• Cheater’s Guide to Baseball

    I can't help but recommend this book to anyone and everyone who likes baseball... and even those who really don't. A funny book about all the cheaters in baseball? What can be better than that during the steroid era?

    Pre-order your copy of Cheater's Guide to Baseball by Derek Zumsteg of USSMariner.

4 Responses to “Support PI”

  1. rotoenquire said


    Do you know of a good web site that give spring training stats, totals updated daily. Cannot not find anything decent, if not have a good one.


  2. Not a public site, anyways.

    Does ESPN not update their spring stats every night? They used to.

  3. marinerswinws said

    What happened to the ask pi section?

  4. it got a little long winded… it’s back now. Thanks.

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