM

After the Grizzlies took the lead 10-5, Todd Sears hit a solo shot and then Adam Jones doubled and was driven in by Hunter Brown to make it 10-7.

Jones is slowly turning into an extra-base hit machine.  He has 17 hits this season, nine are for extra bases.

9:00 PM

Ichiro comes through in the clutch and then pulls a boneheaded move getting caught in the rundown.

Seriously folks, shouldn't your best player be a smart base runner?

Ichiro is not.

9:02 PM

Shin-soo Choo hits a solo bomb in the ninth, an opposite field shot off Giants prospect Merkin Valdez to lead off the inning.

Choo has three hits on the night and is hitting .371.

Choo is turning a corner.

9:09 PM

Rafael Soriano looking better and better.  Velo up to 94-96.

9:26 PM

Eddie is already better tonight. 87-89 on the heater and his location is perfect.

Maybe he can gather himself enough to create some trade value.

Or maybe not.


20 Responses to “Blogging The Night In Baseball”

  1. dnc said

    Was that Lopez’s first HR off a righty this year?

  2. No, his second. He went deep of Rafael Betancourt in Cleveland, too.

  3. dnc said

    Jose seems well on his way to a Beltre vs 05 type season. Which I think any of us would be happy with for this year. I still think he’s Miguel Tejada within two years.

  4. dnc said

    That’s supposed to read Beltre “version 05” not Beltre “versus 05”

  5. I don’t think Lopez will ever be a .300/30Hr/100 RBI guy.

    He might do all of those things once, but unlikely he’ll do it more than that and you can bet it won’t be in the same year.

  6. Willmore said

    “Seriously folks, shouldn’t your best player be a smart base runner?”

    I think that this focus on more aggressive baserunning might be hurting the team moer than helping.

  7. dnc said

    5 – I agree Pez may never hit .300. But I think he’ll hit 30+ on more than one occasion, and hit .280 pretty regularly.

    6 – You just now figuring that out? The aggressive baserunning has been hurting us all year.

  8. Not playing half his games at Safeco he won’t hit 30+. He doesn’t cover the plate well enough for that and really never will.

    His game is to jump on the fastballs early, which means he won’t get the fattest pitch most of the time.

  9. 2quarters said

    Dominguez looks like he’s turning into a very interesting spect.

    What’s his scouting report read defensively? Is he a shortstop or another left fielder to be?

  10. I think he’s a second baseman to be, mostly because his bat will play better there.

  11. dnc said

    I still don’t get the “bat will play better at 2nd” thing. I know we’ve had the debate before, I just disagree. Perfect example, I don’t think Betencourt’s a big leaguer if he can’t play short.

  12. dnc said

    BTW, how many times did Raffy hit 96 on the gun? How hard do you think he could throw if he were in the rotation? Is 93 asking too much?

  13. Dwight Schrute said

    Hey Jason, big fan of the site. Thanks for writing this every day, I really enjoy it.
    I know it might be too early to tell, but you mentioned that Choo might be turning a corner. Do you really think so? I seem to remember him finishing fairly strongly last year. A lot of fans have sort of soured on his potential over the last year or so as he was slow to show any power. This might be more conducive to a longer post, but I was just wondering about your general thoughts on him and his recent hot streak. Thanks again for your great work.

  14. You always want to give the best bats an open road to the bigs and playing someone like, say Navarro at short if there is a better bat that can also play short that is pretty close to him in the developmental stage doesn’t make much sense.

    Typically, you want one of your middle infielders to be a plus hitter, and usually, because of the physical aspects of the two positions, the shortstop is thay guy.

    In Seattle’s case, it’s the opposite and that’s fine, especially since YuBet is good with the glove.

    Offensively, Jose is the SS and Yubet is the 2B. No biggee.

    So when I say his bat plays better at second base, it just means that he won’t be blocking a plus bat of another shortstop, even if that other player is inferior defensively.

    It doesn’t mean Dominguez or Navarro can’t play defense at SS in the bigs, it just means that their bats project to end up more like the average 2B, rather than the average SS.

  15. Yeah, Dwight, I really think he is. That’s not to say I think he’s a big-league all-star all of a sudden, but he’s certainly covered up some of his shortcomings from last season.

    From August 1 on last summer, he was pretty darned good. And this year he’s conintued that and added more pop.

    Scouts say he’s shortened his swing and they really, really love what he’s doing right now.

    He’s only fanned nine times, too. Last year at this same stage he had 23 whiffs.

    He’s also stealing bases at a much higher rate, and much better success rate.

    He’s just handling things now.

  16. Re: Raffy

    The house gun had him at 96 on six occasions. The scout’s gun had him at 96 on five occasions and 95 on three more.

    He definitely was up 2 mph tonight.

  17. dnc said

    Great news on Raf.

  18. Yes, it is. Good timing, too.

  19. Knuckles said

    Jason: I’ve seen Choo play a number of times and actually like him in the field quite a bit. However, one thing I’ve never seen is Choo play CF. Is that a position he can handle?

  20. Willmore said

    Is the rise in the mph due to the warm weather, or in Raffy doing something ?

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