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Draft Results, Etc.

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on June 7, 2006

38 12 34 26 8 16 7 9
2006 Seattle Mariners Draft Chart
1 Brandon Morrow, RHP R/R 6-3/200 California (4Y)
2 Chris Tillman, RHP R/R 6-5/190 Fountain Valley HS (CA)
3 Anthony Butler, LHP L/L 6-7/210 Oak Creek HS (WI)
4 Enrique Orta, RHP R/R 6-2/195 Miami (4Y)
5 Nathan Adcock, RHP R/R 6-5/190 North Hardin HS (KY)
6 Adam Moore, C
6-3/215 Texas-Arlington (4Y)
7 Doug Fister, RHP L/R 6-8/200 Fresno State (4Y)
8 Steven Richard, RHP
6-3/245 Clemson (4Y)
9 Justin Souza, RHP
6-1/190 Sacramento (CC)
10 Chris Minaker, SS
6-0/205 Stanford (4Y)
11 Aaron Solomon, RHP R/R 6-2/205 Cumberland (4Y)
12 Gavin Dickey, CF
R/R 5-11/200 Florida (4Y)
13 Joe Kantakevich, RHP
R/R 6-1/195 William & Mary (4Y)
14 Jared Baehl, 3B R/R
6-2/200 North Posey HS (IN)
15 Andrew Fiorenza, RHP R/R 6-2/210 Clemson (4Y)
16 Austin Bibens-Dirkx, RHP R/R
6-2/190 Portland (4Y)
17 Daniel Runzler, LHP
L/L 6-4/210 Cal-Riverside (4Y)
18 Kameron Mickolio, RHP
6-9/260 Utah Valley St. (4Y)
19 Cam Nobles, RHP R/R
6-1/185 Jackson HS (WA)
20 Johan Limonta, 1B L/L
6-0/210 Miami Dade (CC)
21 Brent Gaphard, LHP
L/L 6-5/250 Delaware (4Y)
22 Fabian Williamson, LHP
L/L 6-3/180 Kennedy HS (CA)
23 Marcos Villezcas, SS S/R 5-11/180 Brigham Young (4Y)
24 Terence Parker, RHP
R/R 6-3/210 Washington (4Y)
25 Tyson Gillies, CF
6-1/190 RE Mountain SS
26 Gregory Moviel, LHP
6-6/220 Vanderbilt (4Y)
27 Brian Ball, RHP
R/R 6-2/210 Florida (4Y)
28 Everett Collis, RHP
6-3/215 Cornell (4Y)
29 Greg Nesbitt, LHP
6-3/195 James Madison (4Y)
30 Matt Vogel, SS R/R
5-8/170 Lews Clark St. (4Y)
31 David McClain, LHP
L/R 6-3/180 San Jacinto (JC)
32 Joe Agreste, 1B
L/L 6-2/175 Potomac St. (4Y)
33 Robert Harmon, RHP
R/R 6-7/255 Arkansas L.R. (4Y)
34 Stan Posluszny, RF
6-3/225 West Virginia (4Y)
35 Alex Meneses, SS
R/R 5-10/185 Barry (4Y)
36 Kyle Haas, RHP R/R
6-6/200 Douglas College (4Y)
37 Chris Walden, RHP
R/R 6-4/200 Bellefontaine HS (OH)
38 Michael Drake, RF
6-0/195 Cosumnes River (JC)
39 Philip Roy, RHP
6-3/180 Miami Dade (CC)
40 Haley Winter, RHP
5-9/185 Cal-Riverside (4Y)
41 Brandon Fromm, 1B
L/L 6-2/220 San Jose St. (4Y)
42 Shane Cox, RHP R/R 6-4/185 Alvin (CC)
43 Clint Straka, RHP
R/R 6-2/185 N. Oklahoma College (4Y)
44 Bryan Early, RHP
6-4/215 Elder HS (OH)
45 Jeremy Camacho, SS
5-10/165 Eagle Rock HS (CA)
46 Robbie Dominguez, RHP
6-3/190 Ceritos College (JC)
47 Sean Ward, CF
R/R 6-0/200 Evans HS (GA)
48 Jeremy Beeching, LHP
L/L 6-3/215 Volunteer St. (CC)
49 Nate Tucker, RHP
R/R 6-2/195 Rice (4Y)
50 Tyler Sanford, C
6-0/190 Saguaro HS (AZ)

31 Responses to “Draft Results, Etc.”

  1. J said

    What’s with the bolds? Just guys that particularly interest you?

  2. yeah.

    Morrow and Tillman for obvious reasons, Adcock is as projectable as Tillman but hasn’t the current stuff; The M’s think Souza may make a nice middle man and feel confident about it; Baehl is apotential 2-way guy that the club may let actually do both until they decide;
    Bibens-Drikx is a true sidearmer, which you really never ever see; And Nobles for obvious reasons.

  3. The - 06- Take said

    Hey JAC, do you think there are any Barry Zitos or Rich Hardens in the second half of the draft?

  4. Not likely, of course, but that’s really tough to say.

    Harden was a 38th rounder out of HS in 99 by the M’s and was just a 17th rounder by Oakland a year later, so it’s really a toss up.

    There are arms that have that kind of upside, but the risk and/or lack of chance that they develop like Harden did, is great.

    In terms of the M’s specifically, they have a chance to make good on the second day if they pay Nobles 5th round slot money, even though he was a 19th rounder.

    He’s a 4th-7th round talent, and has the 90mph heat that gets him started on his way to being useful.

    Moviel is interesting, though he didn’t pitch but 3 2/3 innings at Vandy this year due to a shoulder injury. 90-93 fastball and a potentially plus curveball.

    Moviel is a big 6-6 lefty with a Mark Mulder build. Probably a reliever in the pro game – if he signs, which he probably should, it may be his ONLY chance to make some money.

  5. Andren said

    “And Nobles for obvious reasons.”

    What are those obvious reasons? Because I’m in the dark.

  6. Edman said

    Because he’s local……and is a steal pick, since he should have been drafted near the fifth round.

  7. Kryten said

    RE: Nobles.
    Local kid on his way to UW if he doesn’t sign with M’s. Seems bold-worthy (=interesting) to me… But I don’t speak for anyone else here…

  8. Willmore said

    Jason, the White Sox have an abundance of starting pitching and might want to move Garland or Garcia in the off-season or sooner. Do you think the Mariners might want to get into that deal and what would it take to get either one of them ?

  9. Edman said

    Nothing wrong with being bold. Conservative seldom works, in the majors.

    If anyone has a chance to sign him, it’s Seattle. If he got drafted by Philly, for instance…..he most likely goes to the UW. But, a chance to play for the hometown team, might help him decide on baseball.

    A good risk, in the 19th round.

  10. Center Field Sports said

    The phillies told Cam they where gonna draft him in the 5th, well it didn’t happen. Glad the m’s got him, he will turn out to be a stud

  11. Jason –
    What the heck happened to Warner Jones?
    As a sophomore at Vandy, he hit .414/.445.680, but then struggled during his junior year, hitting just .290/.310/.420 due to wrist injuries. He was ranked by BA as the 13th-best senior heading into this season, but then didn’t even play! Is this because he’s done, or because he needed a year to heal? If it’s the latter, don’t you think he’d be worth signing as a non-drafted FA, hoping that he can hit like he did two years ago?
    Any chance of this happening?

  12. Edman said

    Jones’ status doesn’t surprise me. One thing I don’t like about BA, is that they only look year to year. And, it’s not just them, many baseball teams get leery when it comes to guys battling to return from injury. They’re good risks to take, barring career ending injuries.

    There have been some great draftees in late rounds, who fit into the coming off injury status.

    Seattle’s shown that they aren’t afraid to take a chance on those guys…..which shows they’re willing to take the right gambles.

  13. From what I heard, Jones’ wrist and shoulder were bad and he was shut down in December.

    Someone should take a flier on him.

    And someone should set up scouting camp at Vanderbilt because that program is unbelievable.

    Southpaw David Price and slugger Pedro Alvarez are two of the top 5 prospects for the next TWO drafts.

    It’s conceivable that Price could go No. 1 next June and Alvarez No. 1 in 2008.

    Many believe Alavarez would have gone No. 1 THIS year.

  14. brownie said

    Any insight into why the M’s drafted Ricky Orta? From the stats I’ve been able to scrape up he looks like he sucks pretty hard.

  15. KB said

    As far as I can tell, everyone is asking this same question…

  16. Willmore said

    Brownie, shouldn’t you be judging arabian show horses somewhere ?

    Seriously, stats aren’t nearly as important as intangibles in the draft, especially in the late rounds. A 6’6″ guy with a 90+ fastball who posts a 5+ ERA will get drafted because … he’s a 6’6″ guys with a 90+ fastball. If you went by stats and not by the player, Felix would be among the worst pitchers in the league right now. He’s not, he’s just not performing up to his ability.

  17. MatthewCarruth said

    the 4th is not a late round.

    Jason, maybe you can send the name of Warner Jones along to somebody you know in the Ms FO with a note of suggestion? 🙂 Seriously though, those types of situations seem easy to forget about when you’re swamped with scouting thousands of players.

  18. Willmore said

    I said especially, not only. Scouts see things in players that aren’t performing, it’s called potential. It might work out, it might not. The MLB draft is a crapshot and Orta has as much of a chance to fail as any other 4th rounder.

    In Bob we trust 🙂

  19. Jerry said


    While college stats are tough to project to pro levels, since the level of competition in different college leagues is so variable, the difficulty lies mainly in interpreting what good stats mean. If you have a guy who destroys pitching in a bad league, it doesn’t mean much. But when you have a college player who isn’t performing, that is a huge red flag.

    Players that have little success in college rarely pan out. Sometimes they may, but as a general rule, a player who can’t hold his own against college competition will struggle even more against more advanced pro competition.

    This is particularly true of a college senior.

    Sometimes, a pitcher will thrive in a different role. For instance, Stephen Kahn had pretty bad stats in his junior year before the M’s drafted him. He was pretty highly regarded, but had some major control issues and struggled. The M’s took a shot on Kahn because he has a great arm, and moved him to the bullpen. It was a good fit, because Kahn is a max-effort pitcher with two plus pitches. His change of role worked great, and he is a good prospect now.

    But Orta already is a reliever. He was highly touted, but he couldn’t thrive in a college bullpen. Perhaps the M’s saw something that they think they can fix easily. But that pick looks like a HUGE reach to me. There were a lot of good players available, and the M’s wasted that pick.

  20. Willmore said

    Maybe you can arrange a podcast with Bob to discuss the draft. That would be something fun for you and for us.

  21. Willmore said

    you = Jason.

  22. Bob Fontaine?

    He’s not entertaining enough for a podcast.

    Bob Livingston is.

  23. Willmore said

    Yeah, but what does Livingston know about Enrique Orta ?

    You can do an interview just as well with Fontaine, if you want. I just figured that a new format can help this web-site get more hits. Podcasts don’t really have to be entertaining … just look at you with Softy 🙂 as long as they are informative.

  24. Fontaine is a Q n A type…

    But a few scout I know may be better. Thing is, I don’t have the know-how to turn my digital recordings intoa podcast.

  25. Dave Cairns said


    Great coverage of the draft, thanks.

    There is a truckload of stuff on the web about creating podcasts, not that I have created one myself; just downloaded them.

    There are not many good baseball podcasts that I have found although Jonathan Mayo does a good one on milb.com.

    Try this as a starting point http://www.podcastingnews.com/ lots of info etc.

    Surely Softy can help you out there ????

  26. The problem isn’t coding the audio sound to the web page here, it’s getting the sound from my digital recorder onto the net somewhere.

    I’m so beat up from the draft I can’t even think straight.

    For the record, this is what my draft week was like.

    Between Friday and Tuesday at 10AM, I received 174 e-mails from readers and listeners, asking about the draft specifically.

    On Tuesday, I got 55 more.

    Between Friday and Wednesday, I made 129 phone calls, totalling 962 minutes. Only five of those were to my better half, two to my family and four to my friends, totalling 42 minutes.

    I received 65 phone calls during that timeframe, just 11 from friends and family, totalling 354 minutes. Cingular loves me.

    I made 11 radio appearances in six states and two countries over the two days of the draft.

    Three in Seattle and one each in Everett, Portland, San Diego, Minneapolis, Vancourver BC, Denver and Appleton, Wisconsin.

    I wrote 10 pieces over the 8 days leading up the draft, two for the P-I and six at PI.com.

    But Prospect Insider had a good week, too, and I hope the readers got something from the entire process – from the lead up through day two.

    We had nearly 7000 page views and 1800 unique visitors on Tuesday and almost 4000 page views and over 1000 unique visitors on Wednesday.

    Not only were those high marks in all areas at PI, but they tripled the top marks we set at InsideThePark.com at any point over three years, including the draft coverage.

    This is why it’s important to me for this site and its information to remain 100% free at all times. Though it’s difficult to do and still keep my head above water financially, I’m fighting through to handle things and I hope I’m still alive next June because the draft rocks.

    So, thanks to all who contribute here via their comments and questions and passion for the M’s and baseball in general. The M’s community absolutely freaking rocks. And it’s not just here. Lookout Landing, USSMariner, DetectoVision, MarinerMinors… Great people, great insight, great sites and more passion for this game and the team in this town than the ownership group deserves.

    Thanks everybody.

    Re: Podcasts

    If i can figure it out, I’ll start with Michael Garciaparra on the next homestand and graduate up to Dwight Bernard, Adam Jones and Rob Johnson.

    Who wants to hear me try and speak spanish to Asdrubal Cabrera without Guillermo Quiroz around to translate?

  27. Dave Cairns said

    I for one want hear the Cabrera interview in Spanish !!! ha ha

    How is your Aussie ??

    Take a break and smell the roses for a day or two you have earnt it

  28. DIQ said

    ^No, thank you Jason.

  29. Re: White Sox

    No, the M’s aren’t going to be in the market for Garland or Garcia this offseason.

    Garland sucks and Freddy, well, the M’s have been there, done that.

  30. J said

    Looks like Butler will sign tomorrow. Negotiations with Morrow are going well, Tillman sightings at the past two Angels games… things are looking up. Sign Adcock, Nobles, Baehl, and some others, and we’ll be well on our way. I’m kind of interested in Gillies too, but I hear he’s going to a community college anyway, so he could get some time as a DFE.

  31. Butler agreed Friday, probably official early this week.

    Tillman is going to sign.

    Nobles is the key to the draft, I think. 5th round talent in round 19?

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