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FINAL Mock Draft v10.0

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on June 6, 2006

"This Mock may not change much by 10AM tomorrow morning as most clubs are getting more tight-lipped about things, including the Mariners."

That was me, late last night, er, four hours ago.

But things have changed.

As first reported by MLB.com's Johnathan Mayo and confirmed through multiple sources, Colorado is prepared to select Greg Reynolds with the No. 2 pick, due to a predraft deal in which the two sides are apparently very close to an agreement.

Hochevar is back at No. 1 with Miller falling.

While Mayo has Miller falling to No. 11 where Arizona drafts, I see no scenario where Seattle lets him go.

He's worth the chance, signability concerns and all.

Tim Lincecum's fall in this draft is preposterous. MLB.com and Baseball America both have him going in the mid-teens.

He's a top 5 talent, bar none. At worst he's a top 10 player, risks included.

Note the draft boards of each team below. It does not reflect their picks very often, which is a sign that money and signability are more important.

Here's to hoping the Mariners convince Miller that he's worth $6 mil, not 10, because he truly could be falling into the M's lap.

Things have changed three times in both KC and Colorado in the past 24 hours. So don't be surprised if the entire top 10 looks completely different when the picks are made.

2006 Top 10 Mock 10.0
NO. Team Player, Pos.
Range Draft Board (1-5)
1 KC Luke Hochevar, RHP 1-5 Miller, Hochevar, Lincecum, Lincoln, Morrow
2 COL Greg Reynolds, RHP 2-14 Miller, Longoria, Lincoln, Hochevar, Lincecum
3 TB Brad Lincoln, RHP 3-8 Lincoln, Longoria, Miller, Hochevar, Lincecum
4 PIT Evan Longoria, 3B
4-12 Lincoln, Miller, Hochevar, Lincecum, Drabek
5 SEA Brandon Morrow, RHP
1-11 Miller, Hochevar, Lincoln, Morrow, Lincecum
6 DET Clayton Kershaw, LHP
6-12 Miller, Lincoln, Longoria, Hochevar, Lincecum
7 LAD Bryan Morris, RHP 7-24 Hochevar, Lincoln, Miller, Morrow, Longoria
8 CIN Drew Stubbs, OF
8-16 Miller, Lincoln, Morrow, Hochevar, Stubbs
9 BAL Bill Rowell, 3B
9-16 Miller, Lincoln, Hochevar, Morrow, Rowell
10 SF Daniel Bard, RHP
10-26 Lincoln, Morrow, Longoria, Stubbs, Rowell


212 Responses to “FINAL Mock Draft v10.0”

  1. Alex said

    I’m getting a little worried that Hochevar might not make it to #5.

  2. DIQ said

    Either way I’ll be fine with Hochevar/Lincecum/Scherzer.

    Not too sold on Morrow.

  3. If Hochevar doesn’t than Miller, Lincecum, Morrow or Lincoln will.

  4. DIQ: Not sold? Based on what?

    He’s got just as impressive of a resume as any pitcher in the draft. While Lincecum has the best stuff, Morrow has the best arm, and it;s really not close.

  5. Walrus said

    Morrow sounds like another Matt Thornton.
    Let’s pray for Miller, Hochevar or Lincecum…

  6. How is Morrow another Thornton?

    For one, Morrow is a 6-3 righty, not a 6-6 lefty.

    His command? It’s better than Lincecum’s.

    His mechanics blow away Thornton’s and his track record is against pac 10 schools. Thornton was a JC draftee out of Grand Valley State in Michigan.

    The two aren’t comparable at all.

  7. Walrus said

    I have seen Lincecum pitch a couple of times. Yes, he can be wild at times, but when he is on…oh boy. If you say Morrow has better control, I’ll believe you.
    Admittedly, I have never seen Morrow pitch. However, my thought process was that whenever anyone gets described as “the best arm”, and he throws 93 to 97+mph…accuracy / command is usually lacking – just like Matt Thornton. If Morrow is not wild, and since Morrow has the size and no issues on mechanics…I am puzzled why Lincoln or Lincecum or even Hochevar are even mentioned in the same breathe, let alone being considered ahead of him…I’m sure it is money, but thats probably why you say this draft is getting weird.

  8. Lincecum has walled 63 batters in 125 1/3 innings. That’s not “wild at times” that’s well below-average control at 4.52 walks per nine.

    He gets away with it because he makes up for the extra baserunners with all the strikeouts.

    Morrow has walked 39 in 96 2/3 innings, or 3.63 batters per nine — nearly one full batter less per nine than Lincecum.

    Morrow isn’t graded higher than Lincoln, Miller, Hochevar (some do grade him higher than Hochevar due to Luke’s layoff), because those pitchers have BETTER command.

    I didn’t say Morrow’s control was GOOD. Just better than Lincecum, spurning the idea that he compares in any way to Thornton who has ALWAYS had command issues.

    Lincoln and Miller had abover average to plus command of more than one pitch. Morrow is slightly below average. His stuff is probably behind Miller, Lincecum and Lincoln, right there with Hochevar… but I think Hochevar is closer to the bigs by far.

  9. germpod said

    Morrow has had problems with command in the past, and I would geuss that is where concern comes in.

    My favorites based off just what I have read is Miller, Hochevar, Morrow in that order based of what I percieve their ceiling to be.

    Sounds like Hochever is doing well in the independant leagues and we know he has it in him to do well based on his college career. With the year off his arm should be well rested and fully healed, and I have never heard concern over his mechanics.

    I too am excited about our second round pick, somebody will slip and Prefontaine will snatch him up, same with the third round.

  10. germpod said

    It sounds like Hochovar has the best secondary stuff of all of them, including a change up. I do not hear much about the other guys off speed pitches, just Miller’s slider and Morrow’s fastball. Sounds like Hochovar has the best mix of pitches, mixed with command. Will be an exciting day.

  11. germpod said

    Sorry about spelling wrong, Fontaine the scouting director, not Prefontaine the Oregon runner. I just read a book on the runner, so he was in my head.

  12. DIQ said


    It’s mainly his lower K rate at the college level compared to the other Hoch/Miller/Lincecum/Lincoln. I know it’s still almost at 9/per but in watching video’s and reading some quotes, he exposes his pitches really early in his windup and people are sitting on his fastball. I noticed it too but it could just be the way the camera was positioned behind home plate. I guess it’s not really a necesarry to be deceptive when you have a mid-90’s fastball and a good breaking pitch, but just somewhat of a concern.

    Any input Jason? I’m no expert, just an opinion based on some reads and video over at MLB.

  13. DIQ said

    Another reason why I think the M’s will take Hochevar is because so far we’re the highest team in draft position to have been tied with rumors or having interest in him.

    Maybe other teams aren’t willing to take a risk on him or pay up. Last year, for example?

    Regardless, we know who the 5-6 candidates are for the first round if available. But the later rounds are what really interest me.

  14. Morrow is not the prospect that the others are, in most clubs’ minds because of his overall stuff. He has the heater and the makings of a good breaking ball but he hasn’t polished them off — which is why his K rates are simply 9/9 instead of in double digits.

    He’s ranked where he should be – behind the other four main arms and right with Scherzer, who would be higher if he didnt have any injury risk attached.

  15. Swerv said

    When is the draft?
    Last year I believe I listened to it online is that going to be available again this year?
    If so where?

  16. Swerv said

    Nevermind, the draft is June 6-7 and it looks like you can watch it on MLB.com
    I was just being lazy sorry.

  17. Marinerhomer said

    Jason, yesterday you said that the draft was weirding up. However, it looks like you think the top 5 picks will actually be the top 5 talents. Did the hiring of Moore in KC help clear things up or is it just to hard to predict those weird things?

  18. Andren said

    Admittedly I don’t know a lot about all of these prospects outside of what I read on the blogs but I can’t help but feel queasy about the potential of us drafting Lincecum. I hope that the ‘local boy’ pressure doesn’t get to the Mariners on this one.

    Does anyone else have concerns that he is Billy Wagner in the making (something we don’t need) or well on his way to be an injury-prone hurler (Ryan Andersen)??

    Can we just please do something to add to the organization with minimal injury risk? I would be happy with Hochevar. I’m getting a little tired of crossing my fingers for the Andersens, Blackleys, or Fopperts and just want to have a legit arm to look forward to.

  19. Andren said

    Sorry, Anderson.

  20. dnc said

    IMHO, Lincecum is the ultimate high-risk, high-reward prospect. Yes, he has control issues. Yes, he has questionable mechanics. Yes, there are some who think he projects more as a reliever than a starter.

    But he also has the best fastball in the draft (per BA), the best offspeed pitch in the draft (his curve, per BA), and as dominating of a track record as you’ll ever find.

    I personally don’t buy the Wagner comparisons – his top two pitches are plus plus, and his change and slider are poor, but getting better. I don’t think he’ll have any trouble having three pitches.

    And, assuming he can stay healthy (the ultimate if, with any pitcher), we’re talking about a guy with all star level stuff, easy.

    I’d seriously consider taking him first (though I’d lean towards Miller) and absolutely take him before anybody else in this draft. I like some of the others we may have a shot at – particularly Hochevar and Scherzer – but I don’t see that superstar level potential with them.

    Lincecum can be the next Pedro Martinez. Or he can be the next Ryan Anderson.

    I’d take the risk.

  21. DIQ said

    For me I take the best polished pitcher with the quickest route to the mlb. In the first round and you go with the sure thing. You have the later rounds to take risks, but the Mariners are in need of pitching, we need to draft someone who can be in the rotation by ’07.

    Tuesday. So far.

  22. Andren said

    So DnC if you could go straight up and compare Miller to Lincecum, you would lean towards Miller? For what reason/s?

  23. bilbo said

    Isn’t Lincecum considered to be one of, if not the closest to the bigs? His motion is similar to Kevin Brown’s and Brown pitched forever without hurting his arm (granted he is a little bigger). My only concern with Lincecum is control, but given his proven track record and plus-plus stuff, I would take the risk.

    With that said, I wouldn’t be disappointed with Hochevar or Scherzer either. They both have great stuff, proven results and ferocious makeup while being close to the majors as well.

    Morrow scares me because he is the most likely to become a reliever. If they keep him as a starter then ok I guess, but he is further from the majors IIRC. (I wish he had better K’s given his stuff but his control is good so that kind of makes up for it)

  24. DBook said

    I know this is off topic and all but whats the latest on Snelling? and is there anymore rumblings of Grover getting shitcaned today?

  25. dnc said

    22 – Mostly becaue I trust the scouts involved. My own gut tells me Lincecum’s a better pick, but everyone seems to agree that Miller is far and away the best prospect. As someone who hasn’t seen either of them pitch, just read scouting reports and looked at their stats, I’m willing to defer.

    Essentially I think Miller is significantly safer while Lincecum has slightly more upside. I don’t mind the safe pick if it’s a reasonably close talent match (as Miller-Lincecum is). I don’t think anyone else is close enough to TL’s talent level to warrant playing it safe.

    Bottom line, I think TL will be the best pitcher from this draft, but he’s also the most likely to blow out his arm next year. Miller should be, at worst, the second best pitcher in the draft, and presents no more than normal health risk.

  26. MatthewCarruth said

    I have a lot more fears about Hochevar’s mechanics than I do Lincecum’s. Lincecum rotates his entire upper body back, not just his arm. It reduces the stress on his shoulder. Lincecum has a huge leg drive, he gets a ton out of his lower body. That reduces the stress on his elbow. He has a good driveline down the center, suggesting a chance to develop better command later on. I don’t see Ryan Anderson as Lincecum’s floor. I see Gil Meche.

    I was high on Hochevar until I actually saw him pitch.

    My rank shifts now to:

    Miller, Lincoln, Lincecum, Scherzer, Hochevar, Morrow

  27. taro said

    My list:

    Miller, Lincecum, Lincoln, Hochevar, in that order.

    As long as we don’t end up with a project like Morrow I’m good. Get the guy closest to the bigs.

  28. For those that have seen video of Hochevar from college – IGNORE IT.

    He’s made adjustments that have lessened the effort in his delivery and the biggest one is his arm’s route from glove to release point.

    Those videos are more than a year old. They mean very little.

  29. Alex said

    The guys at MLB.com are saying that Hochevar is being strongly considered to go #1, how legitimate is that rumor?

  30. DIQ said


    I just hope they draft the player that will fit and help this club the soonest. There’s no time to have him lingering in the minors for more than a year, tweaking mechanics and such.

    They can’t let public relations get in the way of drafting the best player, the best fit.

    Anticipation is killing me.

  31. DIQ said

    I’ll be pissed if Hoch goes up, b/c essentially that means each player drops a spot but we still have no chance at Miller or Lincoln.

    If this is true, then it’ll probably be between Lincecum, Morrow, and Scherzer.

  32. There is some validity to everything this year because KC is stupid… and cheap… and dishonest with its fanbase, and so on.

    But Seattleites know what that feels like.

    Anyways, they do have Miller as the top player on their board with Lincecum 2nd and Lincoln third, but the most important thing to them is getting their player signed and Hochevar is among the most signable players in the top 10.

    All fo them will sign, I think, but Luke has the least leverage to hold out for a bigger contract.

    Miller wants a big league deal and 6 mil bonus and Lincecu isn’t going to be cheap.

    Oddly, Hochevar might be a cross between the two — safer pick than Lincecum, easier sign.

    I still think they go with Miller.

  33. If Hochevar goes 1st, then Miller goes 2nd and that drops Lincecum and Lincoln to Tampa, Pitt and Seattle.

    That would be the worst scenario for the M’s and they’d end up with Scherzer or Morrow because Pitt isn’t going to take Morrow or Drabek over Lincecum or Lincoln and Tampa is probably salavating at the idea of picking between the two.

  34. bilbo said

    So the best case scenario (realistic) would be for Miller, Lincoln to go 1 and 2 because neither would make it to #5 anyway, right? This means Longoria probably gets picked 3 or 4 and the M’s would get to choose between 1.Lincecum or Hochevar (assuming one of them goes 3 or 4) 2. Morrow or 3.Scherzer

  35. Yes, at this point, I’d say that is the best REALISTIC scenario for M’s fans.

    If Longoria doesn’t go second, he probably drops to 6th-10th.

  36. Dr. Detecto said

    Good top 10 … especially like the M’s factor %’s which look quite reasonable.

    Can’t disagree with a single slot in the mock 10. Easy to see it shaking out exactly that way 1-10, especially keeping each team’s tendencies in mind …


    I prob’ly started the anti-Morrow sentiment … at DOV he is a leper in the poll 🙂

    Personally don’t care for the guy, strictly on an intuition basis, you could say a “guess” basis.

    But objectively speaking, Brandon Morrow is a legit #1 overall … his results in 2006 were not as dazzling as, say, Lincecum’s but IN TERMS OF HIS ARC, Morrow came very far, very quickly from 2005…

    He *is* the “safest” pitcher in terms of his mechanics and body type … if there were ever a pitcher you would think was going to go 4,000 IP, this would be the guy …

    Morrow’s glorious mechanics (and emerging breaking stuff) leave him more than capable of improving, a lot, from here. He has a lot of upside left. A right-handed Randy Johnson is not at all out of the question.

    I personally want no part of Morrow but if you are a major league GM, you *have* to take him in the top 7.

    Good thread amigos.


    Jason do you know if this guy is light on his feet or is he just light on his feet? 😉 From an athletic standpoint you’ve got to admire the body control…

  37. Andren said

    This all sounds reasonably positive and don’t forget Ms fans we might just stink the rest of the year and end up with another high pick in ’07!! It might be the only chance we have to get back to being respectable in the pitching department.

    Salivate on this…

    06 pick
    07 pick

  38. Dr. Detecto said

    Should edit to add, if you watch Morrow carefully, he moves like a stage dancer…

    Am not criticizing him :-), just noting that his movements are exceptionally light and graceful.

    At the calleaguers.com site, when he backs up a base, he practically prances over there like a deer. In athletic terms this is nothing but good, of course.

  39. Dr. Detecto said

    ++ If Hochevar goes 1st, then Miller goes 2nd and that drops Lincecum and Lincoln to Tampa, Pitt and Seattle.

    That would be the worst scenario for the M’s and they’d end up with Scherzer or Morrow because Pitt isn’t going to take Morrow or Drabek over Lincecum or Lincoln and Tampa is probably salavating at the idea of picking between the two.++

    This is an interesting point, that all it takes is for Hochevar to go 1 or 2, and then Pitt and Tampa could be figured to make sure that Miller and Lincecum don’t slide…

    Not that Scherzer or Morrow would be a disaster, but you’d much rather have Hochevar.

    Hochevar going early, it seems, *could* set up that scenario where (my) fave 4 pitchers go 1-4…. if you listen to the draft, that may be what you’re listening for, for the top couple teams to go ahead with Miller and Lincecum, so that the 3-4 take some *reaches* with Longoria and/or Drabek…

    Good thinkin’.

  40. DIQ said


    Do you think it’s at all possible to work a pre-draft contract/negotiation with Hochevar or the M’s pick?

    Or does that really only occur in reality when the player has no chance of going higher then your pick?

    I really like Hochevar and can see him in the M’s rotation after a year in the minors. Maybe opening day is too soon, but from what I’ve read, whoever they pick, they want to zip him up the system for immediate help.

  41. Dave Cairns said

    Just had a look at Evan Longoria at the calleaguers.com site.

    His foot work at 3rd is impressive, I guess it remains to be seen can he hit with wood ? He was using aluminium in the footage.

    I like the pitching action of Brandon Morrow it looks a lot less forced than Lincecum’s and therefore less has to be done by professional coaching staff to get him ready for the jump from college towards the majors. This easy action will also protect him from injury in the future.

    Then again I am an outfielder/utility IF, what do I know about pitching ? I am a keen observer of the game even if from the other side of the planet.

    ** If you want to see the best prospect in the game at the moment check out Lastings Milledge’s throw from RF against Arizona to nail Craig Counsell at third !! mlb.com have it on their highlights reel

  42. Re: Contract/Hochevar

    Yes, and the groundwork must be laid out positively and aggressively and the M’s must be close to a deal or they won’t draft the player.

  43. MatthewCarruth said

    Hochevar may have better arm action now, but his stride and lower body action were my concerns with his mechanics. Have they changed?

  44. DIQ said

    “For those that have seen video of Hochevar from college – IGNORE IT.

    He’s made adjustments that have lessened the effort in his delivery and the biggest one is his arm’s route from glove to release point.

    Those videos are more than a year old. They mean very little.”

    “Hochevar has mended his mechanics some since those videos. He’s a little less violent and his arm slots are much more consistent, which is why his offspeed stuff is already effective.

    He’s still rusty as he searchges for a release point, however, but that’s to be expected.”

    According to Jason; he has.

  45. The upper half can and does screw up the lower half and vice versa.

    He hired some pitching coach help smooth everything out.

    But every single guy in this draft has mechanical concerns, and Hochevar is way down the list.

    Even Miller is a bigger concern in that area because he short-strides a lot and is forced to use a lot of arm.

  46. DIQ said

    Thanks for the input Jason. What do you think Hochevar’s pros and cons are.

    Also, if the M’s take him at 5; will he request the same bonus or more?

  47. Dr. Detecto said

    ++But every single guy in this draft has mechanical concerns, and Hochevar is way down the list.++

    Spot on.

    You’re not looking at getting Greg Maddux out of the college draft 🙂

    Certainly don’t care for Andrew Miller’s motion, and I do like Lincecum’s but it has issues for sure.

    Hochevar’s mechanics aren’t anything that you’re going to dock him for.

  48. Jason –
    A few questions / statements for you…

    1) Not buying Reynolds’ helium, ‘eh?

    2) Tim Lincecum’s family came into the store where I work today and, although I was up in the office, my co-worker said that they sounded pretty sure that Lincecum was going to go first overall. Apparently, they said something like, “Just trust us.” Hmm…

    3) Aside from Miller and Dallas Buck, do you know of any draft-eligible, college SPs who are good at inducing groundballs?


  49. dbook said

    JAC is anton maxwell of Oregon state in this draft? if so where do ya see him goin?

  50. DIQ said

    Lincecum going first? I think that’s a mistake on the Royals part. As long as it’s not Hoch, that’s cool.

  51. DIQ said

    When Hochevar gets drafted, what happens with his status in the indy league? Will he just leave Fort Worth or finish the season there?

    P.S. I have no clue how long or when their season ends. The thought just occured.

  52. Re: Glassey

    1) No, I’m not. He is almost certain to go in the top 20 somewhere, but from what I have seen of him and heard of him, he’s not a top 12 talent by any stretch.

    2) It’s very possible, but Miller is still the best player available and until KC picks someone other than Miller, I’ll mock him there. I’d say it’s 60-40 in favor of Miller, and I do think the new GM in KC helps Miller’s case.

    But I also think money will still have a lot to do with their decision, which to the furthest extent is stupid.

    If they see Miller as most do, a future No. 2 southpaw with an outside chance to be a No. 1 in the Andy Pettite mold, then he’s worth the extra 1.5-2 mil over what Lincecum is likely to be.

    Lincecum’s only advantage with Miller is his timetable. But KC is going nowehere anytime soon. They can wait a year or so for Miller.

    3) Greg Reynolds isn’t bad at getting the ground ball, but he’s erratic in that area, as are most amateur pitchers. Not many use the heavy sinker.

    Joba Chamberlain is working on adding a sinking fastball to his regular arsenal, which will get him more groundballs.

    Morrow should be getting more grounders out of his splitter, though that isn’t a high-rate groundball pitch. Beter command will fix that.

    Jared Hughes is probably the college arm with the best chance to be a ground ball pitcher. He’s a sinker slider guy out of long beach state and has the size (6-7) and the arsenal to be an innings eater who piles up ground balls and a fair share of missed bats.

    Re: Maxwell — not sure, i’ll check around on that for ya.

    Re: Luke and Fort Worth

    If he reaches a pre-draft agreement with a big-league club, he’ll have to leave the Cats.

    If he doesn’t, he’ll pitch right up until draft day, though he doesn’t have a scheduled start after June 4 anymore.

  53. Seth said

    I’ve just been think about the complants about Tiny Tim’s mechanics and the resulting injury concerns.

    Basically, as I recall a couple years back people said Mark Prior had the “perfect” mechanics.

    Just saying.

  54. Absolutely, Seth.

    I think his mechanics are good for him and they don’t worry me much. His college workload and command problems do, however.

  55. Seth said

    Yeah I see your point, I just think that Tim’s “stuff” is so good that it’s hard to see the gamble not being worth it. Go big or go home.

  56. DIQ said

    If Tim doesn’t start pitching until spring training, rather than joining the minors this season, I wonder how it will affect his command.

  57. Alex said

    Is the new mock coming up today as well as the “Hochevar vs. Lincecum” piece, or did the Blackley story kind of alter the schedule a bit?

  58. they will both go up tonight… the mock (3.0) will simply overtake the current 2.0 piece.

    And the M’s are in no position to go big or go home.

    You can’t draft this high and blow it.

  59. germpod said

    Every time I hear about pitching mechanics I think about Mak Prior also, but then I think about Dusty Baker and his pitcher abuse. I do generally like the idea of drafting a pitcher with better mechanics, why not reduce your odds. I would also some day enjoy reading arm blow out percenteges of strike out pitchers vs contact pitchers.

  60. MatthewCarruth said

    You think Drabek is going that high? Every analyst seems to be awash in these character issues surrounding Kyle. Granted, who knows what that means with GMs, but I’m curious as to your take on the matter.

  61. If it was me drafting anywhere in the top 10, i’d take a college arm no matter what. Wouldn’t take Longoria or Stubbs, wouldn’t take drabek or Kershaw. I’d even reach for Bard if i was Cincy or SF.

    Too much risk with Kershaw and Drabek.

    In the end, Drabek isn’t likely to be a problem makeup wise.

  62. Jerry said

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the M’s take Drabek or Kerhshaw if Miller, Lincoln, Lincecum and Hochevar are off the board.

    Drabek has the best stuff and the most potential of any pitcher in this draft. Kershaw is far better than Miller was at the same age. Both of these guys are supremely talented. Drabek especially.

    This will be a good year to pick 10-15, because those teams are going to get a shot at guys like these two, or Snider, Jeffress, Scherzer, or Rowell.

    It seems all but a lock that the M’s will go with a college guy with their first pick. That is fine. But there are some pretty talented prep players this year.

    All in all, I am more interested in what the M’s do with their other picks. I would be shocked if the M’s don’t end up with one of Lincoln, Lincecum, Hochevar or Morrow. Maybe Miller slides, but probably not. The real interesting stuff will happen between rounds 2-5. I am really hoping that that one player that slides a lot (like Hochevar last year) makes it to the M’s in the 2nd round.

  63. Drabek doesn’t have better stuff than Lincoln or Lincecum.

    And saying that Kershaw is far better than Miller was at the same stage is to ignore the FACT that ages 18-23 are the most critical growth years for pitchers, both physically and developmentally.

    I too am more jacked to see what the M’s get at 49.

    I think one of two things has to happen no matter what.

    Either that solid prep talent pushes a few college talents into the second round, or some of the prep talent falls into the second.

    As for the third through fifth rounds, you can bet the M’s will lean heavily toward BATS. They may even do so in round 2 if all else is near equal.

  64. DIQ said

    It’s nice to see that even Lincecum drops to the M’s that they still take Hochevar. We need an impact starter who can be in the rotation now.

    Morrow going 2 really surprises me, not a huge fan until he starts to really develop his secondary pitches.

    If money isn’t an issue with the M’s in the first round, might it be later in the 2nd-4th? If talent slides like a prep player commited to college, would they be willing to hand out a large bonus to get them to sign?

  65. DIQ said

    Even though Cruceta is 24(?) I find his numbers quite impressive. His walk rates are sort of high, but mainly due to a couple of rocky starts. Lately he’s just been cruising.

    Bullpen arm, or rotation. What’s it gonna be?

  66. Hochevar isn’t going to be ready for the bigs until late 2007, maybe even 2008.

    All this talk of Lincecum being the closest to the majors is a bunch of BS because even though he may be the closest, it doesn’t mean he’s likely to pitch effectively in the majors or if calling him up would even be smart.

  67. Nothing wrong with being 24 in AAA.

    He’s going to be on my hot sheet next time around.

    Cruceta hasn’t been walking guys much of late and if he can keep that up he’s got a shot as a starter.

    He’s a good arm, for sure.

    The day the M’s picked him up, David Cameron mentioned to me that Cruceta is a big time arm with command issues.

    Spot on.

    I love his splitter, too. Good out pitch.

    I think he’d be great in Mateo’s role.

  68. DIQ said

    Yea definitely. I really wanna come down to Tacoma one of these days to see him pitch. Never been to Cheney or Tacoma.

    If he continues to pitch like he has maybe even with a walk rate of 3 per 9, I want him to be a starter.

    Command issues and all, I wouldn’t mind him in the bullpen if he can’t stick in the rotation.

  69. Anytime you wanna come down, DIQ, lemme know. Not that it’s expensive, but I can comp all of it – ticket, parking and all.

  70. DIQ said

    Dang, thanks Jason, that’s really generous of you.

    Not really a lot of Mariner fans in my area. Most of my peers dislike baseball or just plain think the Mariners suck, and will always suck.

  71. What area is that?

  72. DIQ said

    Edmonds/Lynnwood area.

  73. That’s not so bad. Make a day of it on a Saturday or Sunday.

  74. DIQ said

    Saturday sounds cool. Are weekend games usually in the afternoon or in the evening. Saturday I’m sort of occupied with sneaker releases, another hobby of mine, so Sunday might be more doable.

    Hopefully the weather’s not as bad as it’s been lately.

  75. Willmore said

    Jason, I think you’ve got a typo in the article. “If KC goes with Lincoln at one, Miller and Lincoln are better bets to go No. 2 and 3”

    You probably meant Lincecum not Lincoln there, or I might be reading it wrong.

  76. yep, thanks.

  77. MatthewCarruth said

    I’m happy with any of the four listed except Morrow. I feel he’s the worst of the bunch and there WILL be at least 2 of those 4 there so there’s no reason, in my mind, to take Morrow.

    T1. Lincecum
    T1. Hochevar
    3. Scherzer
    4. Morrow

  78. Scherzer’s biceps injury and shoulder tendonitis are more than legit worries. Unless i was as sure as possible that neither were going to recurr, I take Morrow over Scherzer.

  79. merks said

    Check out this mock draft from Jim Callis. Linecum drops to 15. Travis Snider in at 14.

  80. merks said

    Sorry about that. I forgot the link.


  81. Alex said

    In Jonathon Mayo’s latest mock he also has us taking Morrow while passing on both Lincecum and Hochevar.

  82. MatthewCarruth said

    Apparently, Lars Anderson, quoted as a first/second round talent, could be undrafted because of his 1M bonus demand. Is this a pick the Ms could make in, say, the third round? What a tremendous pickup that could be.

  83. MatthewCarruth said

    “Scherzer’s biceps injury and shoulder tendonitis are more than legit worries. Unless i was as sure as possible that neither were going to recurr, I take Morrow over Scherzer.”

    Jason, I’m confused. Your top 10 lists Max ahead of Morrow…

  84. Better PROSPECT. If his shoulder checks out.

  85. MatthewCarruth said

    Ahhh, I see. Thanks.

  86. Michael Sayler said

    What about daniel bard from nc???? love the website!!!

  87. DIQ said

    If the M’s really take Morrow with Hochevar/Lincecum available I think I’d freakin’ vomit.

  88. Alex said

    I heard Jason on Softy’s show say that he has information that the Royals and Hochevar are close to a deal, any updates on this?

  89. JasonAChurchill said

    Apparently, a deal is like 75% done. This would hand Miller to Colorado, who would most likely take Miller over Longoria.

    Lincoln to Tampa and then Pitt and Seattle get Morrow or Scherzer.

    Still a chance Pitt takes Drabek.

  90. Paul said

    Would Colorado then take Miller despite the large contract Miller is seeking?

  91. Willmore said

    Jason, where does Clayton Kershaw’s stuff rank among the pitchers ? 18+ K/9 is extremelly impressive, even in high school.

  92. tiddley said

    I know this is wishful thinking but what are the chances that with Miller asking for such a huge bonus that e falls to us at 5?

    His price could scare off Tamp and Colorado and possibly even Pitt.

  93. If i was to put a % on it, I’d say 1%.

    He’s apparently scared off KC, and maybe he scares off Colorado, though I doubt it, but the chance that he scares off four teams?

    Not very likely. And if he keeps demanding 7 mil, he might scare off Seattle, too. 7 mil is too much dough.

  94. re: Kershaw

    Ranking overall stuff..

    Lincecum, Drabek, Morrow, Miller, Lincoln, Hochevar, Scherzer, and Kershaw.

  95. Lars Anderson is a 3rd round talent.

  96. taro said

    If we end up passing on Lincecum for Morrow someones getting punched in the face.

  97. MatthewCarruth said

    Damn you KC!! This is pretty much my worst case imagined. Miller, Lincoln and Hoch are going to be gone. I don’t trust Pitt to take Morrow and I don’t trust the Ms to take Lincecum over Morrow. Guhhhhhh.

    Is there a chance than that the Ms could snag Lars in the towards the 5th or so? Or will teams not let him fall that far even if he’s demanding way above slot money?

  98. Willmore said

    Taro. Have respect for the elderly. Would you really punch Niehaus if he suggests to Bavasi that Morrow is a better prospect than Lincecum.

    Anyway, did anyone happen to catch Larry Stone on XM 175 today ? He was talking about his piece about the great broadcasters in baseball, very entertaining stuff.

  99. I read that piece… it was entertaining.

    BTW, it’s not a foregone conclusion that Hochevar goes No. 1. It could all be a ploy to get Miller to back off his 7+ mil bonus demands. if he wants to be No. 1, he’ll have to come way down.

    And the Pirates apparently prefer the safe, cheaper selection in Greg Reynolds over Morrow.

    That’s good news for the M’s.

    It’s not impossible that Miller slides to five – OR BEYOND.

  100. tiddley said

    If he slides to 5 I will beyond angry if the Ms pass on him, I dont care if it takes 8 mil to sign him pay him his money and let him play.

  101. I’m with ya up to about 8 mil. Upton only got 6.

  102. tiddley said

    But last years draft was a lot different, and this year Miller is IMO that far ahead of everyone else to warrant 8 mil.

    Upton was 6 mil because hes that good, Miller is as good as Upton at a position that is more important, and is worth the difference.

  103. Seth said

    Gosh I hope it goes like Mock 7.0. I love Tiny Tim.

    Actually I hope we get Miller. But I’m not, and I don’t think all of the top 4 teams GMs, are smoking rocks.

  104. RotoEnquire said

    What about Kyle Drabek? Will he be around in the second round? I really like him and would love to see him in a Mariners uniform.

  105. Center Field Sports said

    Snider #10 uh? I had only seen him as high at 13 to the cubs, mostley 14 to the Jays.

  106. Tiddley,

    Miller is not the overall talent that Upton is and while pitching is a more important position that center field, the risks that comes with a pitcher far outweigh those that come with a position player, even a prepster.

    Upton is a PREMIUM talent, by all means.

    Miller is good, but he wouldn’t have ranked in the top 5 in last year’s draft, maybe not top 8-10.

    Re: Snider

    He has the most helium of anyone in the entire draft because of the money demands.

    Re: Drabek He won’t last that long. He’s a first rounder.

  107. marinerswinws said

    What are the chances Seattle drafts TL our local kid Jason?

  108. Contrary to belief around baseball, I think if Hochevar goes first, Lincecum becomes a real possibility.

    With Luke going No. 1, Miller likely goes second and than Lincoln third to Tampa.

    Pitt probably sticks with Reynolds, as they are near a contract agreement, or goes with Morrow, and that would leave Seattle with Lincecum or Scherzer.

  109. bilbo said

    The ideal for the M’s would be Lincoln going #1. This would all but “push” Hochevar and/or Miller to Seattle. I think worst case is Hochevar going #1, although this could push Miller to #5. Argh, is it 10:10 yet?

  110. DIQ said

    Damn I missed so much in one day, or half a day. Not really liking what’s shaking down. If Hoch really goes to KC I’m going to be very upset. I don’t understand why the M’s would be in pre-draft negotations with Morrow rather than Hochevar. And the fact that Hochevar is talking to KC makes a lot of sense, asking for almost 3 mil less and being barely a step down from Miller, if even that.

    Less than 12 hours away, this is going to be crazy.

  111. Even if Lincoln goes No. 1, Miller still goes No. 2, most likely, just like if Hochevar went first.

    The only diff between Luncoln at 1 and Hochevar is that Luke is more likely to fall to five than Lincoln.

    In fact, in ANY scenario, I’d be very, very surprised if Lincoln is available at five.

    Almost as surprised as if Miller dropped to five.

    Of Miller drops to five and the M’s pass, I’m quitting.

  112. The M’s have certainly spoke to Boras about Luke, there is no doubt about it.

    But if Boras has a shot to get Luke drafted No. 1, that’s what he’s going to spend his time on.

  113. DIQ said

    The real question is, will the asking price be the same if he went 1 to the Royals or 5 to the Mariners. If Boras really feels his draft slot will increase the bonus money then the M’s should offer the same amount.

    In not doing this, it’s almost gambling to get one of the remaining top 4.

    Now it makes sense why they are talking to Morrow, because he is more likely to be available if Hochevar is taken before the M’s pick, I just wish they would be more persistent in their negotiations.

    Who really knows what’s going on behind closed doors though, I guess I’ll just have to wait.

  114. They will ASK for the same, but his leverage disappears.

    RE: Contract talks

    They mean zilch when you pick 5th and teams picking AHEAD of you want to negotiate with the player, too.

    You can’t MAKE an agent negotiate and it makes no sense for Boras to talk with Seattle while KC is hot and heavy over his client four spots – and a million bucks – ahead of them.

  115. DIQ said

    Yea, you’re right I guess the M’s cant really control what goes on with Hochevar. It’s just a shame how KC’s cheapness could work against us.

    And in response to Travis Snider, I have no doubt at what a great athlete he is and hard-worker, it’s his maturity outside of baseball that may get him into trouble. We’ve had our encounters.

    He’s no boyscout, who is at 18? No grudge against him really, it’d be nice to have him fall to the 2nd round.

  116. Re: Snider

    Two scouts I spoke to about Snider in April said his weight and the fact that he’d either be a very short unathletic first baseman or a really mediocre outfielder, is a bigger concern than his off field stuff.

    His coach thinks he just needs more mature environment in which to grow.

  117. DIQ said

    Miller being a possiblity to the M’s is just making me drool right now. I really really like him and for a cheaper price too. But a left handed polished pitcher with a great slider and low 90’s FB with a 2-seamer with good movement.

    What’s not to like.

    Thanks for the update Jason.

    Wow I’m totally stoked at the possibilites, but also a bit scared.

  118. I still don’t think Miller gets that far, though I am convinced that KC is truly leaning toward Luke Hochevar at this point.

    It’s hard to believe, though I do trust the sources who stake the claim, that Colorado takes Reynolds at No. 2, let alone pass on Miller.

    This draft is crazy. If the M’s land Miller, I’ll buy season tickets just to support the notion of drafting the BPA.

    If they get Hochevar, I’ll be happy. Lincecum I’m fine with as well. Morrow? I guess that’s okay, but it doesn’t excite me.

    Rather have Scherzer than Morrow, assuming his shoulder is fine.

  119. DIQ said

    Seriously that is a large of money to commit to a player. If Miller or Hochevar are M’s by tomorrow. And sign their deals.

    Who will they replace on the 40-man. Both of them are still demanding major league contracts, correct?

  120. The deals won’t likely be signed right away, and yeah, both guys are wanting and will likely get major league deals.

    Signability just means “are we positive we will be able to come to an agreement.”

    They knew it with Clement.

    But there are currently only 38 spots taken on the 40-man since Lawton was let go.

  121. DIQ said

    Money aside. If I were one of the top 5 picks, I’d only want to goto Tampa Bay or Seattle.

    I feel bad for whoever goes 1,2,4.

  122. Miller’s advisors are trying to get his stock to drop all the way to the Cubs.

  123. Willmore said

    This draft is wild. Taking into account that this is the first draft where I have access to a step by step live changes via Jason’s caffeine-induced overtime work. Way to go Jason.

    Could you clue us in (if you know), as to how in the world Reynolds came out of nowhere ?

  124. It’s all about money, signability and safety with Reynolds.

    His stuff is boring; 89-93 fastball with a little sink to it, pretty good curve and command and a below average change that he rarely uses.

    He’s got the lowest strikeout rates of any of the college arms projected in the first round (23% to Miller’s 26, Hochevar’s 27, Lincoln’s 32 and Lincecum 39) and he doesn;t induce ground balls at a high enough rate to make up for his lack in strikeouts.

    He’s projectable, which is to say he probably has room for further development, including in his fastball velo.

    He’s 6-6 and 225 pounds and has sound mechanics.

    Why is he all of a sudden rumored to be a top 10 pick and possible No. 2?

    Because he’s what’s called a high-probability pick, meaning he’s a safe bet to get wherever it is he’s going, versus the risks of some of the other picks… plus the money issues.

  125. I am going to go take a short nap (it’s 3AM) since I am being assured of no changes coming about until at least 7AM Seattle time.

    I’ll be back online and revvin up Mock 10.0 by 730.

    For those who have inquiries, my AIM name is JasonAChurchill. Feel free.

  126. Willmore said

    Sleep ? Grab a Bawls and keep working. This is draft day ! Does Locke sleep during the NBA draft ? Does Clayton sleep during the NFL draft ? Does … Melrose (?) sleep during the NHL draft … well, he’d have to, that mullet must be tiring.

  127. Replacement level poster said

    Great site Jason. Long time reader, and very jealous of you!

    Please please let Miller drop to the M’s, and please please pick him M’s (I have faith in Fontaine, to make the right pick)

  128. Marinerhomer said

    Nice work, Jason. Let’s hope mock 9.0 is right on and miller falls to the m’s.

  129. tiddley said

    Looks like Callis also has us passing on Miller and taking Morrow, which would make me lose most any respect I had for the Ms organization.

  130. MatthewCarruth said

    Late Word From The Top
    11:38 a.m.: Multiple sources are confirming that the Royals, as Baseball America has projected, will take Fort Worth Cats righthander Luke Hochevar with the No. 1 choice at 1 p.m. ET. The Dodgers, who pick No. 7, are believed to be zeroing in on Motlow State (Tenn.) CC righthander Bryan Morris. It’s possible Morris would be available when Los Angeles picks next at No. 26. But the Dodgers could lose him to the Braves at No. 24 or the Angels at No. 25, and don’t want to risk it.
    –Jim Callis

  131. manyoso said

    JAC, I’m feeling like the M’s will take Morrow at #5 regardless if Miller and/or Lincecum are available…

    You’ve said in the past that Morrow has the best arm (as opposed to the best stuff) in the draft, but can you please explain what you mean with this? Do you mean he is an innings eater? That he has great mechanics? The best possibility of improvement?

    How does Morrow have the best arm in the draft??

  132. Jerry said

    Wow, interesting stuff in the latest mock drafts.

    If the M’s do pass on Miller, I will lose it. That would be just unjustifiable. The only situation I would understand them passing on him would be if Miller was willing to pull a JD Drew and not sign for any amount. But I don’t see that happening.

    If the M’s get Miller, wow.

    By the way, if Callis is right, and the D-Backs get Miller, they will have the consensus best prosects from the last THREE drafts.

  133. Goose said

    Like what was said above, passing on Miller would be unacceptable.

    But I have faith in Fontaine.

  134. Swerv said

    I really hope Miller slides to us (and we take him)

    I am so excited that the draft is finally here.

    This last hour is going to be hard…

    Not much work getting done at my desk this morning

  135. The problem is, Miller isn’t worth the bonus he’s demanding.

    I would not pay Miller 8.5-10.0 mil in bonuses.

    He’s good, but he’s not THAT good. You could be wasting the money, he’s not sure thing to even MAKE IT to the bigs, let alone be an all-star, which is what that kind of money suggests he is.

    AT this point, Morrow is going to be the pick.

  136. manyoso said

    Come on, you said earlier that 8 mil was doable.

    It is going to break everyone’s heart if Miller AND Lincecum are available and the M’s pass…

    Anyway, how is Morrow the “best arm” in the draft? You said it wasn’t particularly close.

  137. Goose said

    Upton only recieved 6.5 last year didn’t he?

    10 Million…thats insane.

  138. mk said

    “10 Million…thats insane.”

    Not if your name is Andrew Miller.

    Question about Morrow, what does he throw?

  139. DIQ said

    My worst case scenario has come true. Either way, we never now how anyone is going to pan out for sure so I guess its fine. Its a shame though I really had my hopes up for Miller or Lincecum.


    Just wow.

  140. Center Field Sports said

    15 minutes :O)

  141. re: Morrow

    I’ll have a scouting report up on the No. 5 pick shortly after it’s made.

    I will also be on KJR talking about the selection just seconds following the M’s pick.

  142. mk said

    Your a busy man, JAC. Are you going to be with Softie? Because those guys in the morning are the equivalent of a crap sandwich.

    When will interviews with the actual players occur as well? In the NFL it’s literally seconds after the pick..

  143. Center Field Sports said

    mlb predicts we will pass on miller

  144. Andren said

    What are the odds that Softy utters the phrase ‘For crying out loud’ at least once during that discussion?

  145. 100%

  146. KB said

    Wow, 1.Hochever, 2.Reynolds, 3.Longoria! We’re gonna have our pick!

  147. KB said

    So we take Morrow and Detroit takes Miller with the #6???? Man, if Miller signs for anything reasonable I’m going to be pretty disappointed.

  148. Center Field Sports said

    our turn

  149. Andren said

    MLB’s coverage of the draft is waaaaaaaay better than past years.

  150. Center Field Sports said


  151. germpod said

    I am having to remind myself to have faith in Fontaine.

  152. Seth said


    We had Miller in our lap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  153. Swerv said

    Very sad right now

  154. Center Field Sports said

    tigers grab miller

  155. KB said

    Someone’s gonna get a steal with Lincecum…

  156. germpod said

    Now to wait for round two, hopefully somebody falls. Excited stuff although I am a bit dissapointed, but we will see if I am justified in a year or two.

  157. Goose said


  158. germpod said

    I dont like the Giants (mostly Bonds) and they took the local kid, damn.

  159. Center Field Sports said

    Snider will to to the Jays

  160. DIQ said

    I’m f*ing heated right now.

  161. germpod said

    Ian Kennedy did not slip to us in round two. Now who?

  162. germpod said

    And he went to the Yankees, this draft is going horrible for me.

  163. Joshua said

    Gotta love drafting a diabetic reliever with questionable competetiveness and heart #5 overall.

  164. Joshua said

    Bard dropped all the way to 28.. ouch

  165. Jerry said

    I hate the M’s.

    This is just the latest half-ass effort the club has made, in a long string of Aurillia/Cirillo/Everett/Washburn BS. Fuck the M’s. They are never going to win a WS until they stop acting like fucking pussies and actually take the necessary steps to put together a winner. Fuck them.

    I hope that the entire fucking front office is canned immediately. Bavasi, Fontaine, Lincoln, Armstrong. All of them. Fire the fucking Moose. I hate this team.

    Does anyone here think that this club is going to be good anytime soon if they continue to puss out like this? Detroit has balls. The M’s sure as hell don’t.

    We can spend 4 fucking million dollars on Carl Everett, but a few million is too much to spend on the top talent in the draft when he falls into our lap? Miller is exactly what this club needs: a polished lefty with great stuff, projectability, and serious groundball tendencies. Instead, we take a fucking diabetic with poor control and a two-pitch repertoir.

    Who knows, maybe Miller will never pan out and Morrow will take off like Justin Verlander next season. But there is just no way to defend this pick. Pure cowardice. Congratulations M’s! You once again failed to go the full mile.

  166. slim said

    I’m just gonna say that I trust Fontaine’s judgement. In the long run, Fontaine probably has the best guess of anymoe as to which of these guys are going to be the most successful. Hopefully his choice wasn’t tampered with by the money people.

    Morrow’s got heat. He’ll be fun to watch and easy to root for.

  167. Jerry said


    Don’t kid yourself. This was all about money. There is no other explanation. EVERYONE has Miller as the #1 talent. EVERYONE.

    BA was saying that the M’s wouldn’t go beyond slot money before the draft. Looks like they were right.

    Who knows if this was Lincoln’s call (90% sure it was), or Armstrong or Fontaine or even Bavasi.

    I say, kick all of them in the nuts on their way out the door.

    This team is NEVER going to be a contender with this front office.

  168. Seth said

    Can we fire Bavasi yet?

    I mean the “last straw” came more than a year ago. Passing on Miller was like the 5,678,203 straw after the “last” one.

  169. Plain and simple, you don’t pay, let’s use Carl Everett, you dont pay Everett 11 mil per year just because he’s the best available at the position you want.

    Miller isn’t worth 10 mil and the M’s can’t afford to risk that he’ll sit out.

    Detroit can.

    I would have done it and called his bluff. But It’s not my money.

  170. Seth said

    Ohh, and I don’t care if it wasn’t his decision.^^^^^^^

  171. germpod said

    Fontaine has shown good judgment in the past.

  172. germpod said

    It sounds like Morrow has the best chance of staying healthy. I have grown up around diabetes (both my parents), if he keeps it under control it should not be an issue, and it is not that difficult to keep under control. I just wanted a guy with a better change up, and better control, though his control came a long way this year.

  173. Seth said

    So what’s it looking like for the 2nd Round. Sinkbeil? Chamberlin?

  174. MatthewCarruth said

    sinkbeil gone, 19 to florida.

  175. Jerry said


    I think that he would have signed for BJ Upton money. Or a few thousand more in the absolute worst case scenario.

    Even if it took a record-breaking bonus and a ML contract, you still have to make that move.

    For me, this is 100% worse than stupid free agent signings. At least in those cases, the possibility exists that the player just didn’t want to sign with the club. In this instance, the M’s could have signed him. Even if it costs them a boatload of money. There is just no excuse.

    The M’s had better damn well go for some higher priced, premium talents with their ensuing picks. They have already shot themselves in the foot. They have already demonstrated that they are not willing to what it takes to win. If they stick to slot numbers, it will be just an added insult.

    The M’s are putting themselves firmly with the group of clubs like the Royals, Orioles, Pirates, Padres, Reds, and other joke teams that are willing to say: ‘hey, we gave it our best…wait till next year!’. Fuck that.

    The M’s are more of a joke now than they were 2 hours ago. They just slid a rung down the latter, and are now no different than all the other small-revenue clubs and half-ass clubs that finish 3rd or 4th every year.

  176. Seth said

    Oops I didn’t see Sinkbeil got picked my bad. 🙂

  177. Seth said

    Damn Yanks took Chamberlain.

  178. germpod said

    Dallas Buck, Jared Huges, or Matt Latos for me in round two.

  179. Joshua said

    RE: 172

    Germpod. I have grown up around diabetics as well but in Morrows case, he has to pitch with a pump strapped to him and have an inhaler on the bench. He obviously is a little more serious a risk that say a diabetic that has to take a once a day insulin shot.

    Big risk for a guy that projects to be a two-pitch reliever.

  180. germpod said

    I forgot Brett Anderson is still there, he is it for me.

  181. germpod said

    Only having two pitches is what bothers me with him.

  182. Seth said

    Okay does anybody know about this Tillman guy we just took?

  183. Joshua said

    We just took a RHP out of hs in the 2nd round. Christopher Tillman. 6’5″ 190Lbs. Low 90s heat with a big overhand curve (supposidly).

  184. He’s very projectable. Great pick by the M’s.

    Many considered him in the middle of round one.

    I love the second round pick. Couldn’t be much happier.

  185. Joshua said

    RE: “I forgot Brett Anderson is still there, he is it for me”

    Jinxed it! Anderson to the DBacks at 55.

  186. LaPorta and Betances are still available.

  187. taro said

    Fuck you M’s… sigh

  188. Salty Dog said

    I think you have to look at the Miller situation this way:

    Do you want Morrow now, signed sealed delivered and on his way to high A ball, or do you want to wait a year for Miller to negotiate his contract, with the possibility he sits out and goes back into the draft?

  189. germpod said

    And you never know how guys will develop. Morrow may develop into a true ace while Miller may have huge injury problems and be a new Ryan Anderson. I am disapointed also, but not overly so because you never know, these are all just projections.

  190. Alex said

    I guess I’m slightly dissapointed but come on, all most of us really know about the draft is what we hear from the “experts”, just heresay. I trust Fontaine to make the right decision, not myself.

  191. warner28 said

    You know I can live with passing on Miller (although a top lefty is worth his weight in gold, which is about what he wanted), but to also pass on Lincecum who dominated in a greater fashion the same competition as Morrow makes me very upset.

  192. Center Field Sports said

    next pick anthony butler lhp hs

  193. germpod said

    Sais he is 6’7″ and 205 pounds.

  194. MatthewCarruth said

    Why is LaPorta still on the board?

  195. NWBaseball said


    I thought the M’s were going to go heavy toward bats after the first round or so. Is now the time to start?

  196. Seth said

    The M’s are 4 for 4 with pitchers…

    Can they make it 5 for 5? :/

  197. The bats all have signability issues. As you see, all the bats fell past round 2. Tillman was a very good second rounder.

  198. Swerv said

    egads another pitcher

  199. KB said

    I like Tillman, Butler looks at least reasonable, but Enrique Orta appears fairly ridiculous…. did he really need to go in the 4th round????!

  200. MatthewCarruth said

    The answer to the above rhetorical question, is no.

  201. Seth said

    So basically it appears the M’s draft strategy was…

    Let’s draft really tall pitchers…oh except for the best one in the draft.

  202. johnb said

    Morrow is a Diabetic, some people consider that a negative, but it isn’t, Juvenile Diabetics are usually very disciplined because they don’t have any other choice. I like the pick, I like Morrows arm, and the Diabetes is not an issue at all. Look at Morrison at Gonzaga, you think he won’t be drafted in the top 5 of the NBA draft because of Diabetes?

    I like Linecum, and the Giants got a steal where they picked him, but the smart money is on Morrow because of his build.

  203. Swerv said

    Ok the M’s just made there 9th round pick……..we now have 8 new pitchers and catcher….fontaine knows we can draft something other than pitchers right?

  204. ADP said

    for the record, Morrison shouldnt even be in the top 5 (though he will be_…tad overrated by NBA standards…though not as bad as the nation’s lovely pet, JJ Reddick…Reddick wasn’t even near the best player on his team (WIlliams averaged a double double)…plus Reddick is one dimensional.

    Just saying…(for some reason I needed to get that off my chest)

    Back on subject…

    2nd Rounder:

    -Hes strange…his myspace page says trees are his heros…ugh, ok.


    -Dont like the pick, not because of Morrow, but because of the passing of Lincecum and Miller

    -Something tells me though, that he will end up solid for our team in a few years…as a starter (though in reality i dont think he will be starting…this was all gut instinct)

    -We probably passed on Miller not because of the money, but because of the agent (of course that ties into the money issue)

    -Baffled we didnt get Lincecum…he wont be getting any more injured then ANY pitcher we draft…just because of our luck, and possibly player developement. Also…hes local…thats kinda worked out for the Seahawks (Trufant, Fisher). I always thought local kids get special treatment. For this scenerio with Lincecum, im convinced that Fontaine’s say was involved…and he legitmately wanted to pick him, not being overruled by Lincoln like some have conspired (though it wouldnt surprise me)

    Way I see it…we’re overdue for some good luck…maybe it will go our way…sure people say teams eventually need to rebuild…and some say we shouldnt whine because we had some great year recently (before Melvin). Problem is, we never got the ring despite having the best team in the history of baseball in 2001. So yes…we can still complain. Besides, the Seahawks were robbed…erm.

  205. ADP said

    The Fontaine’s say part was directed at Morrow…I believe he would want Morrow, as I dont see any other legit reason they would pass Lincecum…that includes injuries

  206. Morrison makes me barf, so glad the Supes wont be taking him.

    Much rather have Carney.

  207. Alex said

    I like CF Gavin Dickey from Florida, hit .304, 11 homers (3 less than LaPorta), lead the team with 41 RBIs, and he used to be the backup quarterback for the football team and returned kicks so you know he’s althletic.

  208. MajesticThouInRuin said

    Will Marrow sign for a significant amount less than Miller? If so, will that money be used for the Matsuzaka posting?

  209. slica said

    The Matsuzaka thing gives me hope…Japan/Australia loves Seattle…Ichiro, Sizable Japan Market, and Nintendo! What more could you want???

    Again, not as much as Morrow, kinda unfair to bash him already…but yeh.

  210. MatthewCarruth said

    We don’t yet know if Matsuzaka gets posted.

    And yes, Morrow is like 1/3 the cost of Miller.

  211. James said

    Jason, what do u think of Butler and Adcock, and the likelihood they sign?

  212. Both will probably sign.

    Butler is very projectable at 6-7 and Adcock is more of a “we hope he can sustain his development” type, which are safer picks, if there is one at the prep level.

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