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New Site Ready

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on April 6, 2007

The New Prospect Insider

The new site is ready, and while it’ll never be fully complete, we’re ready to move on over. Please be patient with the functionality if something doesn’t work, but it seems to be fully operational at the moment. The site isn’t all that different from this one, with the exception of some slight visual changes and the ability to take the site and its content to the next level.

As always, suggestion are welcome.

The New Prospect Insider


8 Responses to “New Site Ready”

  1. jp17 said

    Do we have to re-register?

    My username isn’t showing up.

    Looks good though.

  2. i think you just have to log in again

  3. or not…

    you SHOULd be able to… lemme know what happens so if someone else asks…

  4. JasonAChurchill said

    it appears that you do have to re-register, but you CAN use the same exact email and username.

    I am more than willing to do the front end of the registration process for anyone… just leave me the email addy and the username desired. You’ll get the confirmation email and take it from there.

  5. Slica said

    I know this is not a suggestion, but I just wanted to say the new site looks absolutely awesome.

    Whoever worked on that did a great job.

    Hopefully this will solve the random margin problems that many have talked about (me included).

  6. marinerseric said

    Jason worked on it of course he is a genious.

  7. Javi Flowers said

    Hello Jason, questions for you ¿Where They were playing the outfielder Mario Martinez and the pitchers Juan Ramirez and Wilmer Font holder Timed 95 miles with 17 years?

  8. Wieseman said

    I did not see Marquise Liverpool on any roster. What is the story with him?

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