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With a Heavy Heart…

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on August 10, 2006

Just a note to all that I will be on hiatus for a little while.

I have some personal matters to attend to and it’s very tough for me to even think about baseball right now.

Nobody has died, I do not have cancer and I’m not going to jail or anything like that.  I’m not bankrupt and I don’t have the CIA after me… so no prayers are necessary.  Well, if it would help, I’ll take it and appreciate every last one.

Things are tough for the DG right now and with a pretty heavy heart, I have to say goodbye for a bit.

Please feel free to comment as much as you like, and if Goose or Bedir would like to add new subjects to chat about, they are more than welcome to do so at their own discretion.

If things turn around, I’ll be back pretty soon.

Thanks to everyone who contributes here and throughout the Seattle blogosphere.  It’s been a lot of fun.

Jason A. Churchill


77 Responses to “With a Heavy Heart…”

  1. Twingster said

    Jason, thanks for all the great information and insight, my selfish side hopes to see you back soon, but understand the need to handle personal issues. Good luck.

  2. Goose said

    Good luck to yeah my friend. Hope everything goes well.

    Dave and I will keep your seat warm.

  3. Udubb said

    Hi Jason,

    I love your site. I hope things work out well for you.

    Take care,


  4. Dave Cairns said


    Thanks for filling in the gaps left behind by mainstream baseball coverage.

    Your sharing of thoughts on the Seattle minor league players has been incredible.

    My thanks for you insight into the Australian guys particularly.

    I’m going to miss you man. I will still be checking on the site – Goose and Bedir.
    Thanks Dave C

  5. ShipHimToDetroit said

    I’m thinking about ya buddy, and hope everything is okay. Please call or email me when you have a second.


  6. Nichos said

    I never post but felt compelled to tell you your candid banter makes being a mariners fan much more bareable. I will truly miss your wit and we will all mourn your absence. I hope for a positive outcome in whatever it is you face. Good luck with your trials and we are all pulling for you now and in the future. Warmest regards

  7. Edman said

    Whatever it is you’re facing, I wish you well. You’ve created something more wonderful than you know. There may not be many of us in Mariner fandom who find the kid from middle America, who last year was playing sandlot ball somewhere, fun and interesting to follow. But, we few do appreciate having and intelligent place to talk about them.

    Your insights and observations will be missed. May God’s speed be with you, no matter the event.

    I’ll send an Email to Bill Bavasi and see if he can fill in for you. We’ll give him a handle of “Inside Willie”…..nobody will figure it out.

    Hoping for a quick return.

  8. Jp17 said

    Please don’t leave Jason, I love you in the manliest way I can say.
    I will check the site every day awaiting your Resurrection.

  9. J said

    Well, that’s no good man. I’m pulling for ya to come out of it in good shape, and you know it. But these things can take time, so whatever it is, baseball can wait.

  10. marinerswinws said

    Jason, thanks for all you taught me in the past and now. I hope you feel better soon. Me and my church`s prayers are with you.

  11. Willmore said

    Winston Churchill once said “For myself I am an optimist – it does not seem to be much use being anything else.” I agree with him completely, despite failing to follow that mantra on numerous occasions. I hope you will see the wisdom in it and keep an optimistic outlook on whatever personal business you need to attend to.

    I think I speak for everyone who has posted, those who have yet to post, as well as those who will not post, when I say that you will be missed and that we hope your absence will be a short one, with a positive outcome.

    And now, for something completely different: a dismembered torso playing the clarinet.

  12. DrDetecto said

    Best wishes amigo.

    Anything we can do, let me know.


  13. T Shot said

    Hurry back, it won’t be the same ….me sitting on your couch listening to you talk from the recliner…
    We will keep the lights on , windows clean and food in the refrigerator until you return.

  14. Erik said

    Jason, we’ll miss ya. I check your site every morning for new things to read about. I wish you good luck and a near return.

  15. Garstar said


    Take it easy, buddy.

    I wish you all the best.


  16. Jerry said


    Take care bro.

    We will all be thinking about you, and hoping for a quick return.


  17. Sneekes said

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your site before, but I feel I have to break my duck to say good luck with whatever it is.
    Your articles on this and other sites have helped me follow the Ms from afar for years now, you’ve taught me more about baseball than pretty much anyone not called Bill James.
    Take care.

  18. eknpdx said

    Jason, thank you for educating me over the past years, from fanhome to this blog. You are one of the few out there that actually took time to give us a realistic view of this franchise, as well as the scouting world for MLB.

    Like the others, if there is something you need, just ask.

  19. DaddyO said

    Don’t post here much but read regularly. I appreciate your work here, but it appears life has intruded with a reminder that there are things of far more value than the toy department/business of baseball.

    May He who upholds all things by the word of His power give you grace to bear this burden.

    If and when you are able to return, your readers will still be here.

  20. Buschleaguer said


    I hope whatever it is your facing, you are able to face it with courage and an optimistic attitude.

    About a year and a half ago, we talked for awhile (via email). I was the one that had recovered from the brain tumor surgery and was going to Hawaii for a couple of weeks so you sent me the Felix writeup early before I left because I didn’t know if I would have web access there. It was a small thing to you, i’m sure, but I never forgot it.

    Your site is one of my fav’s and I hope you’re back soon with some of your trademark insights and pithy comments.

    Good Luck and God Bless…..


  21. jp17 said

    Well first of all thanks for the idiot who tried to copy my handle by using a capital J.

    Nice to see that you hate me so much you would follow me here and make a complete ass of yourself in a time when another is having problems.

    Real classy.


    Good luck in whatever troubles lie ahead, and hope to see you back here soon.

    The real undisputed


  22. jp17 said

    Well I guess it always makes it a capital…but in any case post #8 is not me…but somebody simply copying my email and handle from the PI.

    Either Logan or Manpower you are sorry human beings to stoop to such levels.

    Your time will come in this life or the next.

    Bank on it.

  23. Jason –
    I hope all is well and I wish you the best with your situation. Take it easy man…

  24. Iront Tech said

    Best wishes and hoping for a speedy return.


  25. Dave said


    Thanks for this site, it gives me all the info i want and need and being in London UK that is priceless.

    Good luck and i hope you sort your problem out soon.


  26. Deanna said

    Erm, well, it’s hard to word the good karma without specifics, but good luck in whatever you’re facing…

  27. Massimo Casorati said

    And now ?
    How could we get hot news ?
    Hope you’ll overcome all troubles (if troubles are).


  28. 2quarters said

    Hey Jason,

    Sorry to hear about whatever has happened.

    Clear your mind, and come back soon.

    The M’s net needs you!

    – Chris

  29. etowncoug said


    Thanks for all the work you have done. I’ve always appreciated it.

    I’ll keep you in my prayers,

  30. Marinerhomer said

    Your thoughts and perspectives will be missed by many, wishing you a speedy and fair resolution to what lies ahead.

    Thanks for all the hard work that you put into this.


  31. Kristine said

    When you have a moment you will find peace arrives like the sun coming over the dugout. No one else is around. The mist still floats about the diamond and a few birds can be heard clamoring in the distance. Peace to you. It’s just you and the morning. A fresh moment to breathe in the scents and smells of what you love. Imagine this when it gets rocky.

  32. Orlandu said

    Good luck with whatever is going on with you.

  33. Idaho Invader said

    We all understand. Sometimes I have to take a break from blogging so that I can mow my lawn. It’s a pretty big lawn too. And then I have to wait for my wife to let me use the computer again.

    Sorry, kind of got on a tangent there.

  34. MichaelSP said

    I’ve been a mariners’ fan for 10 years from Taiwan.
    Here already became my favarite site since I found it.
    Good luck ,and hope can see you soon.


  35. johnb said

    Hang in there!

  36. jp17 said


    Once again post #35 is a fake.

    Somebody really, really should try and grow up.

    It’s amazing that you hide behind my handle and are such a punk coward as to not reveal yourself.

    Better hope you aren’t caught.

    Anybody with the power to do so….delete my login or whatever it is you do…I don’t wish to bring such filth to your site under my former handle.


  37. Goose said

    I would delete the comments, but either Jason forgot to restore admin abilities for my account, or I just haven’t figured out how to use them…..

    Bedir might still have the power to do so. So it’s on him should he choose to.

    Also it seems I don’t have the ability to post articles either(I’m not much of a writer, so there probably wouldn’t be any by me as it is) so if there are gonna be any future articles/topics till the DG returns, they will also have to come from Bedir.

  38. jp17 said

    Well thanks anyways. I leave them with my favorite movie line ever.

    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he, who in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon thee.

  39. Nighthawk180 said

    Jason the mariner fandom wont be the same without you but I hope everything turns out for the better and I look forward to hearing your insight once again.

    Best wishes


  40. Saluboy said

    Best wishes. I appreciate all that you’ve done. I hope things turn around for you.

  41. johnb said

    I am post #35, and I am well known here, and on the other Mariner sites, just exactly what is wrong with the comment “hang in there”? I have been posting under this name for seven or eight years.

    I must assume that you are not refering to me.

  42. jp17 said

    Yeah sorry Johnb….it was deleted which bumped up everyone else’s number I think.

  43. johnb said

    Cool JP17….I just kind of looked at it and said what?

  44. Ben said

    Although I have been a regular (daily) visitor to this site, this announcement requires me to make my first post.
    Not knowing what you are facing — I will pray for you.
    Thank you for your work here and I hope that you are able to return.

  45. Msfann said

    Whatever is wrong i hope you get it worked out, come back soon!

  46. Inside Pitch said


    I still think you are ugly and that your mom dresses you funny but I wish you well. If I can be of any help, feel free.

    Take Care of yourself, Bro.


  47. TC said

    Good Lord even the reclusive IP pipes in. I guess he must have taken a break from counting all his frickin money. Anyway, even I wish you well Jack, er Jason. 🙂 By the way, I just noticed there’s a hockey player with your name. Did you change games? Cause you know I’ve always thought of you as a (fill in the balnk here)

    Take care.


  48. Dave Cairns said


    Jason would no doubt appreciate our words of encouragement, but he would also want us to keep sharing our Mariners minor league and baseball related thoughts.

    I have a question : When does Snelling come off the DL and will he go to Tacoma or Seattle ?



  49. Salty Dog said

    I think Snelling was put on the major league DL just to get him some major league paychecks. He’s been playing in Tacoma, I believe.

    Unless he’s been put on recently, and I didn’t notice. 🙂

  50. Jerry said

    I believe that he was on the 15-day ML DL, and that his playing time in Tacoma was technically like a few rehab games. Obviously, he is not that hurt. But when he is eligable to play, there are some major issues that would need to be dealt with.

    First, Snelling needs to play well for a bit. He has been BRUTAL lately.

    Second, where would he play? The M’s don’t exactly have room for him. Snelling is not really well suited to CF, which is the only place where it would make sense for him to get regular playing time. He could come in and play LF, RF, or DH on occasion, but that would necessitate sitting regulars.

    Regardless of where they put Snelling, it is going to be tough to get him into games regularly. Although a healthy Snelling probably doesn’t have much left to prove in AAA, having him waste away on the bench in Seattle would also be a bummer.

    The M’s are out of contention, so they can afford to rotate in guys like Snelling, especially after rosters expand in September. But I am not liking Snelling’s chances anymore.

    After so many injuries, you just can’t rely on him to play for any significant period of time. Because of that, his role with the big league club may be limited to 4th OFer and bench bat. It seems like a waste of talent, but what can you do?

    The M’s can’t go into 2007 with a spot for Snelling without having another player on the roster who they would feel comfortable with for the entire season if necessary. Snelling is injured so much, that you can’t really expect more than 100 games from him (really, even that is a leap of faith). That makes it very difficult to build a roster with Snelling as a starter.

    I would love to see Snelling break his streak of bad luck. But staying healthy is not just about luck. It is a skill. And Snelling does not have that skill. I really like the guy, but I think that he is destined to be a really really good bench bat and 4th OFer (that is, if he can stay healthy long enough).

  51. jp17 said

    Well Snelling homered yesterday…as did LaHair twice.

    After his continued struggles I don’t see why moving Snelling up now makes any sense unless he goes on a major hot streak.

  52. Goose said

    Anybody seen Bibens-Dirkx’s numbers lately?

    26.1 IP
    40 k’s
    FIVE walks


  53. Beach said


    I hope all works our for you. I’m a journalist because you gave me my first shot and I wish you the best! Keep in touch


  54. Anybody seen Bibens-Dirkx’s numbers lately?
    26.1 IP
    40 k’s
    FIVE walks

    Yep. I added him to my Adopt-A-Player handle at the Spot. Saw him pitch at Cheney, and happened to take pictures of his motion. Love his motion, and he’s old enough (i.e. a college grad) so that it’d be interesting to see how he’d handle a callup to Seattle. They’d have to clear a 40-man spot for him, of course, but he’s quite a unique pitcher. I’m halfway tempted to add another “AKA” to my blog in his honor…

  55. Msfann said

    Wow thats pretty cool Paul, nice job 🙂

  56. Dave Cairns said

    USS mariner reports that O’Flaherty has been called up to Seattle and Snelling will go up in place of Dobbs this week !!

  57. Dave Cairns said

    Sorry the link did not work http://ussmariner.com/2006/08/16/oflaherty-up-dobbs-back-to-tacoma/

  58. phil presley said

    Jason I pray whatever is going on with you that our God of all comfort with grace you with his unmistakable presence and that he reveal his love for you in a new way.

    Phil Presley
    Chaplain, Inland Empire 66′

  59. Mike Wilson said

    I read a piece by ESPNInsider’s Keith Law today about the draft that rings as true as anything when describing what Bavasi had to take on when he came here.

    Law is a former Blue Jays scout that resigned just weeks ago to take the gig at ESPN.com.

    He’s fantastic.

    What ever happened to Mike Wilson will never repeat those power numbers at the AA level?

  60. What happened that? He’s PROVED that theory wrong.

    But be honest, it’s been two months.

    But he would certainly be my first choise for a AAA call-up if they made such a move to help Tacoma out.

    Over Balentien.

  61. Dave Cairns said

    Hey Jason

    Good to see you back, hope things are looking up for you.

    Take care Dave

  62. Jerry said

    Just a note:

    There is a silver lining to the M’s recent run of sucktitude.

    Their recent run of horrible baseball and complete ownership by division rivals has put the M’s into a really good position for the 2007 draft.

    If the season ended today, the M’s would be the proud owners of the #8 overall pick in the draft.

    Obviously, it is going to difficult for the hometown nine to continue this prodigious rate of putridness.

    On the other hand, the M’s schedule for the rest of the season is pretty brutal.

    The M’s play about half of their remaining games against division rivals, and we all know how that has worked out for them. The other clubs that they play include series versus the Red Sox, Yankees, Blue Jays, White Sox, and Tigers. Their only easy series are versus the Royals and Devil Rays.

    The end of the season will come down to who wants it more. The M’s will have a tough time losing at a similarly high rate as consistent contenders in the draft standings, like Tampa Bay, Kansas City, and Baltimore.

    All kidding aside, at least the M’s are likely to have a protected pick (top 15). Next years draft is shaping up to be a very very good one, so having early picks, and perhaps some extra picks, would be really nice.

    The M’s farm system is pretty thin right now, so any help would be nice.

  63. Knuckles said

    I’d just like to know how Hargrove can keep his job if he refuses to play AJ in center? The kid is ROTTING in the big leagues. For his own sake, would you please send him back to Tacoma? This is just ridiculous.

  64. Willmore said

    I always say that if you’re not going to make the playoffs, or even have a race at the end of the season, it’s better to just finish as low as possible and get a high pick. The talent on the team doesn’t change because of it, and you might still have a contender next year with some improvements, but this way, you are improving the organization, even in a bad year. Ofcourse noone loses on purpose, but it’s nice when you get “lucky” and go on a bad streak for a period of time to knock you up a few draft positions. And it’s not like we’re as poorly run as KC or TB, we’ll be back at the top, we just need good pieces to make it happen, and a high position in the draft always helps.

  65. marc w. said

    63 – amen. I was cautiously optimistic about the move when it happened; I thought AJ would be a bit overmatched, but it would be a great learning experience for him (no different than April/May in Tacoma!). Well, I didn’t take Hargrove into account enough. I really thought Bavasi would lean on Mike to make sure Jones didn’t get platooned. hell, at this point, a platoon would be an improvement. This is absolutely unconscionable, and I’m kinda kicking myself for not seeing that this might happen after the way they messed with Bobby Livingston. Arrrrggghh

  66. Willmore said

    Unless Adam is hurt and we don’t know about it. I’m having a hard time believing that Hargrove is this stupid, but I’ve been surprised before.

  67. marinerswinws said

    Hey Jason, its good to see you again.

    Hargrove is stupid and manages worse than anyone could, if had the chance at this site. How could you play a 25th man on the roster for Adam jones, makes no sense to me.

  68. Swerv said

    Going to the Rainiers game tomorrow (saturday) they have to be more intertaining than the M’s and I get to hear one of my favorite bands.

  69. I’ll be there, too, Swerve.

    Checking out Cruceta one more time.

  70. Katal said

    Marinerswinw – Because, in Hargrove’s mind, he isn’t playing the 25th man for AJ. He’s playing the 10th man for the 25th.

    Anyway, here’s hoping Lackey dominates the M’s tonight and we get swept aside tomorrow. Maybe an 0-10 roadtrip will be enough to get Mike fired on Monday.

    And glad to see you back, Jason.

  71. Swerv said

    Cruceta pitching? Excellent! I havent seen him yet. Everytime I have gone this year Baek has pitched. By the looks of things this morning it is going to be a great day for baseball (but what day isnt). I am interested to see how Clement has adjusted to AAA, the last time I saw him was his first game in Tacoma.

  72. Yell up at me Swerv… a big loud “CHURCHILL!!!!” will do it… then look up.

  73. Dbook said

    Moyer was just traded To the Phils

  74. Swerv said

    I dont think you would have heard me we were out in Section P.

    I was pretty impressed with Cruceta. If he can keep his walks down I think he will be ok.

    The thing that I thought was interesting in tonights game was, I actually saw hit and runs and people stealing bases. I can not remember the last time the mariners even tried a hit and run. Also, TJ Bohn has a pretty nice arm. He made a nice assist on a throw home.

  75. Matthew said

    I’d just like to know how Hargrove can keep his job if he refuses to play AJ in center? The kid is ROTTING in the big leagues. For his own sake, would you please send him back to Tacoma? This is just ridiculous.

    Things are not always what they seem. I have no more way of verifying this than you do, but I’ve been told Jones has been kept out of the lineup most times because they’re working with him a lot pre-game. Much like they limited Morrow’s IP because he was doing a lot of side sessions. They’re working with him on his defense and such in workouts.

    can not remember the last time the mariners even tried a hit and run.

    Huh? When was the last time you watched a Ms game? Grover tries one like every third game. Granted, they never work, but they are hit and run calls. It’s something the collected blogosphere has been blasting Hargrove for all season.

  76. J said

    Heard from the TNT that “Texas” Oldham retired. Sad news.

  77. Yeah, TO needs labrum surgery, likely. I haven’t talked to him about it yet, but I hope to, soon.

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