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Travis Blackley vs. Roger Clemens

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on June 11, 2006

If you get bored this evening and the White Sox-Indians matchup on ESPN doesn't appeal to you much, tune in and catch Travis Blackley face Roger Clemens in Corpus Christi at 5PM Seattle time.

Clik Here to catch in on radio over the internet, or via MILBTV (19.95 for the season) by Clicking Here.

The game will also be televised on Fox Sports Net in some areas, so tune in and catch the Missions and Blackley take a shot at the greatest living pitcher.



10 Responses to “Travis Blackley vs. Roger Clemens”

  1. WAB said

    Sweet! I was hoping that this would be on! Thanks for the heads up Jason!

  2. Goose said

    Don’t see it on tv anywhere around here….damn.

    Oh well, radio will suffice.

    GO T-Black!

  3. marinerswinws said

    “Don’t see it on tv anywhere around here….damn.”

    It starts in 18 min.

  4. Even if it was on Fox Sports Northwest, it wouldn’t be listed in the guide, because it wasn’t an originally scheduled telecast.

    California, Texas and Arizona are he areas I know will have it.

  5. willmore2000 said

    Well, so far one thing is clear … Travis Blackley is no Roger Clemens.

  6. willmore2000 said

    Oh yeah, and our AA team is worse than a high-A team in another organization.

  7. That just isn’t true, Willmore.

    Clemens is just on his game. Forkball is as nasty as ever.

  8. willmore2000 said

    Yeah, I know, but still. That was complete domination. He should just skip right over AAA and go to Houston.

  9. Let’s see… a Hall of Famer versus AA. Yeah, i think domination would have been the only acceptable result for him.

    The Missions were undoubtedly intimidated, too. As would any club if they were facing 95 mph heat with plus command, an 86 mph splitter and a 87 mph slider.

  10. johnb said

    Roger could probably keep pitching another 5-6 years if he wanted to…pretty awesome for a guy coming off a little Spring layoff at his advanced age.

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