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Ryan Feierabend, LHP

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on July 19, 2006

The Seattle Mariners may just have a pretty darned good pitching prospect after all.

I’ve been talking about him for what seems like years, but it started out as a simple “keep an eye on this arm” last July. But now, it’s graduated – twice – to the “it’s time to start taking this kid serious” level, and then some.

Ryan Feierabend was the M’s 3rd round selection in the 2003 draft – a draft that gets better and better with every day that Adam Jones develops and with every pitch thrown by the San Antonio Missions left-hander.

The Ohio native started this season with 332 pro innings under his belt, and vastly unimpressive numbers to show for his efforts. The only digits that consistently caught the eyes of scouts were those that described his age. Feierabend has always been among the youngest players in his league.

He was anything but exciting through mid-June of last year as a member of the Inland Empire 66ers. Since a poor start on June 20, 2005, Feierabend has been a different pitcher.

Then 19, he posted a stingy 1.16 ERA in July and a solid 3.44 mark in August. He’s continued with that success throughout this season, with few exceptions, and it’s probably about time we start talking about him as a legitimate prospect and a serious candidate to break into the M’s rotation within the next two seasons.

He’s now 20 years of age – 21on August 22 – and his last eight starts have been a collection of top drawer performances, with just one sub par outing sandwiched in between.

Including his June 9 start versus Frisco in which he went five scoreless innings, Feierabend has poured on the quality pitching in heavy doses. In his past 48 2/3 innings, the 6-3, 200-pounder has allowed just 40 hits and 13 earned runs (2.40 ERA). He’s walked just eight batters while whiffing 54.

But the traditional numbers don’t tell the entire story.

Feierabend during streak –

Allowed fewer hits then innings pitched in seven of eight starts

Six or more innings in six of eight starts

Allowed two earned runs or less in seven of eight starts

Allowed ZERO earned runs in three of the eight starts

Feierabend’s command has been the difference. He’s staying off the middle of the plate and keeping the ball down in the zone. His fastball has been sitting in the 87-91 mph range and his change has been his best pitch. His curve ball continues to become a better weapon he can use later in ballgames.

Now capable of locating his fastball and toying with a batters’ balance and timing, Feierabend has been able to stay away from the long ball and the extra-base hit in general.

In the 48 2/3 innings, he’s allowed just 13 extra-base hits, including four home runs (he’s surrendered more than two XBH in a start just once). That’s 13 hits of two bases or more in 191 batters faced. That’s impressive for anyone at any level.

He’s tough on lefties (.232 avg, 1HR in 103 batters faced) and has a wicked pick-off move that often times ends up with the first baseman gunning down the runner at second base.

He’s allowed a .173 average to the first batter of the inning and has just three wild pitches all season. he does have areas of concern, such as performing with ducks on the pond and getting tougher with runners in scoring position and two down.

But that’s being awfully nit picky.

Feierabend is 7-7 on the season and after his stellar 7-inning outing on Wednesday night he’s lowered his ERA to 3.96. It was 5.10 on May 24, just seven weeks ago.

Armed with an above average 4-seam fastball with good movement, a potentially plus change and a curve ball that may develop into an above-average offering itself, Feierabend has all the makings of a successful big-league starting pitcher.

And he’s a southpaw to boot.

He’ll probably need two years to get himself ready for the show, but the kid can pitch and is sustaining success for long periods of time.

Most scouts see his future ceiling as a No. 3 starter in the mold of a Noah Lowry. Feierabend’s annual progress may leave those comps in the dust.

Strengths: Feierabend is an intelligent pitcher whose best attribute may be his ability to put what he’s learned to use on the mound significantly quicker than most young arms. His pick-off move is second only to fellow southpaw Travis Blackley in the entire system and his physical tools grade very high.

His command has been an enormous key to his success this season and his confidence is a driving force.

Weaknesses: Feierabend’s stuff is solid but it’s not good enough to hold up when his control goes south and certainly won’t get him through many starts when he falters when things get dicey. But he’s improving in all areas and is truly a work-in-progress that’s actually progressing, and well, too.

It may be wise for Feierabend to continue working on a cutter or a true slider to use versus lefties, though he’s yet to hit the wall against the power bats from that side of the plate.

Once deemed a project, Feierabend is now a success story. Even at 20.

Tools: Now/Future

Fastball: 50+/55+

Sitting 87-91 with a 4-seam fastball, Feierabend is able to locate his heater well, setting up his secondary pitches.

Change: 55/65

Sometimes overused, Feierabend’s changeup is headed for the “plus” table. With more experience he’ll learn when enough is enough. Right-handers have a lot of trouble hitting this pitch squarely.

Curve: 50/55+

The better his curve ball gets, the less he needs to throw the change and the more promising Feierabend’s career becomes. Two years ago, the curve ball was a show-me pitch. Now it’s a true weapon.

Control-Command: 55/65

A classic example of how hard work and consistency can pay dividends. Being able to hit the catcher’s glove is essential for any pitcher who doesn’t throw 95 mph or have four plus pitches.

Delivery-Mechanics: 60/65+

Throwing from a 4/5 arm angle, Feierabend’s flowing but somewhat quiet delivery reminds some of Tom Glavine. He keeps his front side closed and is able to maintain identical arm slots with all of his pitches.

Staying Power: 50/55

Overall Future Potential: 63.0

Prospect Insider Graphic by Goose


90 Responses to “Ryan Feierabend, LHP”

  1. Ben said

    Kinda OT here but….does anyone has a roster of the 2003 Aquasox that has the jersey #’s listed, I have some old photos and i am trying to figure out who some of the guys are, I have googled my heart out to no luck. If so if you wouldn’t mind sending it my way, blazerben24@gmail.com thanks

  2. DIQ said

    Excellent scouting report JAC.

    I’m really excited about this guy and hopefully he can sustain this level of success in AAA and in the majors.

    His velocity is honestly what excites me the most because I can see him sitting 90-93 in a couple years.

  3. DIQ said

    It’s been awhile since we groomed a lefty starter with a good fastball hasn’t it?

  4. KB said

    Blackley had a good fastball before he got injured IIRC. But yeah, nice to have a lefty with that kind of promise. Nice write up, Jason!

  5. KB said

    Jason, was Chris Minaker promoted to Wisconsin? I saw his name on the roster this morning.

    Also, what do you think Bibens-Dirkx’s chances are of becoming a ML bullpen arm?

  6. marc w. said

    #4, no, Blackley was always about changing speeds and keeping hitters off balance. He wasn’t throwing fastballs past people, and that’s part of the reason he was severely undervalued by a lot of scouts – they kept waiting for him to hit a wall in the high minors. Few could tell the difference between Travis and fellow Aussie/M’s ‘spect Craig Anderson.

    As for a lefty starter with a great fastball, well, does Matt Thornton count? He started all of ’04 in Tacoma…

  7. KB said

    Hmmmm I always thought Travis was in the low 90’s like Feierabend. Yeah, I guess Thornton would be the fastest velocity-wise that I can remember.

  8. KB said

    Hmmmm I always thought Travis was in the low 90’s like Feierabend. Yeah, I guess Thornton would be the best velocity-wise that I can remember.

  9. Center Field Sports said

    Chris Minaker was called up yesterday

  10. Center Field Sports said

    also on the Everett front, Dean Zorn was sent to Tacoma to help out there for a couple days

  11. slim said

    So should I be more excited about Feierabend than I was about Blackley 2 years ago? How about Livingston of 2005/early 2006?

    What are the odds that any one of our lefty SPs makes an impact in Seattle? 20%? 30%?

  12. Matthew said

    I feel like the Ms farm system has quite a bit of helium inside it. And for a major league team that’s really young in the first place, seems quite encouraging.

    Jason, do you feel like an updated scouting report on Wlad? It’s seems like all previous scouting reports in a nutshell went like “Great…..BUT he has to lower that K:BB ratio to have any shot.” And he’s cut his ratio IN HALF to under 2.5:1.


  13. KB said

    #12: You should check out Jason’s article from last Tuesday’s Seattle PI.

  14. dnc said

    I don’t know if I’d say to be more optimistic about Feierebend than you were Blackley. Ryan has better stuff, but Blackley was nasty at every level (and I don’t remember scouts being that lukewarm on him, he was pretty highly ranked in every prospect list I remember).

    Feierebend has a better chance to be a star than TBlack did, but I felt TBLack was a much safer bet at this point in his development.

    I still think Blackley would be a solid midrotation starter for us if it wasn’t for that injury.

  15. WAB said

    Ken Rosenthal’s reporting that San Diego has a strong interest in Adrian Beltre. Hearing anything on this Jason?

    …boy, this makes me really glad that we traded away an awesome MI prospect for a designated benchwarmer.

  16. Willmore said

    Jose Lopez at 3rd and Asdrubal at 2nd (or vice-vera) would have been amazing.

    If we can get a prospect for Beltre and not pay his contract beyond this year, trade away.

  17. Willmore said

    Then again, Cirillo is available in the off-season …

  18. I heard a lot of the Beltre thing, money is holding it up… and SF wants Richie Sexson, contract and all.

    Morer optimistic about Ryan than Travis? No… but Ryan is semi close.

    Velo wise, Feierabend has a slight advantage. Blackley was typically 86-89, Feierabend is sitting 87-91 and is much more likely to add a few more mphs than Blackley at the sameg age/level.

    Travis is hitting 90 more now than he ever did. Which makes him a miracle.

  19. Re: Minaker

    Yeah, he should have started in Wis to begin with.

  20. SethGrandpa said

    Some people seem to think if we got rid of Beltre than we are screwed 3B or 2B (if we moved Lopez). But remeber, Matt Tuiasosopo is a good 3B prospect. I know he’s nowhere near ready, but people seem to totally forget about him.

  21. Willmore said

    We’re not forgetting, bu tui is 2-3, maybe even 4 years away from contributing in any capacity. This team should be fielding a competitive team, not a team of AAA never will be’s like Dobbs.

    We need a tangible option at 3rd. Any trade involving Beltre must involve a 3rd base prospect that is able to contribute in some capacity from day 1.

  22. dnc said

    I am a huge fan of the tuiasosopo family. I would love nothing more than to see Matt succeed here.

    But right now, the kid’s not worthy of being in Double A, let alone major league discussions.

    He’s hitting for no power, he’s not walking that much and he’s striking out a lot. Apparently his defense is improving, but he’s done nothing to indicate he’ll ever be more than a Triple A player.

    I believe he will, as I think he is making up for lost time due to playing so much FB in HS, but I don’t think it’s going to be quick. Look at Mike Wilson for a good comparison.

    If we deal Beltre we better have a better plan than “Matt Tui might be ready in 3 years, if we’re lucky”.

  23. Jeff said

    I went to the same high school as Feierabend … The best thing about Ryan is that he is a smart kid … All of us in his hometown are very proud of him and his accomplishments … I am happy to see that he continues to improve … He has a bright future whether it is with the Mariners or another MLB team.

  24. WAB said

    Jesus…only money holding it up? So, they’re seriously considering it?

    I am a little alarmed right about now…

  25. Drew said

    WAB- For Beltre or Sexson? Where’d you hear this?

  26. Matthew said

    Would be pretty amazing if they offloaded Beltre and Sexson’s contracts.

    Jesus, that, plus Eddie(7M)-Moyer(5.5M)-Joel(6.5M)-Everett(4M)-Meche(3M) [sums to 26M] would give the Ms 50M or more in payroll room for 2007.

    Not sure I want to see it though. There’s very little out there to sign.

  27. Money is holding up a deal for Beltre.

    Sexson to SF is not being held up by cash.

  28. MT said

    I seriously hope they don’t trade Beltre away…

    There is just no way we will get equal value back considering his contract and performance for the past 2 years, and it’s not like the M’s have another player they can sign even if they did get the money off the books. If Leone comes back to us, I am going to give up on this team. We had Leone, we gave him up for free, and if he comes back in a trade for Beltre, I will just be so pissed.

    Sexson as well. We don’t have anyone that can replace him, and whatever we will be getting back from SF can’t be equal to what we’re giving up.

    Unless it’s Cain from SF and Peavy from SD.

    Then sure.

    Heck, if that’s the case, we’ll pay Beltre and Sexson’s salaries too.

  29. marinerswinws said

    Why would we wanna trade Sexson?

  30. Nighthawk180 said

    Does the trade for Beltre involve any of the padres starting pitchers JAC? I posted this on the scout but I would mind having Young in the rotation. Give a little money and get it done.

    I would rather keep him but at the same time if we could improve pitching and payroll why not.

  31. Goose said

    Well if we did trade Richie, we could move Clement over to first base, his bat certianly translates over there.

    But I’d much rather stick with him at catcher if possible.

  32. Guys, please stop.

    The M’s aren’t getting anything even remotely good for Beltre unless they pay an extreme amount of what is left on his contract.

    Think about what kind of organization San Diego is… do they take on large deals? Nope.

    No chance that the M’s get Chris Young, why in hell would the Padres do that?

    Why would the M’s want to trade Sexson?

    So they can save payroll, go after a lefty bat and perhaps move Ibanez to first if the club cannot find a lefty hitting first sacker.

    Again, the return isn’t going to be jack squat unless they are sending cash.

  33. marinerswinws said

    Damn trading Sexson would mean we are sending a red flag up and our season is over.

  34. Re: Clement

    They are going to give Clement every chance to catch, and that rules out a move to first base, where he has ZERO experience and is a much tougher position to play than everyone thinks.

    Re: Tui

    His defense at third sucks, too. He’s made 7 errors (at last check) since being promoted to AA.

    Tui’s value is dropping like a rock. He’s doing NOTHING right now that leads me to believe he’s even a legit prospect to start with, let alone a top talent.

  35. I was told by three different people that the M’s are looking into trading Sexson, but only if they can acquire a one or two year fix at first base, in order to stave off the “we’re giving up” stuff.

    The general fan will fall for that if they landed Ben Broussard or Nick Johnson, or even Sean Casey if the club spun it right.

    But the smart fans around these parts know how much crap that really is. Unfortunately, there are far more sheep than there are humans in this fan base.

  36. Willmore said

    I wouldn’t say that about Nick Johnson. I would like to see Nick here over Sexson. As long as it doesn’t cost us much.

  37. Willmore said

    1. Ichiro
    2. Beltre
    3. Ibanez
    4. Johnson
    5. Lopez
    6. Snelling
    7. Johjima
    8. Jones/Choo
    9. Betancourt

    That’s a 4.5+ Runs per game lineup, IMO.

  38. Willmore said

    more even, it could push 5.2 easily. We could have a Texas offense with Johnson and Snelling.

  39. The general fan would fall for Nick “former Yankee” Johnson. trust me, I asked two of them that live in my house.

  40. Goose said

    I keep forgetting that Johnson is a former Yankee farmhand.

    That hilarious, they could have had Nick Johnson at 1B who is pretty much Jason Giambi with less homers for way way way less money.

  41. Grant said

    I don’t understand why we wouldn’t want Nick Johnson over Sexson he’s younger, better, and cheaper… I guess he is injury prone, but if Sexson is going to have down years like this give me Johnson please.

  42. jp17 said

    Would this make sense?

    Trade Sexson and contract plus Dobbs to Giants for Pedro Feliz.

    Trade Beltre plus cash and/or prospects to Padres for (I wish Adrian Gonzalez) Paul McAultny and possible pitching prospects.

    Pick up Shea Hillenbrand.

    Hillenbrand plays 3B. Feliz plays 1B. McAultny is LH bat on bench.

    Hillenbrand and Feliz are both signed through ’06 as is Gonzalez.

    Possible holes created if players received don’t pan out, but large sum of money freed up in a time this team could peak.

  43. Feliz is a better 3B option than Hillenbrand. He’s terrible at third.

    And the club wont be getting Shea anytime soon.

  44. Edman said

    Sorry, but I don’t see a deal for either Sexson or Beltre ever coming to pass this season. Sure, teams are going to enquire about some players, but that doesn’t mean there is any real interest. More “internet” created fodder, IMHO.

    Trade Sexson, just to create a hole you have to fill? Are you out of your freakin’ minds? Always something better just over the hill. Sexson is still driving in runs and playing a pretty solid firstbase.

    Beltre’s contract is too big for the Padres, and Seattle’s better off holding on to Adrian than doing another Cirillo deal and putting out phantom dollars for a guy playing elsewhere.

    Sexson and Beltre AREN’T THE PROBLEMS with this offense. It’s DH and CF that need to be fixed. I think it’s great to see Jones, but Seattle’d be better off going after a veteran guy who can fill in for a year or two, until Jones is ready to take over. This is good experience for Jones, but he needs some time yet.

    As for Everett…..it won’t take much to replace him, really. There are some fairly inexpensive options out there. Not moto guys, but guys who can either DH or play left.

    Pull yourselves back to planet “REALITY” with this rumor stuff. It’s 90% BS. Apply a little logic every now and then.

    The more I read, the more I think some of you simply like trades.

  45. Beltre is slugging .403 for the season.

    Let’s put that in perspective…
    .403… same as Paul Loduca.

    Betancourt is slugging .406.

    Doug Mientkiewicz is slugging .407 — Dough friggin’ Mientkiewicz.

    Beltre IS part of the problem.

    After a HUGE June he’s slugging .373 in July.

  46. DrDetecto said

    Great stuff Jason.

    You lost me on one point amigo:

    The general fan will fall for that if they landed Ben Broussard or Nick Johnson, or even Sean Casey if the club spun it right.

    I’ll bite. Agree on Casey, but what don’t you like about Nick Johnson?

    Not sure what’s wrong with Broussard as a placeholder, either, lefty in SAfeco.


  47. Dave Cairns said

    You want value at 1st base with a ML ready bat, what about Justin Huber from KC ? He is not brilliant defensively from what I read but has hit well in limited ML oppotunities. There has been word on the scout KC board that Huber is expendable at KC due to the progress of Butler, Teahen etc.

    The other Australian option is Brett Roneberg, currently with Altoona Curve (Pirates AA), All Star MVP a couple of weeks ago and was at AAA Florida a few years back. Plays 1st/OF & DH. Having a stunning comeback from a shoulder reconstruction 12 + months ago.

    Both would be cheap and hit well, Roneberg is also a lefty.

  48. AK1984 said

    1. The Seattle Mariners trade first baseman Richie Sexson (2006: .226/.296/.438) to the San Francisco Giants for first baseman Travis Ishikawa (2006: .292/.320/.500), who’s a Japanese-American Seattleite, so long as the Giants pay for the remainder of Sexson’s contract (2006: $13,000,000; 2007: $14,000,000; 2008: $14,000,000).

    2. The Seattle Mariners trade third baseman Adrian Beltre (2006: .256/.321/.403) to the San Diego Padres for starting pitcher Chan Ho Park (2006: 4.64 ERA; 1.32 WHIP; 87/38 K/BB ratio), who’s got an expiring contract (2006: $15,333,679), so long long as the Padres pay for the remainder of Beltre’s contract (2006: $12,900,000; 2007-2009: $??,???,???).

    3. Furthermore, if New York Mets GM Omar Minaya is stupid enough to acquire starting pitcher Jarrod Washburn (2006: 4.41 ERA; 1.29 WHIP; 62/32 K/BB ratio) from the Seattle Mariners for nothing more than a schlub like starting pitcher Dave Williams (2006: 7.20 ERA; 1.75 WHIP; 16/16 K/BB ratio), so long as the Mets pay for the remainder of Washburn’s contract (2006: $7,450,000; 2007-2009: $??,???,???), then the M’s will be real winners.

    The casual M’s fan, considering their complete and utter idiocy, should regard the aforementioned trade proposals as retooling rather than rebuilding, which would be a good thing.

  49. Jerry said

    I love trade-mongering as much as the next guy. In fact, I am usually the one putting up stupid trade speculation.

    However, if the M’s trade Beltre and Sexson, they will have to somehow replace those guys.

    Pedro Feliz and Shea Hillenbrand are not good players. First base and thrid base are two of the weakest positions in the M’s farm system.

    As much as I would love to see the M’s shed Beltre and Sexson’s salaries, the organization has no legit replacements for either player.

    In my opinion, Sexson would be the hardest to move. He is starting to hit right now, and he has a track record of consistent production. With him, I think that his bad first half is more of an exception to the rule, and I expect him to bounce back in the second half. Beltre, on the other hand, is not likely to be a good player for the M’s. I would not be suprised to see him flourish with a move back to the NL. But as a Mariner, he is a huge financial drain.

    In sum: trade Beltre if you can, but keep Sexson.

    Even then, what do the M’s do about 3B? They would need to trade for another player to fill the hole, or move Lopez over. The M’s have zero good 3B prospects in the system at any level.

    The only interesting free agent is Aubrey Huff. He might be an interesting acquisition at the right price. Adding another lefty to the lineup is always nice. But Huff would be a HUGE defensive downgrade from Beltre.

    The other interesting option would be working out a trade with the White Sox for prospect Josh Fields. He is ML-ready, but is stuck behind Joe Crede right now. He would be a great addition for the M’s.

  50. jp17 said


    Is Chase Headley of Lake Elsinore (A)in the Padres’ system worth taking a look at?

    22 year old switch hitting 3B….291/.385/.450….13 errors though.

  51. slim said

    Replacing Beltre is about the easiest task a GM could ask for. His production is abysmal. David Bell is a free agent, if nothing else. But I really think Lopez should be at 3B, leaving us looking for a 2B.

    I’d be very interested in trading Sexson to the Giants. Ibanez at 1B would be a sweet deal, since it clears room for another lefty bat (maybe a Trot Nixon-esque platoon player) and minimizes our defensive liabilities.

    Are there really Washburn rumors out there? I think Washburn will pitch better for us and I don’t really see him as part of the problem, but I’m not overly attached to him either.

  52. Willmore said

    22 at A class ? Pass.

  53. gwangung said

    Lord, are people reaching now…..

  54. WAB said

    Detroit Free Press is reporting that the Nats asked for Jones, Kahn, and O’Flaherty for Soriano.

  55. AK1984 said

    If Seattle Mariners GM Bill Bavasi traded center fielder Adam Jones and a couple of minor league relief pitchers (e.g., Eric O’Flaherty and Stephen Kah) to the Washington Nationals for left fielder Alfonso Soriano (2003-2005 @ Safeco Field: .190/.270/.304), then that would become the most doltish, short-sighted move he’d’ve made during his tenure with the M’s.

  56. VaughnStreet said

    Ten days before the deadline is the ideal time to engage in trade speculation. Does anyone think the heat is the only source of persperation pouring down Bavasi’s forehead? I’m wondering if the following trades have crossed his addled mind:

    Beltre to Padres. Ms get back — hey why not — some guy named Leone, who happens to be hitting 282/385/470 in Portland, plus a couple cases of warm beer.

    Sexson (226/289/438) to SF for Randy Winn (267/339/422), move Ibanez to DH, Perez to first.

    Ahhh, deja vu all over again. I’m thinking the AC in the FO is not nearly enough to keep Bavasi’s cool.

  57. AK1984 said

    Ten days before the deadline is the ideal time to engage in trade speculation. Does anyone think the heat is the only source of persperation pouring down Bavasi’s forehead?

    Don’t you mean fivehead?

  58. dnc said

    Some of you guys crack me up. Beltre is only part of the problem because of Safeco. No way you find another right handed 3B to come in here and do better, unless his name is ARod, Rolen, Cabrera or Wright.

    Good luck with that.

  59. Matthew said

    Good point Dnc, check out Beltre’s home/road splits. He’s a mid 800 OPS hitter on the road. The fences need to be moved closer in LF/CF

  60. johnb said

    Seriously, I doubt they trade Sexson, or Beltre. At least they won’t trade them both.

    If you trade Beltre you could move Lopez over to third. Then who do you put at second for the rest of the year? Nomar’s little brother? Cabrera of course departed in the Perez trade.

    If you trade Sexson who do you replace his production with, that is still a lot of power.

  61. jp17 said


    Some of you guys crack me up. Beltre is only part of the problem because of Safeco. No way you find another right handed 3B to come in here and do better, unless his name is ARod, Rolen, Cabrera or Wright.

    Good luck with that. end quote

    Ever hear of Jose Lopez? It’s not like there are no RH hitters that can have success at Safeco. Just not Beltre, Cirrilo, or Spaz.

  62. Goose said

    Jose Lopez:


  63. dnc said

    Yes, Jose’s .692 OPS at Safeco is phenomenal.

    I stand corrected.

  64. johnb said

    Goose’s split pretty much tell you all you need to know. Safeco eats up righthanders.

  65. jp17 said

    Lopez home


    Beltre home


    Lopez away


    Beltre away


    Lopez hits better than Beltre at home and away. Is the point not in trying to upgrade 3B…and cheaper to boot?

    Sure Safeco kills most RH hitters….seems to kill Beltre more than Lopez. So you either hang on to Beltre and overpay and have your 2B outproduce him…or look for another option.

    Very true that finding another established 3B to kill in Safeco would be tough, but likely not as hard as finding a 2B to replace Lopez.

    Neither guy hits well in Safeco, but it is a lesser of two evils, and one is a helluva lot cheaper.

    So what do you propose…sitting on this team as is?

    While the team has improved…it has done it despite Beltre…not with him.

    Our cornerstone has crumbled and I’d rather sweep it away than try and hope that it holds up its part.

  66. Matthew said

    I propose moving the fences in LF closer

  67. jp17 said

    OK then I’d propose getting rid of our pitching staff. I think bringing in the fences would hurt this team more than help it as currently constructed.

  68. WHy not just propose not having 80% of the rotation and 5 of the 6 relievers be FLYBALL pitchers.

    Felix and Putz are the only consistent ground ball types. Lowe could be another that gets a mroe than adequate number of ground ball outs. But that’s it.

    Wash, Meche, Pineiro, Moyer.. all allow fly balls up the yang… Soriano is one of the most extreme flyball relievers in recent memory.

  69. jhelfgott said

    Texas league hitters against Feierabend away from Wolff Stadium: .341/.398/.598.


  70. jp17 said

    Yeah I thought keeping Felix was pretty much a given.

    Moving in the fences would indeed help the offense, but also every other teams’ offense.

    I still feel that pitching is and will continue to be this team’s biggest weakness as is.

    We’d be giving away the one and only advantage our pitching staff has, and it would be ugly.

    I’d rather build up a staff of ground ball pitchers, high OBP and gap hitters, and solid defense.

  71. jp17 said

    Looks as though Leone is heading up to the Padres along with Sledge.


  72. JH,

    Yeah, he did the same exact thing last year… it doesn’t have everything to do with the park, though Wolff is a pitchers park no doubt – the best in the TL…

    But Inland Empire, where he had a 3.09 ERA last year, is only a slight pitchers advantage… the advantage is very neglible.

    I think it’s a comfort thing.

    Call him up to Safeco.

  73. Feierabend’s been better on the road of late, too.

    2 of his last three starts away from home he’s allowed just 2 earned in 12.2 innings — 17 K’s and 2 walks.

    His one hiccup of late was on the road versus Frisco.

    Here’s a worse home-road split… 1.41 at home… 8.15 on the road… those are ERA numbers.

    But he’s been good everywhere the past month.

    His stuff is improving and he’s just 20.

  74. KB said

    JAC, do you know much about Pimentel in Everett?? He’s been tearing it up and showing good power.

  75. I was talking to someone about him not long ago… can’t remember who…

    Anyways… he’s interesting. I don’t know why he’s playing third over right field right now. His bat is intriguing…

    He’s this year’s Reed Eastley, only with better tools.

    If he was a lefty bat…

  76. Matthew said

    “Moving in the fences would indeed help the offense, but also every other teams’ offense.

    I still feel that pitching is and will continue to be this team’s biggest weakness as is.”

    And having park effects like SafeCo will continue to mask how poor our pitching staff really is. This is one of the times I do actually agree with Dave Cameron.

    “We’d be giving away the one and only advantage our pitching staff has, and it would be ugly.”

    It’s supposed to be ugly. Maybe that’ll teach them to NOT sign people like Washburn. And in the meantime it will greatly help Beltre, Lopez, Sexson, Johjima,…..

    “I’d rather build up a staff of ground ball pitchers, high OBP and gap hitters, and solid defense. ”

    Well slap me silly, wouldn’t everybody?

  77. jp17 said

    So by moving in the fences as I think you propose…you intend to blow up our already weak but masked pitching rotation. All in the name of gaining offense. I wasn’t aware that an entire new rotation was cheaper than some new offensive components but thanks for the enlightenment.

    And you want the FO to bring in the fences to teach themselves a lesson? Good luck.

    Considering this team has nobody that works the count and a staff that relies on flyballs…yes I would like to build the team differently….I understand you won’t get an entire rotation of groundball pitchers and a lineup full of guys that work the count…but is something seriously lacking on this team…and its not like those players don’t exist.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I’ll commence to slappin someone as Moyer just proves that you don’t need closer fences…just better hitters.

  78. jp17 said

    I take that back…move in the fences…it will save our outfielders from actually having to run back and act like they may catch the ball….and plus it may have possibly gave us one run….whooopdiiiidooooo.

  79. Replacement level poster said

    The pitching staff has to pitch on the road as well. So you are only masking them half the time. Why not fix your stadium, and fix your team?

  80. jhelfgott said

    Jason – wasn’t saying Feierabend’s prospect status should take a hit, just that he’d been getting thwacked by the Texas league on the road. He’s all kinds of promising, but he’s not ready yet.

  81. WHo’s saying he’s ready?

  82. jason2 said

    Off topic:
    Jason, I’m curious about Luis Nunez and Eddy Fernandez in the DSL. Why can’t Fernandaz get a visa– isn’t this like his third year in that league? His numbers are out of this world. Is his stuff as good as his numbers would indicate? Also, any knowledge about this 6-3 220lbs. Dutch kid we just signed. He must have a background, he’ll be 20 soon. If you could pass along any knowledge about the recent international signees it’d be great! Thanks.

  83. Gimme a week to catch up on Nunez and Mr. Dutch…

  84. jhelfgott said

    Haven’t seen Eddy Fernandez in person yet, but I can tell you that next year the Ms will either have to send him to the US or release him.

    With his results, I think it’s a near certainty you’ll see him stateside next year.

  85. Fernandez doesn’t profile as a special talent, or they’d find a way to get him here now…

    There are so many others with similar talent, such as Marquez.

  86. Chuck Maack (MCPO) said

    Travis Blackley is on the move! Near shutout last night w/8.2 innings no earned runs. Would have had the shutout but new catcher mishandled what would have been the third strike and end of the game and the one run came in on the error. Announcers commented on his having increased the speed of his fastball but Blackley said the game went well because he was mixing up his pitches. If the current M’s starters and bullpen weren’t doing so well, I would expect Blackley would be in the consideration for a move back. He is down at San Antonio because both he and the M’s figured the warmer climate would be the best rehab. It has obviously worked.

  87. Mr. Maack, good to see ya around…

    That was a gem, eh?

    I talked to Pat Rice about Travis last night (mid game) and he said his change is pretty much back to where it was in 2004.

    That’s great news.

  88. Chuck Maack (MCPO) said

    Hey, Jason, good to have found this site. Sent you an Email separately then my daughter Monica, Trav’s Mom-in-Law told me about accessing here. Hope to continue to be educated by the exchanges by those who keep their eyes and minds on the game.

  89. I can’t access my insidethepark e-mail anymore… so if that’s where it went, sorry about that.

    Churchill@prospectInsider.com will get to me…

    How’s the weather out there?

    It’s been uncharacteristically brutal here in Seattle? 93-98 for three days in a row — been rather humid the past two.

  90. Justin said

    I actually caught Ryan in high school and I will tell you he has quite a competitive edge with his high talent level. I’m an Indians fan and without a doubt I would love to have this guy pitching for our team. Enjoy Ryan, he’s a class act.

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