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Farm Stats & Stuff – 6.15.06

Posted by Jason A. Churchill on June 16, 2006

RHP Edgar Guaramato has a 1.73 G/F… RHP Lance Beus at 1.60 and LHP Justin Thomas (Wis) was at 1.87 before his promotion… RHP Jason Snyder leads all M's pitchers with 15 wild pitches.

RHP Mark Lowe posted a 2.15 G/F ratio at Inland and LHP Eric O'Flaherty put up even better tendencies at 2.06 groundouts per flyouts…Lowe held righties to a ridiculous .101 average in the Cal League. Wow. O'Flaherty limited left-handers to a .154 BAA while in Inland… RHP Stephen Kahn, on the other hand, sits at 0.92 G/F but RH bats hit just .096 — yikes.

O'Flaherty is at 2.60 G/F in AA so far and LHP Cesar Jimenez posted a 2.27 at SA and has just a 1.02 in Tacoma. Go figure.

LHP Adam Pettyjohn is at 1.58 G/F through last night's start… RHP Clint Nageotte is still at 2.18…

In smaller samples in the Venezuelan Summer League…

RHP Victor Duarte has fanned 12 in 7 2/3 innings and has a 10.00 G/F and a .154 BAA… might be something to watch there… RHP Miguel Marquez — 31-8 K/BB, 1.74 G/F, .208 BAA… nice.

OF Casey Craig is hitting just .163 versus LHP with 12 Ks… But IF Ron Garth, all-star starter Ron Garth, excuse me, is hitting .350/.435/.600 versus lefties…

Oddly, the left-handed bat of 2B Luis Valbuena is hitting .327 against southpaws but just .241 against righties…

Just call him Charlie Manson because SS/3BMatt Tuiasosopo murders left-handed pitching to the tune of a .397 average…And if Tui is Manson, I guess OF Mike Wilson is the Hillside Strangler and the Green River Killer all rolled into one… Wilson is hitting .331 with a .595 SLG versus LHP…

Another oddity, 1B Thomas Hubbard is hitting .236 against RHP but .290 with power versus lefties… LHP Robert Rohrbaugh is nothing if not consistent — he's limiting righties to a .229 average and lefties at .231…

LHP Shawn Nottingham has trouble versus righties at .295 BAA but owns the lefty stick — .163. Where Nottingham makes up for it is that RHB have a .388 SLG against him… So many singles.

LHP Travis Blackley is back to making lefties look silly… .171 BAA — while righties are slugging just .419 despite a .271 average.

At AA San Antonio, 2B Michael Garciaparra hit just .238 versus lefties but .321 versus RHP. In Triple-A Tacoma, it's a reversal — .450 in 20 ABs versus lefties, and a strong .300 versus RHP… but, shhhh! Don't tell Mike.

OF/DH Chris Snelling's inconsistencies can be traced to the righty-lefty factor as he's hitting just .232 against RHP. That won’t last long.

Who’s Hot –

OF Shin-soo Choo is hitting .588 (10-17) with a home run and six runs scored in his last five games and is hitting .471 (16-34) with two home runs in his last 10 games… Choo has gone more than one game in a row without a hit just twice this season and never more than the 11 straight ABs versus Colorado Springs in early May… C Rob Johnson is hitting .444 (4-9) with five RBI in his last five starts… C Guillermo Quiroz is nine for his last 27 with two homers… CF Adam Jones is hitting .333 (6-18) over the past five games… RHP Jon Huber has allowed just two earned runs in his first 6 2/3 innings in Tacoma and has not walked a batter… LHP Cesar Jimenez has allowed three runs or fewer in four of his last five starts and has a 22-7 K/BB ratio during that span… RHP Yorman Bazardo has tossed eight scoreless innings in a row while posting a 4-1 K/BB rate… LHP Ryan Feierabend has gone 12 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings allowing just nine hits and two walks to go with 13 whiffs… LHP Eric O’Flaherty has pitched 7 2/3 stellar frames for AA San Antonio, allowing just one earned run while striking out nine and walking just one… 2B Yung-Chi Chen is 14 for his last 41 (.341) with a homer and five RBI… RHP Jon Lockwood has fanned nine of the past 22 batters he’s faced… LHP Shawn Nottingham has allowed just two earned runs in his past 14 1/3 innings, fanning 13 and walking just two – but he lost both starts… LHP Justin Thomas has fanned 17 in is first two outings for Inland Empire, allowing just 13 baserunners in 12 innings… 2B Luis Valbuena is hitting .382 (13-34) in his last 10 games with two long balls and six RBI…RHP Edgar Guaramato has struck out nine batters in his last 4 1/3 innings and has allowed just one hit in that span… RHP Joe Woerman has tossed 8 2/3 consecutive scoreless innings and has allowed just three hits in the six appearances – with 14 strikeouts.

Who’s Not –

SS Asdrubal Cabrera is 3-for-26 in his last 10 games with just one RBI… 3B Hunter Brown went just 2-for-13 in the series versus Sacramento, but drove in three runs… The entire San Antonio roster has hit .233 over their past 10 games and just .214 in their last five… 2B Ismael Castro is four for his last 28 (.143)… 1B Bryan LaHair is five for his last 30 (.200) split between AA and AAA – without an extra-base hit… SS/3B Ron Prettyman is seven for his last 33 (.212) but has five RBI in that span… 1B Thomas Hubbard is hitting .194 (6-31) but somehow has seven RBI in that 10-game span… OF Chris Colton is 1 for his last 15 and is hitless in his past nine Abs… 1B Jeff Flaig is hitting just .250 in his last six starts and hasn’t driven in a run all month… C Nick Prosise is three for his last 21 (.143) without an RBI in his past 10 games… LHP Harold Williams has allowed just three earned runs in his past two starts but has walked 10 in 11 innings of work.

The Seattle Mariners organization is 136-155, the 25th best record in baseball.


62 Responses to “Farm Stats & Stuff – 6.15.06”

  1. eknpdx said

    So, what to do about Bazardo? Is his velocity still missing? And how is his elbow feeling?

  2. Elbow seems fine now… his velo was 89=91 last time out. For him to have a chance to be more than a reliever or a No. 5 starter, he needs to sit 90-93 consistently.

  3. eknpdx said


    BTW, any speculation on why Clint Nageotte burst into flames while diving off a cliff last outing? Some are speculating he’s hurt – again.

  4. Sakata said

    OF/DH Chris Snelling’s inconsistencies can be traced to the righty-lefty factor as he’s hitting just .232 against RHP. That won’t last long.

    Isn’t Yoda also battling a bad cold or flu right now? I heard somewhere that he was and it’s also a factoring reason why he’s been unable to hit the ball well (though, his OBP-ness hasn’t been greatly affected).

    I would think that, if that’s the case, his Reverse Platoon-split could be (partly) attributed to that.

  5. Clint claims to be fine physically, and that he was blasted last time out because he was leaving everything up in the zone.

    Nageotte just isn’t the same as he was, even in the AFL.

    Not sure why at this point.

  6. He’s only been under the weather for about a week and he isn’t playing everyday, so he has no excuses except that his knee isn’t 100% yet and he hasn’t gotten back on track.

  7. mk said

    How has Foppert’s rehab come along? I thought he was out on the mound earlier this season..

  8. StandinPat said

    Does the recent hot streaks of several of our young pitchers, specifically the lefties, and some of our hitters change our minors grade in your opinion. Seems like there are soem guys who just continue to improve level to level and are making themselves ones to watch.

  9. MatthewCarruth said

    Is it worth pointing out that the people doing well, are more the most part, the guys we care about (the Choos, Crucetas, Lowes) in the org and the guys doing poorly seem mostly the guys we dont? Or is just selection bias?

    I’d like to think the Ms have a good crop of interesting talent down there. It may not be deep. But there seems to be a lot of guys who are playing young for their level. I don’t know how that compares to other systems, but could that be a factor for why many people don’t regard ou system highly? I know we’re not top 10 or anything, but really, what Asdrubal and Adam (and little Garciaparra shockingly) are doing at AAA at that age should be worth more than it gets IMO.

    Or is it because as a system as a whole (including the parent club here) we have maybe 4 blue-chippers total? We seem to just breed “effective” players but never any stars (outside of the occaisonally splendid first overall pick).

  10. Bilbo said

    OT – hey, lets trade Cabrera or YuBet for Upton and put him in the OF where he belongs! I mean, I understand him not going to OF in TB, but the dude will never be a SS with his delivery to 1B. Oh well, just a passing thought, back to regular scheduled programming.

  11. Dave Mahler said

    Who is Cabrera?

  12. Goose said

    He’s referring to Asdrubal Cabrera. Tacoma’s SS.

  13. MatthewCarruth said

    Why stop with Upton? Lets get Dukes and Delmon Young too so we can have the all badass outfield in 4 years.

  14. Sakata said

    And heck, why do we have to give up as much as one of YuBet or Cabrera? Let’s give them Joel and Meche for all three of ’em! Now, that’s a fair trade, I tells ya… …

  15. willmore2000 said

    Wait … was that Softy ?

  16. I believe it was… the name is spelled corectly…

  17. StandinPat said

    #9 I agree that it seems like our farm system is a little undervalued because of the lack of blue-ship prospects. Seems like while other clubs have these uber prospects that arent panning out, Anaheim, we are graduating quality players to the major league level. Our current roster has Ibanez, Lopez, Yubet, Bloomquist, Rivera, Reed, Morse, Putz, Soriano, Sherrill, Meche, Piniero, Woods, Fruto, and Felix all from our farm system. Thats a butt load for any team to have promoted from within, and most of those players have come up only over the past 3 years.

  18. MatthewCarruth said

    I dont know if I would count Reed as from our system.

  19. Reed doesn’t count toward the drafting, signing and development portion, but he does count toward having young talent in the organization.

    Same with Morse, though he isn’t special, he’s helping this team right now. Good for Mike. I saw Mike in Tacoma after their day game… he always comes back to say hi to his buddies.

    I root for Morse.

    For every top prospect Anaheim has (McPherson, Kotchman, Aybar, Morales, Kendrick) the M’s have an established – or near established major leaguer that isn’t being shuffled between AAA and the bigs — Felix, Jose, YuBet, Reed, Sherrill, Putz, Soriano…

    So there is something to be said for that. But don’t rush to say that maybe Gillick didn’t do such a bad job with the draft, because the only ones that came from the draft were drafted by the previous front office.

    Gillick’s crew did a good job with international scouting (Bob Engle) as they picked up Felix and Lopez.

    The farm system isn’t among the 10 worst in baseball now that Morrow is signed. He bumps them up a few small steps into the top 20.

  20. willmore2000 said

    Da Lowe, Da Lowe, Da Lowe is on fire.

    Jason, the way Lowe is pitching, can he get to Tacoma by the end of the season ?

  21. Yes.

  22. MatthewCarruth said

    Wouldn’t it be better to leave him at AA and stick him into a rotation spot? How many dominating RP do we need? We need promising SP. On that topic, do the Ms see Fruto as a possible starter down the line? They have let him throw almost 50 pitches in certain outings this season.

  23. Jerry said


    Good work on the favorite prospect list.

    I would add TB SP Wade Davis, Baltimore SP Brandon Erbe, and NYY OF Jose Tabata.

    Speaking of Elijah Dukes, he just got suspended from the team indefinitely yesterday. I really hope that the M’s look into trading for him. With his personal issues, and the D-Rays glut of OFers, he could be available for a song. He is Milton Bradley minus the healthy problems. He would be a great addition to the offense and the defense.

  24. StandinPat said

    #18 Yes Reed and Morse werent drafted by the M’s, but they both did spend developmental time in our minors, and therefore counted as M’s prospects before they were called up, hence why I included them. Either way, my point is still valid. Over half of the current M’s 25 man, has come up through our own minors at some point in time and are becoming some of our most valubale players. That is pretty darned impressive.

  25. Saluboy said

    Is it true that Brandon Morrow must wear an insulin pump while pitching?

  26. StandinPat said

    Yes. But this isnt a big deal. If you ask anyone how has to wear an insulin pump they pretty much will tell you they dont even notice it.

  27. Alex said

    I’ve noticed that Adam Jones has been playing right field for the past few games, any particular reason why he’s not in center?

  28. Morrow does NOT wear a pump, actually. He just checks himself after every inning.

    Re: Jones

    The club wants him to be comfortable in center and right, because there is no guarantee that he ends up in center. He’ll still play most of his time in center field

  29. Grant said

    Hey Jason, what’s the deal with Quiroz? He’s not on Tacoma’s roster today.

  30. willmore2000 said

    Michael Wilson, what’s his deal ?

  31. Paper move on Quiroz.

    What about Wilson, Willmore?

  32. willmore2000 said

    Is he a legit prospect? Is he going to be promoted any time soon? Is it a fluke season, or has he finally broken through the .800 OPS seasons ? His progress wasn’t anything spectacular for a 2nd rounder. He was drafted in 2001, but has only reached Inland. What’s his story, in short, what’s his deal ?

  33. Not really, probably not until at least after the all-star break, no, yeah, probably, and he has no deal.

  34. DIQ said

    Interesting about Woods being a possible replacement in the rotation for Pineiro.

    Never thought of the idea, but I’m not totally opposed to it. Anything to help this team win.

    Hopefully Cruceta can get a call up sometime before Septemeber and not be a bullpen guy.

  35. StandinPat said

    Im opposed to Woods in the Rotation when we have guys like Cruceta, Livingston, and Fruto waiting in the wings.

  36. Willmore said

    Does Pineiro have any trade value left ?

    Can we go after Crawford at the deadline or sooner ? Would something like Pineiro, Nageotte, Thomas + Choo do it for Tampa ?

    What about Atlanta, they are desperate for pitching, can we do a pitching for hitting swap with them ?

  37. Tampa at 29 and 41 is likely not interested in adding the poor performing and expensive Piniero for the next year and a half.

    Atlanta may be intrigued by a player like Choo as they are often being listed as interested in a leadoff type hitter.

  38. jp17 said

    Saydel Beltran, once signed and released by the Yankees, was given a tryout and signed by the Mariners. He will be assigned to Class A Everett. —taken from M’s website.

    Know anything about him Jason? Cuban left-hander who left Cuba with YuBet.

  39. jp17 said

    Well I found this in the Herald about Beltran:

    The two turned pro early last year, Betancourt having signed with the Mariners and Beltran with the Yankees.

    Betancourt, 24, is considered one of baseball’s top young shortstops. Beltran, 23, may have a future as a left-handed relief pitcher.

    Beltran played at the Class A level with the Yankees before they released him early this season. He has been living in Seattle with Betancourt and, early this month, threw in the bullpen at Safeco Field for the Mariners.

    They were impressed enough to sign him.

    “He’s a potential lefty-on-lefty guy,” Mariners pitching coach Rafael Chaves said. “He uses different arm angles, and it seemed like he was more comfortable with the lower arm slot rather than a high arm slot.”

    Beltran isn’t big – 5-11 and 175 pounds – but the Mariners especially liked his curveball and changeup.

    “He really spun the ball well,” said Greg Hunter, the Mariners’ director of minor league operations. “We liked what we saw and we had a place where he can get some innings, so we decided to take a chance. You never know.”

    The Mariners assigned him to the AquaSox, although he may rise to a higher Class A level before the season ends.

    “We’ll take a look at him and see what he has,” Hunter said. “Whether he stays there the whole time, I don’t know. He has pitched at high-A, so if there’s a need he could go.”

  40. Erik said

    What has happened with Jorge Campillo? He made it to Seattle briefly last year before falling off the face of the earth. Is he even with the organization anymore?

  41. Edman said

    Last I heard, Campillo is still in rehap. My guess, he’s probably in Arizona.

  42. bilbo said

    Someone picked up Campillo off waivers, I think it was KC?

  43. DIQ said

    He’s still on the Mariner roster, listed in Tacoma but on the DL.

    As for Beltran, he’s a supposed sidearm thrower with a future in relief possible lefty on lefty.

    Going to Everett I believe and could pitch in Inland by the end of the year.

  44. KB said

    #42- Isn’t that Madritsch that was claimed on waivers by KC? Last I heard, Campillo was still an M.

  45. BAseball America falsley listed Campillo as signing with SD… he did not and is in Peoria rehabbing from TJ surgery as we speak.

    Mads is in KC, yeah.

  46. willmore2000 said

    By the way, Rohrbaugh is pitching a gem right now.

  47. Rohrbaugh is very solid.

    He’s bee good all year. Too bad he had to miss that time with his back injury.

  48. willmore2000 said

    9 innings, 4 hits, no walks, 10 strikeouts. The guy is ready. Get him to San Antonio ASAP. 1.46 ERA is complete and total domination, any longer against inferior competition, and Rohrbaugh’s devfelopment will be stunted. Challenge him. Hell, maybe skip AA completely, but that may be a bit extreme.

  49. willmore2000 said

    Snelling went 2 for 5 with a double. Seems like he is doing better since the end of the ump strike. Did he complain at all about the replacement umps ?

  50. Willmore… stop trying to play GM.

    You suck at it.

    Rohrbaugh has all of nine starts this year and while he’s doing very well, you can’t get all excited and throw a guy into the fire.

    His numbers almost mean nothing… if his stuff is ready, he’ll get a shot.

    I’d be shocked if he didn’t get a look this year in San Antonio, and probably by the end of July.

    But you have to remember two things.

    1 — there has to be room for him. So the M’s would have to release someone or put someone on the DL to get him to SA right now.

    2 — He has to sustain success at the level he is at, unless the club just thinks his stuff is that good.

    Rohrbaugh is a control guy with average stuff overall. Nine starts is not enough.

    I’d give him three to five more and see what happens.

    Don’t worry, he’ll get challenged when he’s ready to be challenged. He won’t waste away in the Cal League. This front office doesn’t believe in that sort of thing.

  51. Saluboy said

    Random off-day tidbit –


    This is an interview by MLB Trade Rumors with John Hickey back in late April. It’s comical in that almost EVERYTHING he says is bizzarro true. As in completely false. I just hope that trend maintains itself with his appearent pessimism on acquiring Daisuke.

  52. No, Snelling did not have issues with replacement umps.

    Snelling’s K rates are high and his average is low because he’s still getting his timing back and it appears to me that he’s having some trouble hitting the pitch on the outside corner…

    Cuz of the knee’s immobility. It’ll come back.

  53. willmore2000 said

    Eh, being a bad GM neve stopped anyone from speculating 🙂

    I’m no different. Anyway, I like to get excited, even if it’s shortlived and I’ll get heartbroken in the end, prospects who are succeeding are always exciting.

  54. Just curb the love affair with Rohrbaugh… he’s not a future frontline arm… he’s somewhat similar to Thomas Oldham or Bobby Livingston. Back-end guys with decent stuff that rely on command and wits.

  55. DIQ said

    Whatever happened to Thomas Oldham?

    How come he doesn’t start anymore? Sorry if I’m late.

  56. Oldham began the year in AAA Tacoma but developed some shoulder soreness. They shut him down awhile and now he is rehabbing at Inland Empire where he’s dominating.

    “Shouldn’t be too long,” Oldham told Prospect Insider late last week of his timetable to return to Tacoma. “They said right to Tacoma, no San Antonio.”

    I’d expect him to be back in AAA by the end of the month. Most of his velocity is back and it’s much better than it was when the year started.

  57. DIQ said

    That’s great news. So where has his velocity been pre-inury?

    I know there have been comparisons to Bobby Livingston, but if I recall correctly doesn’t Oldham have a few more MPH on his FB and slightly worse control?

  58. He was sitting in the 81-85 range, which is too low. In 2004, he was sitting high-80s and hitting 90 on occasion.

    He was even down last year, but after a slow start, really thought his way to a nice season.

  59. yomar said

    fillinger to cali . rorbaugh , tui , hubbard , wilson and one more pitcher to AA , arroyo to cali , hargrove to cali , reynolds to wisconsin – nba inside stuff

  60. Swerv said

    Will Clement start tonite?
    If there is a way to tell that he will start for sure I will drive up with my girls and take the game in.

  61. StandinPat said

    Tui to AA wow. Cant wait to see if these guys feast or famine with a jump in competition. Last year Adam Jones was the perfect example of a guy who really improved his stock with a midseason promotion, if Tui can put up atleast similar numbers at AA that would be huge for his development.

  62. I’m not sure how quickly that is going to happen, Pat, but they aren’t going to wait as long as usual this time around.

    If these guys can handle failure, they are going to be challenged aggressively.

    Tui is still in Cali as I type, so… it may be a matter of days, or a few weeks.

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