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No Labor Problems This Time?

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on October 15, 2006

Several sources in the game of baseball are hinting strongly that the owners and players association reps have already agreed to a labor deal in principle, and expect the contract to be announced sometime just after the World Series.

MLB has had its share of labor issues, including the ’81 strike, but the 1994 lock out was a disaster that ruined an entire season and forged attendance issues throught baseball for the better part of five seasons.

We’ll have none of that this time around, thank the baseball gods for that.

“Another work stoppage would destroy this game… destroy it,” said a representative of the San Diego Padres.  “With so many other sports options, a lengthy interruption of any kind might be death to our game.  Too many people enjoy soccer, hockey, football and other international activities to sit around and wait for stuff like this to be settled.  They’d spend their time and money elsewhere, and it’d probably take so long to win them back again that half the league, or more, would be selling to new owners, if anyone would be interested.

“We can’t go back in that direction.  It’s good to be on common ground.”

Bud Selig apparently will not comment on the matter until after the World Series, not even to confirm how talks have been going.  Oh well, that’s Bud for ya.

Anyways, hooray for baseball!


6 Responses to “No Labor Problems This Time?”

  1. Goose said

    That’s good to hear.

  2. tiddley said

    boo labor disputes

    Hooray Baseball!!!

  3. Orlandu said

    Good. I hate it when there’s labor disputes.

  4. That’s good to hear — one less thing to think about other than the Hot Stove this offseason.

  5. marinerswinws said

    Good to hear now we have baseball next year.

  6. amigo said

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