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Farm Notes – 4.26.06

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 26, 2006

Ryan Feierabend is tossing a gem at the Arkansas Travelers as I type, giving up just two hits and striking out four through five innings.

Angels' top prospect Brandon Wood has had no luck against Feierabend, fanning twice, both swining.

Update: Wood took Feierabend deep in the sixth on a changeup away. He left it up and Wood put a good swing on it, but it was wind-aided or it may have simply been an RBI double.

The runs are both unearned due to an error by Jesus Guzman. Feierabend finished the inning but is done for the night.

6IP, 3H, 2R, 0ER, 1BB, 6K – 4.22 ERA

The Tacoma Rainiers are off tonight but take on one of the most stacked rosters in the minors over the weekend. Francisco Cruceta takes on Salt Lake and their plethora of offensive prospects on Friday.

Asdrubal Cabrera's return to the lineup last night went about as well as it could. The 20-year-old went 3-for-4 with two doubles and three RBI, including the game-tying single in the bottom of the ninth.

He's good.

Shin-soo Choo is on fire and it's not a mirage. He's the subject of next Tuesday's Prospect Spotlight.

My Farm Report in the Seattle P-I was printed today. The two stories included a mini feature on Mark Lowe and Stephen Kahn and a feature on the role of the Rainiers.

According to M's minor league pitching coordinator Pat Rice, Lowe is sitting 91-96 with his fastball and Kahn has been 93-97.



23 Responses to “Farm Notes – 4.26.06”

  1. Willmore said

    You jinxed Feierabend against Wood. Brandon hit a 2-run shot against Ryan. Luckily, it was unearned due to an error earlier, so the ERA stays put, but still it’s a sour note to an otherwise great start.

  2. I know, I’m watching.

    Wood hit a change up out – a line drive home run.

  3. 2quarters said

    JAC –

    What’s the rumor about Hargrove being gone soon?

  4. Where’d ya hear that 2Q?

  5. 2quarters said

    Over at SportSpot, SABRMatt, so I guess actually it’s not really a rumor.

  6. Willmore said

    Well, Jason started that on Monday – that Grover is out before June.

  7. I’ve been saying it for two months, both publicly on KJR, here at PI, over at Fanhome and everywhere in between.

    I have a bet with Mike Curto… I say he’s gone by June 1 if the team is well under .500.

  8. Dave Cairns said

    Great work Jason,

    Are there others in the baseball world running sites like yours for other teams ?

    On my pet subject – do you have a timeline for Chris Snelling’s return to real games ? I thought he would have been back before Brett Roneberg (Pirates farmhand & fellow Aussie OF, out for 12 months with shoulder reco) who just returned for Altoona Curve; with a HR in his first game back.

    Also have you had an word on the forgotten and unheard of RSS ?


    Sydney, Australia

  9. Thanks, Dave.

    I am not sure if there are, my guess would be no. The interest in minor league baseball isn’t high enough for that, really.

    Some of the team sites on the scout network do some of this sort of coverage, however. But not to this extent.

    Re: Snelling — It sounds like he’s due to hit Tacoma any day between Monday and the middle of May.

    Snelling was hitting but not running the bases during the first 10 days of April then he began actually running the bases for two weeks, and that’s where he is now.

    Playing the field is next.

    Re: RRS
    Nobody with the club wants to say anything, but if I see Frank Mattox or Greg Hunter at the Ballpark this weekend I will be sure and ask. They’ll tell me.

    BTW, Dave, I have to ask this… Your last name, Cairns, what does it mean?

    I was at Outback Steakhouse last Friday and something on their menu has that word in it?

    Thanks for the kind words, Dave.

    — J

  10. Dave Cairns said


    The surname and the place name (which would be the restaurant reference) are unrelated.

    The surname is Scottish, my Dad is Scottish and my Mum Australian; even though they met in Canada and my sister and I were born in Deep River, Ontario – Canada. Believe it or not I did not start playing baseball until I was 15 in Australia.

    Cairns the city in far North Queensland is one of the iconic Australian tourist destinations – Sun, Sand, Beaches, Babes etc…

    It is the city which is nearest to the Great Barrier Reef, one of the wonders of the world. A huge sea area of coral and unique tropical fish.

    Well worth the visit when you come to Australia, best time is in your winter (our summer, although it does get hot). Come to Sydney in late January for the Claxton Shield Australian Baseball Championships, I look forward to meeting you there !!

  11. Sounds like a plan!

  12. J said

    Is the PI in the P-I segment going to be online? I haven’t seen it yet…

  13. Not early in the year, apparently.

    The first two weeks have not been.

    I should probably ask what the plan is.

  14. Willmore said

    Jason, since I missed the article in yesterday’s PI, could you do me a favor and e-mail it to me?

  15. johnB said

    It would be great if you could post the article here for us out ot towners.

  16. No-can do, fellas. It’s not being cyber-published by the P-I so I don’t have anything to post.


  17. dnc said

    Not sure where to ask this, so I’ll put it here.

    As you know Jason, I’ve been one of Lopez’s biggest cheerleaders since I started visiting ITP. I love that kid and see huge things in his future. So I’m not trying to bash him in the least.

    But I’m getting pretty concerned about his slipping plate discipline. Yes, he’s hitting the crap out of the ball to the tune of a .500 slg, which is incredible for a 22 year old. But he now has 2 walks and 18 K’s. He’s never been a big walker, but he’s always been able to make contact.

    I normally don’t fret over hitters K’s, but it’s a bit bothersome to see such a sudden slide. Do you think this is a small sample size fluke, or is Pezzer becoming a hacker? I’d hate to see him go through a Jeff Francouer Everyone Figures Out You Won’t Take a Pitch phase.

    Is there any scouting take on what’s going on with his approach?

  18. This one is easy.

    Theyw ant him to be aggressive because in previous stints he was passive early in the count because everyone kept preaching “patience, draw walks” etc.

    So he’d let hittable pitches go by.

    So you will see him swing at one of the first two pitches 75% of the time, but he is still seeing more pitches, slightly, than in his previous two stints in the bigs.

    And I don’t see an issue with his Ks. He’s whiffed 17% of the time at the plate. That’s considered decent for anyone not hitting leadoff and pretty good for a 22-year-old kid that’s developing power.

    He struck out 25 times in 202 PAs last year – 12% of the time, but slugged just .379. He fanned 31 times in 212 PAs in 2004 – 14% of the time, but slugged just .367.

    Now he’s slugging .479 and he’s whiffin 17% of the time.

    It’s really not that big of a deal, especially when you consider he’s faced Harden, Cabrera, Millwood, Beckett, Schilling, Verlander and Colon already, all hard throwers who can log the strikeout quite a bit.

    As far as his walks go, it’s just about him trying to be aggressive, and for now, I like it. I don’t care if he walks much this year. I penciled him for 31 walks for the year and wouldn’t be ticked at 90 ks and 30 walks if he slugged 470 or better.

    Besides, he’s still developing, still tinkering with his approach, particularly with his ability to hit the ball to right field.

  19. Dave said

    Jason, What is the word on Borchardt (sp?)? The last I saw was he had three days to pass through waivers, but never heard if he did. Can you give an update and maybe shed some light on why he wasn’t given a chance to play when Reed is clearly not the answer at the plate. thanks for all the input.

  20. When a player is DFA’d, the team has 10 days to decide to trade or release him, and they have up until the 7th day to put him on waivers.

    So by the 10th day the waiver period is over and he’ll either be claimed or he’ll pass thru and be sent to Tacoma.

    Wednesday is Day 10, so unless he’s outright released or is dealt, we’ll have to wait til Wednesday to find out whether he was claimed or is being sent to AAA.

  21. Dave said

    Thanks for the clarification. Do you have any insight why they made the trade, didn’t give him any looks, and then seemingly are willing to let him go without compensation? Wouldn’t you take the potential of 20+ HR’s and a .250 BA over what Reed is giving you (.200 BA and 5+ HR’s)? It seems very odd.

  22. Willmore said

    Well, actually, potenial-wise Reed and Borchard are equal. Reed is a potential .375+ OBP guy with a .425+ SLug. Borchard is the reverse with very good slugging but low OBP.

  23. Willmore is pretty mucn on the money here.

    Plus, when they picked up Borchard, they weren’t 100% sure about Reed’s wrist and they weren’t 100% sure Petagine was going to make the club.

    But not having Thornton here and taking a shot with Borchard, who still may end up in AAA Tacoma, was a good move.

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